The Gift of Answering the Call!

Updated: March 28, 2023

Have you ever run away from the one thing that lights you up –– the thing you know deep down you were destined to do in this life? 

There are countless barriers that get in the way of answering the call to your authentic path. It could be the fear of what others will think, feeling unworthy, or the classic “imposter syndrome” Or maybe your calling just feels SO BIG and so scary that sometimes you ask yourself if you really want all of that responsibility! 

I’ve been there. All of them actually. And I want to tell you my story of how I finally answered the call to my true calling – only after plenty of initial resistance and fear. 

Resisting My Soul Purpose 

It’s easy to look at other people and think, they seem SO clear on their life mission or soul purpose. But usually if it looks this way on the outside, you’re missing a good portion of the story! 

Personally, I fought the truth of my life for so long I exhausted myself. I always wanted to be something else. I thought I was going to do readings and work as an intuitive only until my music career took off. I was no way going to be known as a medium, or psychic! 

Each time I resisted, it seemed like life kept presenting me with more and more opportunities to do my work as an intuitive, a medium, an Oracle Expert… pretty much everything I didn’t plan on doing! 

Yes, I had other less “woo woo” and more artistic career plans and aspirations, because I just wanted to fit in. And, I was afraid of what I’d discover if I leaned into those gifts. But Spirit just laughed, and continued to gently nudge me on my path, and so here I am. 

My authentic life was always waiting for me. I had to surrender and release the plans I made for myself and instead, listen to Spirit. Today, I’ve had the honor and pleasure of spending the last 35+ years working in a profession guided by spirit, from being a business strategist to being a personal transformation and metaphysical educator. I’ve been able to help thousands of people lead more fulfilling lives, because I listened to Spirit. Because I answered the call.

Spiritual Guidance for Answering the Call 

At the end of the day, this work called me, and I had to answer. And I am so glad I did.

Being authentic is accepting all parts of you and not trying to place limits on your gifts and skills and interests out of fear.

The practice of answering the call is actually ongoing. It happened each time I’ve created a new course or offering – from Oracle School, to the Oracle Circle Membership, to OraclePalooza, all the way to the latest call to work with entrepreneurs to create and connect with their businesses that are led by Spirit. Now each time a new call arises, I just lean in and listen. 

Your calling isn’t always going to be the thing you most want to do. 

It may not be the thing you’re planning on or what you thought your life mission would be. 

But if the call keeps showing up and life keeps presenting you with opportunities, you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to live a life that’s greater than your fears and take the steps to your life purpose. 

Answering the Call 0f Your Soul 

As you continue to grow and evolve, will you be brave enough to fully accept yourself for all that you are? To move forward toward the things you’ve called to do with authenticity? 

Maybe you came here looking for spiritual guidance for answering the call, but the truth is, at some point, we all have to come face to face with our fear. 

For me, fear was the rapacious creditor, the one force that exacted the price of my true Self. Far too many of us let it run the show! And yet, when you make decisions motivated by fear, nothing bright can shine. You certainly can’t step into your life purpose from this place. 

So what are you to do? 

Maybe you’ve already heard the Call and you promptly said, “Nope! Not for me. Too scary…” 

But here’s the thing – once you hear the call, you can never UN-hear it. You know? You will always sense there is something more, something deeper, something beckoning, something Unknown waiting. It changes you, even if you say no to it.

Even 37 years into my career as an Oracle Expert, spiritual intuitive, personal transformation thought leader and business strategist, (and not a famous musician like I thought I would be), I still remember those feelings. 

In fact, I still feel them sometimes when the call shows up for a new creative direction or a new project that feels scary, like I did when the call came to create my latest deck, The Dream Weaver’s Oracle

I hate to say it, but it never gets easy to answer the call. Every single time it will scare you, challenge you, and make you doubt everything. That’s kind of the point! 

What Do You Do When You Feel Called To Do Something?

The most important lesson I have learned from all of this is to trust Spirit, to let go of the need to please others, to refuse to care about what “they” think, whether good or bad. I like to remind myself that other people’s opinions of me are none of my business. Haters and trolls go after everyone, and a bright light attracts a lot of bugs.

“I will not dim my light for anyone ever again.” Say this with me three times and click your heels. Grace is bestowed on us when we answer the Call.

Miracles will happen for you too when you say YES to the Call, regardless of the winding path it may lead you down. 

You Be You. Stand in your Truth, your Power, your Service whatever it will be.

Spirit, or the Universe, Source, the Divine, etc. no matter what you call this Great Intelligence – IT, not YOU, will decide the form.

Spirit is Calling. Your Miracles are Waiting. Will You Answer?

Have you ever said no to your Calling, so others will like you? Do you fear that you will be ostracized for being different? Are you answering your call now? I’d love to hear your story and your thoughts in the comments. 





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  • kirstin

    Hi Colette,

    I have always felt my true calling was to enlighten people and act as messenger is the world, but I know exactly how you feel. The weirdos, the hate the critisism and the pressure to be accurate. People who know me have actually been very freaked out at my ability to channel. But I think its the kind of thing that can kill you once you become so sensitive. The world is very crazy, and to have the ability to feel everything is overwhelming. You helped me feel safe to be me. Kindred spirit.

    • Denise

      You have an awesome gift Colette!

      We are so lucky that you did not stifle your gifts through fear since your work has been so inspiring and uplifting.
      How could bringing hope, and closure, and peace and love and blessings to people be bad?
      I have seen this first hand.

      And your daily oracle cards are usually so close to the mark that they are scary.
      Today I asked my questions out loud and the cards specifically repeated the exact thing I asked about and addressed it.
      I got chills!
      Unfortunately I do not have facebook nor twitter so can not share these cards with others in a public arena.

      Keep up the good work.

