Manifest Miracles Turbo Style!!

Updated: May 9, 2023

Good news! As we navigate through life, we can master and shift our emotional state to access feelings of contentment, peace, and calm no matter what’s going on around us. This ability to shift our inner state can help us attract and manifest more of the feelings and experiences we desire. That’s where The Three Minute Miracle Game comes in! I’m ridiculously content this morning because I played this game and it works for me every time. I hope you’ll muster the courage to do it out loud with me. This game is an opportunity to own your desires for the extraordinary life of your dreams. But first, let me share with you how I discovered emotional freedom…

How I Discovered Emotional Freedom 

One of the things that used to throw off my emotional state was the fact that I was always trying to fit into a box of who I thought I was supposed to be. I used to be so afraid of being too loud, too fringe, too old, too optimistic, too wild, etc. 

You know what finally set me free? I had to surrender to the fact The Box I was trying to fit myself into – the one I convinced myself was the key to my happiness – had never ever been my size. I never fit in anywhere, no box has ever been right for me, no Cinderella slipper came in size Colette. 

Just like Harry Potter when he was a little kid I really felt like my “muggle relatives” locked me in the small closet under the stairs, lest I explode with natural magic. Finally I realized that I had always had the key to that closet and those “muggles” were my own thoughts, feelings and beliefs. They were running my life! 

It was a difficult truth to face, but I finally admitted that I was the one in control of my life, not my fears or insecurities. And that’s when I truly set myself free.

How Your Thoughts & Emotions Create Your Reality 

As topics like how to manifest the life you want and being the creator of your own reality gain popularity, so does the science and evidence for these ideas. 

The thoughts, beliefs, and feelings we experience send out a signal to the Universe, which in turn calls more of that thing in. 

So, If you’re saying you want something but you don’t feel worthy of the thing you want, you’re sending out mixed signals to the Universe! And mixed signals lead to mixed results. 

In order to call in the things you desire, you have to learn how to get a handle on your own thoughts and emotions. You have to develop the skill of shifting your state! And that’s what The Three Minute Miracle Game is all about!

How to Play The Three Minute Miracle Game: 

This game is an opportunity to muster up your courage and own your desires for the extraordinary life of your dreams. I’m going to ask you to do something that might feel a little silly or uncomfortable and actually say these things OUT LOUD. Trust me, it’s worth it. 

Here’s how it works: 

1. Set a timer for 3 minutes and spend that time writing all of your deepest desires down as a statement that starts with “I Have.” It might sound like this, “I have a loving, committed partnership with an amazing man.”

2. You can also use the sentence stems of “I am, I love, or I do”

3. The key is to write these things down as if they have already happened. Pretend you are your future self, writing a list of all of the things you’re grateful for.

4. Try not to think too much, just let it flow through you. Remember, each of these statements is sending a frequency out into the Universe to call those dreams into being!

5. Once you’ve written out your list, go ahead and read them out loud. When you do, say them as if they are already true. Feel the feelings in your body that will be there when this is your reality. That’s it!

This practice is simple, but incredibly powerful. I guarantee you will feel awesome and empowered afterward. And as an added bonus, you will have told the truth to yourself about what your soul yearns for you to experience.

There’s only one rule of the game: NO judgment! Just your truth, as if it has already happened. 

First I’ll share mine… (wow I just got nervous!!)

I Have… 

  • A continued communicative, positive, and co-creative relationship with my Higher Power.
  • More than enough of everything I need, and plenty to joyfully share with others.
  • Happy healthy dogs who are my cherished companions.
  • An even better marriage than I could have ever dreamed of that is vibrant, fun, happy, creative, joyful, playful, mutually supportive, loving, kind, compassionate, sensual, and affectionate.
  • Friendships so wonderful and mutually supportive that I need to pinch myself!
  • An enriching painting practice that uplifts my spirits and helps me unwind and connect with my creativity. 
  • A fantastic, supportive, and talented team who help me deliver all my ideas into amazing products and services that are in service of the highest good. 
  • Bestselling Oracle decks that change people’s lives and inspire them to develop their own dialogue with their Higher Power. 
  • A fantastic annual OraclePalooza Virtual event, where thousands of people from around the world come together to create more MAGIC in their lives.
  • Amazing downloads from the Universe and inspirational ideas that turn into excellent projects – all in service to everyone’s awakening!
  • The most amazing awe-inspiring Oracle School community, that helps everyone unlock their magic and discover how intuitive they really are – and shows them they can co-create extraordinary lives with Oracle Cards to guide them!
  • All the energy I need to get all this done and feel happy and healthy in my body while I do it! 
  • A loving relationship with my body who is my best friend.
  • More gratitude in the atoms and molecules of my body than anything else. I am fueled by gratitude!

