Cultivating Self-Love: The Key to Unlocking Your Intuition!

Updated: April 11, 2023

There’s something truly magical about the feeling of a clear connection with your intuition. When you become attuned to the little nudges and signs that point you in the direction of your highest good and help you make the right decisions, it can feel like you have super powers! 

But have you ever experienced your intuition coming and going? You’ll be deeply connected for a while, but then you lose the clarity and the feeling of inner guidance. 

Sometimes the noise of life takes over, and your intuitive filters just get clogged up. You’re busy and stressed, or you begin doubting yourself and your inner knowing. 

It might surprise you to hear that one of the most reliable ways to stay connected to your intuition – regardless of what’s going on in your outer world – is self love. 

Quieting Your Negative Thoughts & Finding Self-esteem 

As human beings, we are wired to be our own worst critics. We constantly compare ourselves to others and focus on our flaws and shortcomings. However, when we learn to love and accept ourselves, we create a safe space for our intuition to thrive. Self-love is the foundation upon which we build a strong connection to our inner guidance system. The more you disapprove of yourself, the more you end up stuck in a prison of your own making. And, you don’t want that!

On the other hand, when you feel GOOD about yourself, your intuitive filters are clear and it becomes easier to have consistent and reliable access to your inner knowing. Even if things in life feel challenging or stressful, you can have a feeling of trust that your relationship with the deepest part of you is solid, and you’re not letting insecurities or thoughts of self-doubt get in the way of living out the path you’re meant for. 

Here are some simple practice you can use to cultivate self-love, quiet your inner-goblin-ego, and strengthen your intuition:

Step 1: Celebrate Your Strengths and Achievements

We often overlook our accomplishments and strengths, leading us to believe that we are not good enough. Celebrating your achievements is a powerful way to boost your self-esteem and cultivate self-love. 

Try this: Make a LONG list of all the things you’ve ever done that make you proud. Include even the things that seem small or insignificant! Did you manage to keep a plant alive for more than a week? Pat on the back! Did you make someone’s day with a thoughtful gesture? Pat on the back! 

And of course, I also want you to include the bigger things. Write down anything that brings you pride and joy, such as the relationships you’ve built, the obstacles you’ve overcome, and the personal growth you’ve accomplished. Then include all the attributes and qualities you have that make you feel proud. 

Put your list on your bedside table or hang it on your mirror. Look at it every day and give yourself a little self-love boost when you need it. Remember, this isn’t just about feeling good – it’s about clearing the pathways to your intuition. Wasting less time on feeling bad about yourself is just an added bonus! 

Still struggling to trust your intuition even when you hear it? Check out this simple guide on How to Trust Your Intuition.

Step 2: Be Mindful of Your Inner Dialogue

Stop letting your mind dictate negative thoughts to you! 

Remember this is just your wounded small self trying to rain on your parade and get you in separation mode. So, pay close attention to how you talk to yourself and keep negative chatter to a minimum. 

Try this: Anytime you catch yourself thinking something that is disapproving, take a deep breath and challenge it. For example, let’s say you find yourself thinking you can’t do something because it scares you. Catch the thought and ask yourself to find examples of when you did something that scared you. Likewise, don’t feed your mind with gossip, judgment, anger and so on. 

This is also a good time to use Oracle Cards to have a new dialog with the Universe. The cards are a great spiritual tool for changing the conversation in your mind, because they bring a totally new perspective that changes the directions of your thoughts. If you don’t have your own deck, you can use my FREE online decks here. 

Try asking the question: “In order to love myself more fully, what is the most important thing for me to focus on?”

Step 3: Embrace the Spirit of Love Within You

Quieting your mind by using your breath as a focal point is an extremely powerful way to stop negative chatter and connect with your intuition. 

If you have trouble quieting your mind in silence (like I did when I first started meditating), guided meditation can help you reach the same state of calm and inner quiet. If you want to learn more about how Guided Meditation works and why I love it, check out my Ultimate Guide to Guided Meditation for Beginners. 

Try this: To invite more self-love into your life, try out my FREE Guided Love Meditation. When we love and accept ourselves, we create a safe and supportive environment for our intuition to thrive. 


If you feel like there’s sometimes a cloud over your intuition, I encourage you to try some of these exercises to bring more self-love into your life. 

I know having self-love and self-esteem can sometimes feel easier said than done, but I think it’s essential to remember that this is a practice! It’s human for negative thoughts and self-doubt to take over, and a strong sense of confidence and mental well being is something you have to consciously cultivate. 

What have you noticed that gets in the way of your clear access to your intuition? What practices help you keep your pathways to your inner guidance system clear? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. 





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  • Cindy

    It helps me stop the mind chatter and connect to my intuition, is by journaling. It really helps. Thank you Colette 🙂💙💜

  • Jennifer

    I just LOVE YOU! This just what I needed to hear. Like a cuff aside my head to refocus!! Thank you!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      sending you love right back, Jennifer! 💖

    • Teresa

      I am someone who had no self live or self esteem for so very long. I have taken many of your classes like Oracle Palooza, Oriole school, Oriole circle. Thank you for being the angel God sent to me to show me I am worthy.
      Can’t wait for you next class. Journaling and meditation helps keep me on track.

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        I’m so grateful that the Universe crossed our paths, Teresa! much love to you!

  • Tracie

    Thank you Colette! I use my oracle cards to check in with my intuition. (Absolutley LOVE the Dream Weavers by the way!! ) I have to keep reminding myself that my intuitive voice is so soft and quiet, and sometimes so fast that I miss it. I also find that breathing centres me and helps stop the chatter, and sometimes I’ll place a finger on my third eye to draw my focus so my mind calms.

  • Jo

    I learnt a new thing today, about loving myself. It’s not about the ego! It comes from your soul – your true self and what you do out of the kindness of your heart. The little things that make a difference in someone’s life out of pure love. I journal everyday, for even the smallest things which make a huge difference and for those aha moments, when I go back and read them. As Colette and Anna say in OS our stories are in motion. Live in the present moment, trust your intuition and build that self esteem in doing so. Commitment and perseverance, for me are the key – everyday everyday!!! Thank you! 💜💜💜

  • Tina

    Just bought your book remembering the future on intuition so this is perfect! Feel like it was meant for me. I have a lot to learn and put into practice. Thanks for the support.

  • Diana

    Thank you Colette. I am trying to be in tune with mi inner guide, sometimes I feel is hard, but I keep trying.

  • Eugenie

    I am new to meditating, and the monkey brain is so busy, lol. I am enjoying your courses and these pages, which give so many aha moments..

    Love the oracle decks, too, with the Journaling. Totally recommend doing this.

    Right now I am recovering from an operation and using my recuperation time to study and practice all these new intuitive methods.

    Colette and your mavens are truly inspiring, thank you, all. ❤️🙏

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