      • Sarah Jane

        Hello Colette,

        Thank you for sharing your Answering the call blog. There have been many times that I have hung up the spiritual phone, mostly because change is so very hard sometimes. I have learned over the years to roll with it, but in the past 2 years this transition into a new career has really taken its toll on my body. I wasn’t listening to spirit, I was avoiding that stirring in my heart that I needed something different. I wasn’t listening to my true calling. The job I have now and have had for the last 10 years is very physical, I support students with complex special needs in the school setting. I was injured and therefore have taken time off. I had knee surgery, recovered and I felt I was ready to go back. Now, I have never had anxiety issues, but the moment I was on my way back to work I felt like I couldn’t breathe. The pain in my knee and hip by mid afternoon was so overwhelming. What was going on with my body? I didn’t understand, I ate really healthy, I took care of myself and took time off to heal, physically and emotionally. I guess my stubborn behaviour and my refusal to listen landed me with these injuries. Spirit was stopping me in my steps!! I am in the process of moving forward with a lifelong dream of being a healer, I am in the process of building my business which is extremely scary. I have never owned a business before, yet all of my life’s experiences have seemed to remind me that I CAN DO THIS! The many jobs I have had, the people I have met, the pain I have suffered in the past have all prepared me for this moment. I am so thankful for your guidance, you have helped me hold tight to my faith in spirit. I know some day I will have the pleasure of sitting beside you, I look forward to that moment, because it is then that I can look you in the eyes and sincerely say thank you. Many blessings to you Colette, Namaste

    • Brenna Moseley

      Good morning dearest Colette!
      (Or, good afternoon your time!)

      I recently was introduced into your world by your blogs and videos and I felt instantly connected to you and I absolutely love your energy. The funny thing is I was in love with The Enchanted Map oracle cards through a friend but I never knew who the author was. Same with Wisdom of the Hidden Realms. I always knew I was drawn to whoever created them and when I found out it was you, I laughed! It certainly made a lot of sense 🙂

      I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you do and what you share. And how much of what you do is super relevant and you are doing an absolutely wonderful job. Your blogs bring such a wonderful vibration with them and I always enjoy them, but this one in particular really hit home for me.

      Two years ago sprit made it clear they existed in my world. And that was the beginning of the beginning lol. I was going to say “the beginning of the end” but that’s not entirely accurate. In a way, yes. It was the end of me feeling completely alone and aimless, and at the same time it was the beginning of my connection to myself and spirit.

      And the last 8 months for me have been pretty intense. I left my hometown where I was born and raised, packed all of my stuff up and put it in storage and left on a never ending road trip with a person I had only met two months previously. And it was marvelous. Spirit directed us both and brought us many beautiful things. I have yet to go back “home” and it’s been one crazy ride!

      Within the last week or so I’ve felt what I call “potential energy” surrounding me. I can feel change and shifting and movement but I keep saying how I feel like there is something between me and that energy. Like a small barrier. It was super confusing to me because I thought I was in the clear when it came to being called crazy or doing what spirit asked.

      But when I read your blog and I got to the part where you said “I will not dim my light for anyone ever again” I burst into tears.

      Sure, I left my hometown. Sure, I lived in a car for 3 months and now I’m in my car again because they asked me to move. Sure, I’m doing professional readings now. I’ve done things spirit has asked me. But I’ve not fully picked up that phone. I still have those blinders on and I’m not doing all of what spirit has asked of me. And I’m scared. I feel very vulnerable and unsure.

      It’s an extremely odd sensation because I can feel this wonderful “potential” energy surrounding me and it feels so comforting and safe. But at the same time I feel so scared and alone. I feel very vulnerable. It’s extremely confusing.

      But your blog (I keep wanting to say article. I type article and then erase it and say blog. And they’re saying that you’ll know what that means and they’re telling me not to hesitate lol) but anyways your blog was very helpful and uplifting and gave me clarity. It helped me to hear that you have also been in that same place.

      Thank you for writing and sharing. It’s inspirational. 😉 that was also an interesting realization. Thank you for that.

      I hope this note finds you well, and I hope this will help others. Know that you are not alone and not to stop. You can get there. Sometimes it takes baby steps but you’ll get there!

      Much love and light to you!
      Brenna Moseley

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        sending you much love and Light.. trust .. and follow… we are all scared entering the Unknown.. but it’s where the treasure lies 😉

    • Lori Ingram

      I am so collected when I delve into your ministry. I have been able to interpret cards since I was a child. Unfortunately a poltergeist also followed me around and scared me whenever I would exercise my gift. Your decks are amazing. Especially the map and the road to Avalon. I ask the Holy Spirit today to show all my hidden objectives to the door and remain teachable. so that my gift will make room for itself!

    • Diane Rane

      Hi, Colette. People say they want to know what will happen but as a teenager, when I told them and then it happened, they would get so freaked out that I learned to stay quiet. Being born in 1958, in a small city in Oregon, I didn’t know where to go for guidance. Since first grade I was branded “different” and I had no friends. The Catholic Church would have burned me at the stake if they could except Spirit always protected me and guided me and little by little I met people on my journey that helped me and gave me the courage to be my authentic self. The two most important were my husband at 17 and you at 47. My biggest gift (that I felt was my curse for years) was knowing when someone I loved was going to die. I could never change it. Another was giving messages to others through conversation. It took me years to realize it and now I FEEL Spirit when it happens. Sometimes it’s so strong I feel like I’m being hit over the head with it. And, yes, my writing. I am writing completely differently from what I usually do. It’s not what I thought it would be. ( Who knew? Not me.) Thank you Sister for your journey. I couldn’t have done mine without you.

  • Diana Boles

    The above comment was accidently submitted. This is what I wanted to say.).
    Do you ever find yourself in the midst of non believers? When the conversation cannot even begin because you can foresee the doubt being sent your way? Even at those moments spirit is directing us. Keeping us safe from the hecklers and the ones with all the answers. Even those folk are drawn to you, though they don’t know why. And you remain — at one with Sprit and continue to walk your talk but wise enough to know to steer the path alone.
    When I think back over my years, I see the childhood that already defined me as different. The “loner” title—I accepted that and wore it like a crown.

    It is a beautiful experience when you meet those who recognize the gift and gravitate to you for the Quickening. Ever on the verge of it. Always present to witness it. Embrace it.