This or something better now manifests for me and through me via Source, My Higher Power, The Universe, Jesus, Fred, and Buddha only for the highest good. 

So there you have mine – naked, open, real and raw. Now it’s your turn! Share with me in the comments a few of the most exciting or important items on your list so we can all hold the vision for each other’s amazing futures. 

Congratulations, you’ve just created the blueprint for your miraculous future chosen by none other than YOU! 





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  • Thess

    Wow 3 minutes goes really fast. I have:
    all the money I need and more
    A wonderful deeply passionate fun relationship with a wonderful man I love deeply and who worships me.
    I live in a beautiful house in nature an close to the sea
    I work as a Clairvoyant/Healer/coach.
    I teach both in Denmark ( where I live ) and abroad
    I have many clients and I am very succesful
    I drive a lovely and comfortable car
    All my family is doing great

    That is all I had time for in 3 minutes.

    Love Thess xx

    • Lindsey

      I have
      * all the love, support and guidance from the Universe, my Angels, guides and loved ones in heaven
      * tapped into infinite potential and possibilities in my life
      * love in every are of my life
      * joy in every area of my life
      * my new own farm coming to me sooner than I expect
      * new clients and people to serve in my business
      * unlimited resources- financially, to help me and my family, loved ones and causes
      I am passionate about
      * excellent health and time for exercise and fun!

      3 minutes go really really fast!

      • Anonymous

        I am loyal and loving and love with my whole heart.
        I have family that loves me.
        I am passionate about travel. Actually passionate about everything I do. Obsessed with travel. I have a roof over my head and some food in my tummy just enough money to pay for my bills. NO extra. I am grateful I am not on the street and I have a bus pass this month and I still have the TV and internet and a phone. I can still dream about a more positive future. In my dreams I see a happier one.

    • Carol McCarthy

      I Have

      a fabulous loving and caring man in my life who adores me!
      a successful business with many interesting and paying clients I can help!
      a #1 best selling book!
      a wonderful home by the sea
      Great health, body, mind and spirit
      Supportive and fun friends
      Great relationships with all I come in contact with
      Having great abundance so I can be more philanthropic
      Love & Light,

    • Anna Diliberti


      I just love you, every time I think you’ve raised the bar as far as it can go for my personal growth, in the cards, and readings, you take it a step further . . .

      My-oh-my how blessed am I? Are we? Yikes!!!! You are such a freaking blessing!!!

      Now, here, take my I Haves! Lol 🙂 Going to do this everyday, several times a day! Was just wondering how to get these affirmations out in a way that felt right, and here you go – showing up right on time, as you always do!

      I’m amazed by you! Thank you my friend, in love & light, Anna 🙂

      I Have:

      All the financial abundance I will ever need in my life and for everyone else I am helping, everywhere.

      Perfect health.

      Loving children.

      A wonderful partner who fulfills all my needs as I do his.

      No fear about anything anymore.

      A tight relationship with God and see and feel his miracles/blessings in all things.

      A sense of happiness/joy that is unmatched by anything I’ve ever felt.

      The ability to see everyone, no matter what, the same loving light as God see’s us all.

    • Stephanie Lynn

      I have over 1000k in sales today
      I have paid all my debt for the month
      I have tons of free time to develop my self and time to spend with my kids
      I have security
      I have financial freedom
      I have success
      I have a series of books on the best sellers lists of The NY Times
      I have peace
      I have compfort
      I have intelligence and abilities to make ANYTHING happen
      I have people that love me
      I have divine and my angels always looking out for me (Kim Alex gram)
      I have magical abilities
      I have love for myself and others

    • Camille

      3 Minutes is Fast!

      I have a very successful business that is making more than enough money to pay me 6 figures a year and pay off and out all my investors.
      I have creative freedom in my business to create products that aid in spiritual awakening and wellness.
      I have a healthy and balanced body that is happy with each of my systems functioning optimally.
      I have a non profit that teaches inner city school children the benefits of meditation and yoga.
      I have a balanced lifestyle where I happily exercise my body in the right ways and nourish my body with the most vibrationally balanced foods.
      I have freedom in my finances and I have savings and I have all my student loan debt and credit card debt paid off with a great credit score!