  • Courtney

    Hi Colette! Thank you for sharing your story. It brings up, well my “issues”. I’m about to write something not very light-filled, and long, but its currently my truth. I don’t want to be here currently. All I would like is to be able to dive into something I love and turn it into my career/purpose/life service as I haven’t worked in 7 years. Yet at every turn it evades me. There are a lot of things I enjoy, but none have turned into a career. Because Im empathic (but not a medium), I find it hard to communicate with others or for them to even like me. I pick up their judgement/criticism of me all too easily. So I’ve become a recluse for the most part. My cat is my biggest support and I don’t really have friends. So you can see why I would want to immerse myself in a passion. I want to do something creative but I’m not sure if Spirit is asking me to do readings or use my spirit knowledge in some way. I don’t feel so hot about myself since I’ve been lost for so long, but this was not the case in my past. I’ve been to therapists, I’ve reached out to a lot of people and self-help authors and psychics. I either get completely ignored bc they don’t want to touch my situation with a 10 ft. pole or they simply don’t know where to guide me. I sincerely want this to change but without clear answers it depresses me and Im stuck where I am. My point to your blog being, I’m an extreme example of what can go wrong if you do not find your calling. If you’ve any guidance on the subject my heart is open 🙂 I wish you the best of blessings, success, love and light. <3

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Thanks for writing Courtney. I don’t know that I’m equipped to give you the best guidance and support for this but I will say this: My advice is simple – commit to a daily conscious contact with a HIgher Power. Help someone else less fortunate as a means to get out of the story of “self”. I highly recommend you do Byron Katie’s program The Work. At the very least read her books. I think it will do wonders to help you reframe your story. big love … CBR

      • Courtney

        Thank you for your suggestions Colette. I will most definitely check out Byron’s work and look for some volunteer opportunities to start. I sincerely appreciate your response! I admit, stuck in self too long. The thought of serving others or animals and getting outside myself makes me happier just thinking about it, just praying to Spirit it’s received well. Thank you for your light, honest spirit. I’m in gratitude.
        🙂 Much Love.

      • Tiziana Amagda Morgana

        Hi Colette, I don’t know if I had already read this blog post, because the original version is very old (I am reading comments dated 2014) and I started following you “only” on Fall 2016. I decided to share a bit of me on Facebook, under the link. The story is much longer, and includes me loosing the love of my life (who was a songwriter at the beginning of his professional career, he died when he was only 31 years old in November 1999, when I had just had my first awakening). You had a difficult life for sure, but maybe you had your happy end. Still waiting for mine. Sending hugs from Italy

        PS I wrote my comment on your FB post with my page account, called Avalon l’Isola delle Mele.

        • Colette Baron-Reid

          thank you for sharing your story with me, Tiziana! your love means the world to me! 💖

    • Ula Yee

      Hallo Courtney
      I’m sorry for intruding your conversation with Colette but I’m emphatic as you are so maybe I can share some suggestions with you.

      Let me just start by saying thank you to Colette for this amazing article and the Reading for the week. They touched me on a very deep level. Just a day before I had a dream with a snake in it and I had no idea what to make of it until I saw the reading. I’m examining my relationship to the higher power now. Thank you Colette!!

      Now Empathy is an amazing gift but it may run your life if you don’t learn how to use it.
      It’s not that I have figured it all out but I’ve learnt a few things.
      Like the fact that most of the stuff I feel from others has rarely ever anything to do with me but mostly with their own fears or insecurities. I still feel it within my body as if it was my own but at list I can have compassion toward them instead of being hurt by it. It’s very easy to misinterpret what we perceive from others. I though several people disliked or judged me while what I was actually getting was their insecurity and discomfort around people.

      Locking yourself at home will not prevent you from getting peoples ‘stuff’. People’s vibes keep coming through closed doors and from as far as from another hemisphere. You can’t hide from it, but I came to believe it’s like other spiritual gifts, you can turn them on when needed or of when not.

      Judith Orloff MD has great amount of advice on how to take care of yourself and your needs as an empath. You may learn how to observe but not absorb peoples ‘stuff’. Judith has written several books but you may start by looking her up on YouTube. The videos are numerous and very informative.

      One of the things you can develop your empathy into is medical intuition. If you find a course near you I’m sure they can tech you how not to be run down by your gift.
      You may look up Caroline Myss a medical intuitive and an author of several books. “Anatomy of the spirit” was almost like a bible for me for several years. And of course there are lots of videos with her on YouTube as well.

      All the technics that psychics use for protection, cleansing, grounding etc. are very much usefull to you. You may want to look up books dealing with such things.

      Another thing to look up is energy healing like Reiki or any other. As an empath You may do really well in it.
      I personally try to turn hypnosis and past life regression into my vocation. I found empathy being very helpful while working with a client in a deep trance.

      Hope this helps a little. And thank you for your open sharing of your story. It helped me to get some clarity for myself.
      All my love to you and Colette!

    • biren shah

      Courtney… i feel you. in my cells and bone marrow. i feel you… as me.

      thank you for sharing this with an open, raw, heart.

  • Eva Mattioli

    I am SambucaWisdom7 on twitter. You did a reading for me in a taping for your show. My “adopted” daughter’s birthfather came through. I know, she’s not adopted, this was God’s plan. Anyway your blog message today is dispelling with fears I have about leaving for a week-long retreat (Self-Mastery) starting this morning. Yes, I’m answering the Call and asking for the Guidance I need to do this. Have a Blessed week Colette!

  • Magical

    Thank you Colette, yes listening and truly following ones Call can bring up a lot. I need to feel, over and over again, when fear comes by, that it is indeed my calling what i am doing now. We just bought a house in another country. I see it as a place of healing, for sharing, nourishing and inspiring, for all who come and visit. My son is, as they call it, severly handicapped, and to take care of him and remodelling and building, brings up fear of not enough time and money. In feng shui life course is connected to the element of water, the flow of life. Water is also connected to fear, so i see now that whenever the flow of your life is strong, it will bring also a strong influence of fear (if that is an emotion you still have in your life), so my motto now is, be afraid, do it anyway 🙂 and everytime ask myself the question:is this the right path (instead of: oh no, how are we ever going to accomplish this 🙂 Pulling your cards helps me too. They confirm all is well and just to trust. Much Love.

  • Amy

    For some time I’ve wanted to answer the call of using my healing and entrepreneurial skills to support people who are trying to change the world. But I’ve been hesitating, wondering if I have enough to offer etc. I’m a clairvoyant but have only just recently overcome huge fear to come out of the closet so to speak. Last night I was watching Blackfish and Mission Blue, documentaries about our treatment of animals and the state of our oceans. I felt the call. I asked spirit that if this is what I am meant to do then please give me a sign. Then I got your message this morning!! Okay!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yay! the more of us the better – and don’t worry if you’re “enough” the people you’re meant to help will find you and it will be perfect as it is.

  • Maxine

    Thanks for all you do. I caught your show and loved it. You do so much for people who have lost loved ones. It renews faith that there is something better to look forward to. Keep up the good works.

  • Lorraine Rougvie

    I am going 2 ask my fiancé Bryce 2 marry me in Feb 2016 leap yr will he say yes as I luv him very much & want 2 spend my life with him he has been diagnosed with liver cancer in his bowel duck it is aggressive so don’t no how long he has got he has an appointment for the 28th of Nov 2 see if they can treat it we have been 2-gether for 9yrs. Xx.

  • Annette M Cave

    Hello Colette, There is a great picture of you above, looking like you are doing the happy dance. In response to fear, I am one of the lucky ones where I kinda always been fearless, but along with that comes leaping before looking or analyzing. Divine order though seems to always comes into play, even if we don’t always see in the moment. I know exactly what you are saying, in regards to answering the call, I have had similar experiences with the dead. But now I mostly just channel Divine source, I have a direct link. Sometimes I am amazed how quickly answers come. I am humbled, honored and happy. TBC

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      it’s amazing isn’t it? I do it all now , and can;t take much credit either – hence the awe , hence the awe !

  • Caitlin

    So beautiful, thank you for being you. And thank you for inspiring me to be me.

    I’ve had dead people connect with me for around 2.5 years now and only a couple of people in my life know. I do want to share it with my family and friends at some stage because it’s a daily part of my life which makes it an important part of who I am.

    I’m cautious of sharing because I don’t want them to be scared or think am crazier than they already do!

    Reading this has soothed things a little and encouraged me to go ahead and do it anyway.

    Thank you, Colette.

  • Grace

    Thank you so much! I really needed to hear this today

  • Deepti

    This article was so needed for me today .. As if it was a call for me to forget my fear and plunge into a decision which I have been postponing and ignoring due to shear fear and thinking about failures … Now I am going to forget all my fears and take a plunge and leave the rest in the almighty ‘s hand .. So help me god !!!thank you Colette baron Reid … Pray for me and wish me well

  • Petra

    My dream is to open a center for caregivers; those who care for someone with dementia in particular because that is my specialty. I want it to grow to support, educate and provide counsel to all types of caregivers; all neurological diseases and mental/behavioral disorders. Currently, I work in a hospital. It is a dysfunctional system and the main person I work with is also dysfunctional. It can suck the life out of you.
    I have written fundraising letters, been on radio programs, have three support groups free to the community. There are times that I would like all of this idea to go away. I could just work at the hospital and have a private practice. The end – go home to my husband and make dinner. Then someone will call needing direction and support and I am hooked again. I haven’t lost hope (drafted a year end fundraising letter last night) but wonder what is the thing I am supposed to be doing to get this off the ground? Or am I still learning and that’s why it hasn’t happened? I pulled cards yesterday on all of this business that wanders around in my head. Basically, it said shoot your arrow to hit the mark, let go of the pathway. Don’t give in to fear. Let go of what doesn’t work. Spirit is working for you – watch out Something will happen that you won’t really like but it will allow for change.
    Then today I watch your energy forecast for this week. “Miracle”. ?huh? – it’s been my password for the last few months to most of my software programs. You also said inspiration – means we go inside us to connect with Spirit and pull out stuff from our highest self.
    Your blog was about answering the call and not hanging up.
    I’m not sure why I’m writing you. I guess this is my concrete gesture to show God/Divine/Spirit/Guides/Angels/Grandma, Grandpa, Dad, and entourage that I am answering the call. I don’t want to hang up and I am open to hearing what the next right step is.
    Thanks for offering the blogs and vlogs to us for free. It helps keep me “in the saddle”.

  • Lebogang

    Good Afternoon Colette

    Today your email really hit home. (Actually all your emails do)It was only after yesterday afternoon, after countless second opinions from various people, that I made that decision to honour my calling. Some of it makes sense and some doesn’t, most of the time I feel like I’m lost and stuck in the darkness but there’s always a voice saying “trust me all is well”… I know with God’s grace, everything will fall into place. I am fearful, extremely nervous and excited all at once but I trust that all is as its supposed to be, that I am discovering my true purpose and that I’m truely loved and supported. And that gives me great solace.

    Reading your work feels so amazing because I’m taking in so much and its helping me. Thank you for being one of my angels.

    Warm regards


  • Sharon Louise

    Good morning Co letter,
    Thank you for all you do. I am so grateful and blessed to have found your website and completely enjoy you.

    I am answering the call and am in the process of launching my practice using sound & colour therapy.

    My dream is and always has been to help others through mediumship. I would like to as you if you would do me the honour of being my mentor?
    Love &Blessings
    Sharon Louise

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is great that you are moving forward and I am so sorry but I will have to decline – honored to be asked however. 😉

  • Rosemary

    Dear Colette
    thank you for this….something I needed to hear I suppose… coincidences……..Ive just started to answer the call… a way Ive been doing it without realising as I help many on facebook …….through my words…….I had a dream I would be working with needy people …..children in particular….throughout the world…….how…I don’t know yet…….how do I finance it…don’t know that yet too…… the right time it will come to be…Im sure of this………I was asked to do readings on one page on fb….I was a bit reluctant…fear I suppose…but…I did two…….was rather stunned at them actually …surprise surprise…..but feel I must carry on…thank you


  • Ember

    I am saying yes and am going to get serious about developing my gift. It is time and I know how lucky I am!


  • Linda

    Thank you for this post! I’ve been struggling for a while in terms of what Spirit wants me to do with my intuitive gifts. I have been compelled toward doing card readings for people but, like you, have tried to hang up the phone. It doesn’t feel like the exact right spot for me and I’m getting the message that it’s not where I’m going to stop. AND I feel the heavy responsibility of delivering messages to people that they might just use to direct their lives!–as in, “I don’t want to mess people up”. It’s very helpful to hear that you struggled with some of the same concerns and are finding the way to make your big, creative mark on the world. Thanks so much for the resources that you share as part of your mission. Many blessings to you!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      This is a big one- not messing people up, remaining in the integrity of it, and yes it’s people’s lives and feelings we affect. It’s essential to consider these things and to be considerate , compassionate and honest.I have been doing readings for 24 years and it has always been foremost on my mind. That said for me I had to finally say yes I will and yes I accept this burden and so will honor it. Bravo you for stepping into it. Keep Spirit your number one relationship – first God, then Self then others. If your relationship with God is first then your soul will lead then you have the clarity for others. ….