      • Mary

        I have:
        – a wonderful job/career that I love, that makes me feel fulfilled, inspires me to be and give the best version of myself, gives me a sense of purpose and positive contribution to the world and that pays me very well;
        – wonderful colleagues, mentors and mentees that inspire me every day and vice versa, are respectful, supportive and compassionate;
        – wonderful, supportive, respectful friends with loyal, spiritual, open-minded, compassionate individuals;
        – a wonderful connection and support from the Universe, my Angels and my guides.

    • Linda Lightfoot

      Deep Peace within thru direct Divine contact
      Beloved to join me on this Sacred Ranch/StarGate
      Lightfoot Feather Ranch, 35+ acre ranch with Aviary
      Living Medicine Woman Ways with my horses, cats, birds, and wildlife
      New Ford F150 for ranch truck and horse trailer
      Teacher/Healer in Shamanic Lineage with students/guests on ranch
      Growing own healthy food, Young Living Essential Oils
      Dancing, drumming, dreaming under the stars, artistically blossoming
      Medicine Women “Mother Drum” made and consecrated with other women
      Ceremonial work, Merlin magic skills ignited, and Dharma Service to our World
      So fully in Love with Life, heart wide open, light in my eyes
      Lots of Soul Friends to play and have killer horseback rides
      All to share fully and embrace the bounty of Mother Earth

      • Anonymous

        Sounds wonderful!

    • Andrea Maddison

      I have
      A beautiful life
      A deep, passionate, loving, intimate relationship with my husband
      Children that are doing well, are happy and have lovely supportive friends
      Supportive friends that connect with each other and with my husband, family and I

      I am
      Engaged in my career which is creative. It is moving and shifting women and about connection and activity

    • Sherry Daniel

      I am so very lucky to have a two year old grandson to share my love with!
      I am so very lucky to live in a nice space on the lake, and watching the swans and ducks hanging around just throws me over the edge!! I am so blessed to live with Mother Nature!!
      I am so very blessed to have raised 3 beautiful children, twins who were one pound each at birth!! True miracles…
      I have so many things to be thankful for… 💕❤️

    • Anonymous

      I have
      A daily connection with my angels, guidances
      A higher connection with spirit
      A beautiful relationship with my kids and grandchildren
      A am in ecxcellent health and with continue to feed my body health choices
      Great friends that are my corner no matter what the situation
      A sultanate who loves and supports me

    • Anonymous

      I have lust for life,
      my love is flowing and I feel that it is recived and I get so much love back
      my way of making money feels joyful, meningful and is a bliss for me and others
      I feel that I live a life in good relationship with everyone I love
      my children, my lover, my partners both in this and other realms,
      I feel that I live in good realtionship also with Mother Earth and the whole Universe
      my health is great and I feel joy and laugh a lot from my heart
      I am full of hope
      money and everything I need is coming to me easily and I am happy to share with others, I feel that I have a lot to give
      Thank You!

    • Anonymous

      I have

      * a playful, beautiful, loving relationship with my Babe.

      * an easy going, like talking to Your best friend relationship and connection to my Spirit Guide.

      * loving, healthy.daughters that are happy and with partners who are loving and supportive and respect them.

      * loving healthy grandchildren that feel cherished and loved.

      * a wonderful service dog that helps with my independence.

      * a clear purpose and direction in my life.

      * more than enough financial freedom to live comfortably the test of my days.

      * The financial freedom to set up and oversee many scholarships and endowments.

      * found the perfect niche to sell my art.

      * a smile on my face all the time because I have beautiful teeth.

      * have a comfortable, adapted home of our own that has a dishwasher.

      * am surrounded by supportive friends and family.

      * to wake up excited and happy because I am living the life I always wanted. Getting paid well to do what I Love.

      • Sara

        I have: an awesome connection with the universe.
        A business that feeds my soul and helps others thru spirituality.
        Angels are guiding me to my purpose
        I have the money to travel and learn about spirituality in other cultures
        I have a beautiful little cottage by the ocean
        I connect with my oracle cards
        My friends come with me on my journey
        My children and I have and awesome bond
        I hear god and see her in my life daily

    • Melissa

      I have
      A loving relationship where I am free to be myself completely.
      Great friendships that will last for a lifetime.
      A successful healing business that includes sound massage and reiki and other modalities as I discover new talents.
      A strong connection to the spirit world.
      Respect and appreciation for all living things.