  • Michelle

    I hear it. I do.

    I have no idea which direction to go.

    I am soul searching.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      prayer and meditation, stay present , chop wood carry water, the way is shown even when we’re lost. TRust …

  • Maria

    Good morning Colette,

    I was one of the witnesses to witness this miracle you are referring to :o). It was a magical moment for me too! The hug, the tears, all of it was meant to be. You are a bright light, for the dead and for the living. You are shining the path for so many people in the darkness of their own fears and pain. You are a bright light for me too! You make me look ‘normal’ hahahahaha

    I too, had an accident recently that changed how I practice life. I fell and broke my leg and fractured my pelvis…slooowed me down and now I’m in.touch with my.true self more than ever. Since then, my psychotherapy practice is flowing abundantly, I am channeling and downloading more and more as I get out of the way. As long as WE, healers continue to guide others toward healing themselves and allow our own healings in (Heal.In) and become more with who we really are we get closer to our truth. I don’t consider my ability a gift because it is how I was born. A gift was given, I have always been, always have had. I Am.

    Like you said, bright lights attract bugs! I love that! Beautiful bugs and ugly bugs…and they are all part of the bug tribe. Haters are gonna hate like they always have. Unfortunately, they fear God and don’t know it. The God I love is wonderful, patient and kind. The God I love is Multiversal, Source, Spirit, Consciousness. I keep reminding myself that every time I doubt my ability, I am doubting mySelf, I am doubting Spirit.

    You have the platform that you fought so hard for. You deserve it. You have it. Keep shining!! You are real. You bring messages without the added drama, without the unnecessary foo foo! I will miss you if you step off! Focus on the good letters!! Do YOU!

    With lots of love and admiration,
    Welcome to CT!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx for writing this.. beautiful post and congrats yes its not our gift… we were given a gift we’re to give others.

  • Lisa

    Thank you so very much Collette for all that you are and all that you do…. Just home from an amazing weekend at the Natural Living Expo with you… I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you to say how much this past weekend in spirit and in seeing you again has inspired me more to live my life more authentically, healthier and happier…..I am amazed as this was my second time seeing you- the last was a few years back- and how these experiences both have truly inspired to catapult me more to greater connection of spirit and also to want to work more with who I know I truly am and I thank you for that….you have been of great inspiration and healing to me for these past 5-6 years, I have cherished your books, online programs, oracle cards, readings, and music so very very much….and as I told you this as you so sweetly signed my book this weekend still I really felt I needed to tell you this in volumes today….I thank you more, especially for your very warm grace and welcome wherever you are in person, you share such a very generous inviting personable experience that has truly meant the world to me…..I was touched deeply by our time together on Saturday, and especially mentioning that last reading as well, it brought me to tears in both receiving and sending much love and healing energy to that nice man his son and also to you….
    Sending tremendous gratitude to you with my appreciation and extended heartfelt thanks,
    Love and light to you always,

  • Annique

    thank you Colette for sharing i totally agree with you the haters and the trolls i have learned in my age to not take things personal anymore love the 4 agreements BTW i am open to my calling but i don’t know what it is for sure i do talk to spirits and i do healing but nothing seems to come my way to where i can practice this, so i just ask spirit to show me the way send those to me that need it

  • Renee Sugar

    Calling. This is something I have been praying to be revealed for quite some time. Especially since being laid off from a 12 year
    professional connection at the end of 2010. I “knew” that I did not want to redo what I had already accomplished, as one of the top
    sales producers in this company I was so depleted and had no life left in me. I tried to get back on the horse again; and ride on; but it
    didn’t happen. Hired on three occasions by similar companies in a role much like the one on the resume; resulted in doors closing very
    quickly and told that I was not the right “fit”. How could that be? I asked, I had all of the right qualities, and skills; so why I am being shown
    the door so quickly barely having reentered. That really confused me. Then for the first time in my life; I followed a creative passion that
    seemed to open so many doors in a very quickened way; that I could hardly catch my breath. There I was exhibiting a collection of designs
    that I created from a hobby; in the kitchen. A business development course opened the door to building a foundation and a sound business plan; followed by a launch of the work at the Interior Design Show and an article published with other artisans followed by an invitation to exhibit the work; at an interior design resource showroom; one of the most prestigious in Toronto; by someone I had barely met; I really felt that I was doing exactly what I was meant to do and it was so uplifting; and an honor to celebrate the body of work I had
    brought to life from nothing. I “knew” it was the right door and the right time; but the money did not follow. I really didn’t care that much; it was such a joyful celebration; and after graduating from the bus. development program; ( I had injured my spine and had a twisted pelvis at the time; but somehow the indominatable spirit just kept me moving forward; literally an inch at a time because I could barely walk. HOW did I do this. My “heart” moved me and everything else fell into place. The right people were sent to help, I was driven to the
    right doors and carried to the right place at the right time. I was given the energy from a higher place; because it was obvious that I could not do it alone. So I believe that WILLINGNESS is the fuel to open the door(s); and believing that SPIRIT does know the way. I suppose in retrospect; maybe putting too much emphasis on the commercial success of the ad(venture) was not the best decision; but I was being supported through a government grant; and they did expect “results”. Nonetheless; the day I accepted the invitation when I discovered
    a printmaking kit; was the day that I was making a commitment to something much greater than I ever could have imagined possible.
    NO REGRETS. NO GUTS NO GLORY. So here I am preparing to leave for the day to go to the job I currently am fortunate to have; but no it isn’t my calling. It is a JOB and I do feel that my “presence” is noticed and that is what each of us brings to this life. Maybe through our ears; or our eyes; hands etc. or what we say. BE HERE NOW wherever life takes you; because none of really can ” know ” where a doorway might lead. Just don’t PROGRAM THE OUTCOME. Hope writing this is helpful to someone.

  • Rosslyn

    I am a now retired Registered Nurse of 37 yrs in the OR, PARR, ER,& ICU. I have always “known”,& “felt” others pain, fears, & the solutions needed for them. I’ve been always using the God given gifts on this earthly journey. When I retired 4 yrs ago, I was guided to use the symbolism on cards to do readings. 2 yrs ago I conquered my fear of criticism & started reading professionally face to face with people in a Metaphysical Store giving increasingly in depth messages to very satisfied clients; in the last 4months, my Mediumship abilities have been growing in leaps & bounds,& my personal life changing like a rocketship, all good! It’s like I’ve come out of the “closet”,& I am living an all encompassing spiritual life. I can even handle the negativity still dished out by a close family member, as, it just does not matter/effect me anymore. I’d say, I’ve accepted the call! Love and Light to you Colette, Thanks for being you.

  • Kim MacMurray

    First let me say thank you so much for your wonderful wisdom and intuition. I love your gentle spirit and am glad that you answered
    “the call” and share your beautiful self with others. I too have heard the call to be a reader and healer, but to date have not fully embraced and accepted this. I have had different things happen in life that keep leading me to it. I am starting to be nudged more and more by Universe to answer the call, and quit putting it on hold. Including your message from today. So thank you very much for the message. P.S. I love your cards too, I use them often when I am doing readings.


  • Marianna

    Thank you Colette for being you and sharing your amazing gift. I was with you at the Divine Spirit retreat… and you answered the call when my husband came thru who had committed suicide years ago. My daughter (now 24) and I were so wondering why he hadn’t come thru in all those years (there were many opportunities). When you answered the ‘call’ for my daughter and I, “Roger” came thru with his big Great Pyrenees dog “Bear” to say that he had tried to be a good husband, etc. etc…. that he wanted us to be happy and remember him as he was in his “white” shirt (yes, he was wearing a white shirt in the family picture hanging in my home)… WOW, how it has helped my daughter and I move on from that ‘chapter’ in our life…. knowing he is on the other side with our bird and dog in a happier place…. Thank you! Now, I continue to explore how to further use my gifts and as I move into the Grace of Spirit, and I look forward to setting intention for a magical future of abundance. Thank you Colette for Answering the Call <3 You are a bright light <3

  • Cheryl

    You really are an amazing woman! So beautiful so smart so funny! I loved the healings i got to witness at your get together at the expo!
    I’ve been following your info for a few years really appreciate it! Xo

  • Darlene

    Hi Colette,

    Since I’ve been introduced to you I’ve continued to read your blog/newsletter or whatever else you’ve shared with us.

    This message has resonated with me so much that I wish that I could meet you. I am called to be a spiritual healer but I slam it down. I am slowly embracing my call and feel a bit more at peace now. However, I am a little hesitant.

    I will continue to work on accepting my gift. Thank you for your message.

  • Sunny

    This is a beautiful story you’ve shared. It is exactly what I needed today. You’re writings, musings, schools
    –all of your creations over the years–have been like lanterns in the fog. This is yet another. Thank you!

  • Roberto Fongaro

    Hi Colette!
    I just finished your “Daily Oracle Course”, thank you for your amazing teachings! I know what you mean in this page, I could have had a good career in the beauty industry but… Spirit and the angels made me take another adventure giving readings, reiki, massage, coaching, yoga classes… Now I’m in a period of change and transformation (you know, when the swan of Avalon appears….) and in this beautiful page what you wrote helps me to keep the faith going through an unknown territory, feeling ok even not knowing the next destination of my journey… 😉 let’s cross the fingers… 😛

    I look forward to finish your book “Remembering the future”, I love it as well as your beautiful Oracle Cards 😉

    Lots of LOVE and angel blessings from Italy,

  • Shelton

    Hello Colette!
    I spoke with you over the radio a while back and you told me the sweetest things. I’m in Atlanta like you said I would be! I want to thank you so much for telling me you believe in me and support me. I think about it all the time. You’re such an amazing woman and I admire what you do. Thanks for being you, and thank you for taking the time to write us in your blog. You give me great hope. You are a blessing.


  • Jen

    I am clairaudient, and my intuitive knowingness is pretty strong. I usually get myself into trouble by ignoring or hanging up. My clairaudience as a child was okay, I did not even think about it. As an adult however I was afraid of it, so it seems to be mostly shutdown. I am more open to it know, so hopefully I can reconnect to it. Or accept, or pay attention more. At this point in my life it would be appreciated

  • Jill

    Such an inspiring story Collette. Thank you from the depths of my heart for being your most brave and authentic self, sharing your Grace and your story and your journey with us. With gratitude and love, jill

  • Genene

    This is so appropriate for me! I had been interviewed by the local humane society for energy work and releasing of past traumas I had done for one of their dogs. The woman who adopted the dog totally freaked about “woo-woo” being associated with her dog. Never mind that this session and the subsequent reminders from another beautiful soul who works at the shelter most likely saved this dog from being euthanized. When I heard they were going to drop my piece because the woman threatened to squash the entire article, I was stunned such ignorance still existed. And this affected to how I presented my work when I met a new staff member. Fortunately, the new person realized the value of alternative methods in dealing with pets, and we are going to explore some ways I can help people learn more about what I do. So I didn’t refuse the Call from Spirit, but stumbled at bit. As always, thank you for what you do. I look forward to hearing your weekly universal energies!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yup we stumble but we keep going.. no matter the naysayers.. we know the truth 😉 Thanx for writing

  • Susan

    Thank you – I cannot tell you how much this one resonated with me today and, of course, at exactly the right time that I need to hear it and was open to the message. This particular one touched me deeply in more ways than one. I still don’t know for sure where my journey is going to end up, but I’m learning to let go of the fear and to embrace whatever waits on my path. Thank you for the confirmation and the beautiful story. Bless you.

  • Jennifer

    Dearest Colette,

    Thank you for your authenticity and your integrity. Thank you for sharing your journey so openly. I met you in May at Dr Joe’s Progressive workshop and had the privilege of attending your pilot show messages from spirit. I received a message from you that day. Part for my son (thank you-he was so thrilled to hear the wisdom and insight you shared from spirit) and you spoke of my path as an Intuitive Medium- and if I get out of my own way, I am going to help alot of people here. You are not the first medium to tell me this and it had been a constant struggle for me to believe this was real, I was really doing this, ect..ect…ego was winning and I struggled with this amazing opportunity to be a channel for spirit and help those on the earth plane heal and connect them to those in the spirit world. I had no idea how to get past this issue. I prayed and prayed, I even went for Darshan asking for help. Feeling so frustrated, I almost let this path of answering the call go more than once and “some thing” kept dragging me back, I wanted so badly to kick ego to the curb, and was so drained from all the energy I put toward trying to get past my ego, I was ready to step out and say goodbye to this path and go back to University to complete my Degree. Finally, shortly after that message through you- I attended the Spiritualist Church in Burlington and all it took was once sentence from someone there and the lightbulb went off and I have been able to shift my focus- I am so happy, I am so blessed, I am soo grateful to our connection to each other. I am answering the call more present than I have ever been.

    Thank you for your message, thank you for your presence Colette! Your show is awesome!
    Love, Miracles & Magic

    Jennifer Mckenzie

  • Irene

    Thank you Colette. This weekly forecast of universal energies really speaks to me (as they all do!). This is my last week in my 40’s, turning 50 years old on Sunday the 23rd. This is a big deal as I self reflect on where I have been and where I want to go at this huge turning point in my life. 50 years old. You empower me and light a fire in me to really think about how I want to move my life and answer my own calls from Spirit and my Soul and I understand very clearly your words for this week that are guiding from a higher power and “speaking to me” . Regardless of how my birthday actually turns out, I know that it is more about where I go from here with the remainder of my life, not about the actual birthday and the big question surrounding how it will go. It’s about me, what I want, how I want to live, who I choose, and mostly, always letting Spirit lead and show me the way forward as I embark on a true new chapter of my life. Thank you for reminding me that it is about the Serpent energy and healing and letting the past go and that I do have the Strength of the Dragon energy helping me along.
    Love, Irene

  • Tatjana

    Brilliantly worded, Colette. And in perfect timing, as if I had to hear or read it again. I had an Angel Card reading the other day and the Angels were saying I often just don’t listen to their calling. Now, I’m off for two days. And I shall use this time gift to write on my script. And thanks a mil for the tip saying “I will not dim my light for anyone.” This is empowering.
    with love, Tatjana

  • Wanda St.Hilaire

    Hi Colette,

    Beautiful message. I have been getting “the call” for a few years now in various forms and from the most unlikely people. It’s getting louder and harder to ignore! I’m a bit overwhelmed with where to begin and have to leave the hows to the universe because I haven’t a clue how to bring it all into being. I’d still actually prefer to stick my head in the sand, but …. I don’t think that spirit phone is going to stop ringing!

  • Carolyn

    Hi Colette,
    Wow! You have hit the nail on the head, again, for me this week! I was a successful professional artist for 35 years in a very competitive career. I’m now a dinosaur in that industry and have been floundering a bit. Teaching at a local art college was offered and I have answered that call. This is my first semester teaching and I’m terribly uncomfortable and making mistakes right and left but there is a reason for this, spirit has called loudly and it’s time to step up. I thought I might have a career using my psychic gifts, but I’ve come to realize I am using them in my teaching practice seeing the places inside people that I can help through art. Thank you again Colette for leading our tribe and being such a warm dynamic light to follow and align with.
    Much love,

  • Christina

    This brought tears to my eyes – that sense of knowing, and being able to comfort someone by stepping forward and simply be authentic. I have had a spirit contact me through several people, a couple of them really surprised, asking the same thing of me through all of them, and even giving them clues as to the spirit’s identity that only I would recognize. The spirit told two of them that I needed to trust myself more, that if I received the messages myself then I might put it down to imagination or wishful thinking. Not any more! I am resolved to trust myself, and to move forward with confidence and courage.

  • Vikki

    Thank you once again Colette for your lovely words of wisdom!
    I wish I could say I’ve heard “my” calling but I don’t know that I have…or maybe I’ve buried it somewhere along the way LOL I do however constantly feel as if I’m treading water getting no where, I ask for signs, do my oracle cards and wait. Perhaps its just not the time yet~
    However, I’m inspired by the stories here from you and others. Much blessings!!

  • Branwen


    You spoke directly to me on this one. I’ve been avoiding and dodging and hiding from particular aspects of my gifts that I felt uncomfortable with. Like you I was concerned with how I would be perceived and what those repercussions would be. Thank you so much for pointing out that I can never be my true authentic self unless I fully embrace all of my gifts. As awkward as it may seem at first I have committed to doing just that. It may seem uncomfortable for a bit but there’s nothing so uncomfortable as staying stuck where you are. Thanks again for being the nudge I needed to finally take that step.

    Love and blessings,

  • Jen

    This morning on my commute to work I realized that what I “thought”I was missing or looking for,that I “thought”was lost, was present. It has been present the whole time, I could not hear becauseMy focus was simply outside of my center. On the outside events, and the inner drama that I was hooked in. I Am grateful for the direct line of communication in spirit.

  • Connie

    Not having a clear vision yet of my future, I pretty much let that go and am relying on source for that (none of us really do yet for it is still being created right now and does not even exist yet). Many months ago I strongly felt that I belong to the world/universe. It has been a horrible path of releasing some pretty huge stuff for the planet, stuff that most people would not touch or even go there for a moment. It has been the worse/scariest/hellful/fearful/painfulest thing anyone could ever go through. I just keep pushing forward one minute at a time and using anger to do it mostly (its good for one thing). After the past few days of angrily grunting through – this morning I felt like I released the being of the “sacrificial lamb” (huge for alot of us) I feel much better now. So for right now for you strong ones out there, if you think not much is going on right now, or you are not contributing enough, you are wrong. What you are releasing is for everyone on the planet – keep releasing/getting through what comes up! I am answering my call right now – as a lot of you are too right now without even knowing it. We all need to keep it up till the end! As above so below – Heaven on Earth!

  • Julie

    Your gifts run wide and deep…in soooo many ways. I, for one (of MANY) am grateful beyond measure for the gifts you have brought into my world. Seeking my authentic self has been my mission for some time…and I finally feel that I will actually discover/uncover the “me” that I truly am…the one WITHOUT fear of others’ opinions, or not being enough, or convincing myself that productivity equals value ….the one that sometime hides herself behind fear…i am shedding that fear like the skin of the serpent…and I am beginning to open my heart to become who I really am…what a gift that is Colette…”wow” is the understatement of the century…But “WOW”…this is really happening. my eyes are opening and I feel a joy and peace like never before…even when things are not going the way I hoped…
    this my friend, is magic…and you are my miracle. i thank you…and I love you.

  • Peg

    Thank you for answering the call!! sharing your courage story to help some of us, me , that is hesitant.. thank you for all you bring

  • Tracey

    I just finished listening to your Immortal Soul Frequency on Healing with the Masters. I also attended one of your tappings of Messages from Spirit (I was the gal with the message about the pigeons

  • Kim Louise

    Hi Collette … thank you so much for leading the way; not only for us that have the gift, but for bringing closure to loved ones around the world. Your coming out hit home deeply today. Over the last 10 years, when I would watch mediums bring closure on shows, I cried deeply and profoundly in joy. I never understood why it affected me this way. Then I started having my own experiences, so much so, I trained for 3 years with four different teachers, and was then certified as a medium. I even started to write a book and launched a website. Then I ran into a marketing lady that told me you will never get anywhere in life with that name, at the same time, my family disowned me when they heard the news. This last year I isolated myself, because I felt like I would get my head cut off if I spoke about it. So 3 weeks ago, I decided to surrender to the norm and built a normal website, taking out of my bio the word training in medium-ship, even on LinkedIn, like it is TABOO! I just launched it today, wondering why I wasn’t feeling happy and here you are with this article. Your fear words you spoke allowed me to see my fear. I am deathly afraid of being rejected & abandon. I am 55, I gulp as I say this, how do find the courage with no support from family or friends in my life who believe I am weird. I don’t have thick skin, I am a tiny ultra-sensitive loving canary. Blessings for your insight. In gratitude for your courage to help us find ours … Kim Louise oxox

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you can do it! It doesn’t matter what ” they ” think. Don’t hang up the Spirit phone! xooxoxoxox

  • Barbara

    This couldn’t have come at a better time. I needed to hear this. On a side note Colette, I saw you in Denver a long time ago, and not to sound rude, but you didn’t feel very authentic then. I believe you were well intended, but it felt like a wall was there. Now, I feel like you are really being you, and I appreciate your message so much more. Thanks for lighting the way for authenticity.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      No worries I was probably just scared it was in the very early days as a speaker for me – Denver was 8 years ago and I was struggling with accepting my abilities. I am grateful for your comment. Progress!

  • Meredith Rietz

    Dear Colette,

    First of all I have no idea how this particular blog popped up on your web page when I went to pull an oracle card this morning. After all you wrote this 2 weeks ago. Regardless, it moved me into sobs because the last two days I have been crippled by extreme fear of being “revealed” especially to my family back home (Charleston SC). I love them so much and they mean the world to me yet as I get more and more tapped in to Spirit (to the point I have been experiencing a kundalini awakening), the more they get deeper into their fundamentalist Christian views and beliefs. I am ok with their spiritual path because I know it is how Spirit is moving in their lives and I see them growing more and more loving, yet my deep paralyzing fear is that if I truly answer the call of Spirit, I will isolate myself from them and others from my past. I am so afraid that they will think that I am being taken over or influenced by demonic forces… and to be honest, I am not even sure if there are darker forces that might be disguising as light vs genuine Divine Light from God. I am so confused and a part of me wishes so badly I could just believe as they believe… that I could just have my limited understanding of God and the Bible and Jesus being Savior. I would be less confused if I could just have Spirit in a nice easy to understand package as that. But I am not wired that way. It doesn’t fit in my paradigm… but I don’t know what is truly True within myself yet. All I know is I am having a lot of crazy physical responses (looks like epilepsy as the kundalini awakes) and a lot of mental and emotional unrest. Is it a good and Godly force that I am tapping into? I hope so. I hope it is the divine awakening… yet I am so afraid that if it is the awakening, my family will be afraid of me or be afraid for me. I really am struggling to not only know what is True but to come into absolute Truth. I guess I am afraid of God… and the devil… whatever that even is. If there is any insight you have, I would love to hear it. Or if you could just send Light that would be great too. Thanks for this post… I feel I was supposed to read it today of all days.

    Lots of love and appreciation to you Colette.

    God bless,

  • Pat

    Thank you, Colette! You are inspiring and authentic.

  • Anonymous

    I love that you spoke of this, I have no idea what my calling is…..I don’t seem to have any passion for a calling.
    Love&Light to you and yours

  • Wendy

    I feel like every time opportunity knocks, I have to answer the phone. Not only do I feel likewise for “my calling,” but the calls are coming from sixty different directions, to boot.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      if you feel like you’re needing clarity on a situation, pull an oracle card! 😉

  • Jennifer

    Hi Colette,
    I truly like this post/blog/e-mail. I always felt that I would work with animals. I wound up being a dog and cat groomer (27 years in the business). I am always looking at horses and love being around them. I even owed one till he died of old age. However just helping my mother with her horses is not enough for this middle aged person (I’m in my early 50’s). Also at the beginning of January this year I started working with Oracle and Tarot cards. I completed your Oracle journal a few weeks ago too.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love to hear all of that! what was your favorite part of the Oracle Journal? 💖

  • Anonymous

    I am ready for the call..
    Thank you Collette
    I love your light

  • Lydia

    Thank you for this well timed encouragement. I feel the call to Remote Healing and am taking the training, but let doubt get in the way of continuing to pursue it. I will love myself past the doubt and continue on to shine my light!

  • Andi

    Hello love !

    Yeah, sometime I just got instance voice , call XXX , read a card for him/her. Find what happen to him / her, might need help.

    I am glad that I answered that call and find out what happen and how I can help.

    Using your card as my tools is just too magical for me and my friends !

    Happy that I can contribute to the Great Universe ! I am in love with the Great Mother Earth.

    And is just me begin authentic of who I am even if everyone label me as wierdo.

    To me the power to heal is Love ❤️.

    I love you !
    My great teacher !

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