      That went fast! 😊

  • Deborah Abram

    Here is my haves-
    a healthy cat whloves me and feels safe
    A healthy body which is energetic and vital
    Peace with my dad
    A thriving, successful practice where I can use all of my tools
    Energy to do the things I desire
    A bicycle (not sure where that came from-lol)
    Wonderful, fun Soulwoman living juicy circles that connect women to their divine essence
    Time with family
    Good relationships with family
    Joy, fun,laughterin my life daily
    Gratitude for my life
    A Wonderful, tribe that encourages me, loves me and that I get to spend time with

  • Kate

    Those 3 minutes went fast! Thanks for the suggestion and the smile. Here is mine: I have all the time and resources needs to raise our son in a happy, healthy, nature loving magical childhood.
    I have a clarity of purpose and can hear the Divine’s next steps of guidance.
    I have all the resources I need to live in our home and hearts and share this service with others finally!
    I have [ location and dream seeded]
    I have so much to be grateful for~!

  • Michał Altawil

    I have

    1. Six pack abs

    2. A loving boyfriend

    3. A great job that I love working with kids and supports me

    4. A huge sense of closely and purpose everyday

    5. The feeling of going to bed every night with a smile on my face that life is good and I’m filling my souls journey

    6. Absolutely clarity o what to do with my life in the best two years a blue print if you say

    7. At least paying clients a weak with my tarot angel healing business

    8. More money to incrsr save and spend

    9. Amazing loving friends who love me for me

  • Sandy

    I am a whole, worthy, healthy woman living my fulllest potential.

    I have a supportive and loving group of friends and family.

    I have a passionate authentic relationship with someone new in my life.

    I have a purpose-filled, inspiring career that services my soul and the souls of others.

    I am abundant and prosperous.

    I have the resources I need to create my authentic inspired career helping others.

    I have the stamina and boundless ideas to finish my book.

    I am a Divine Co-creator with Spirit and I manifest miracles daily.

    I have a beautiful serene home filled with love in a warm climate.

    I have the means to travel and have new experiences in other states and countries.

    I have unconditional love for myself.

  • Juanita

    This is challenging because although I am extremely grateful for everything around me everywhere, I rarely imagine or focus on my desires. I don’t even know if I really have any deep ones. So my list may be really short and probably cliché.

    I Have:

    A very very comfortable home with as much space as I need for my family and to welcome guests.

    Great success and joy from my creating solid and reliable income from my tea niche.

    A meaningful and loving, fun, romantic, happy, healthy, spiritual relationship with my husband.

    TIME’S UP!!!

  • Aggeliki M Kourmpelis

    I have
    • Finally my dream job ,that i was waiting for too long.
    • My own dream house for me and my son,in a hole new country,as i was planning for the last two years.
    • Enough incomes so as to live an abudant life and share also with others
    • the inspiration of writing interesting articles that other people like and find usefull for their personal development.
    • Made peace with my past mistakes and no longer feel them like burdens in my soul
    • Forgive myself for not been truthfull and honest with me
    • Forgive others for the pain they caused me
    • the opportunity to raise my child with integrity and waiting none from outer sources .
    • A man that he trully loves me ,first like a person secondly as a woman,and stands as a friend and a father to my son
    • A driven licence and a fancy SUV
    • Inner wisdom and confidence to make my life prosperous and joyfull
    • Social recognition for my services
    • A happy blessed familly
    • Guidance from God
    • Inner peace and balance
    • All i need in everyday life
    • Courage and discipline
    • A sense of content and happiness
    • Gained again my free spirit connection
    • All that i need
    • great sense of gratitude

  • Mary cudney

    I have a new car, the desire to do good in all areas of my life, an attitude eternally grateful for all I have, have done and will do, a published book, a daughter with a safe reliable new car, enough money to give Dunja what she needs, a beautiful new fence that will keep my animals safe, a healthy happy non aggressive Lily ( my dog), a beautiful soul and wonderful friends, a healthy body, a long term loving relationship with a reliable, romantic, awesome man.

    • Colette Baron-Reid


    • Donna

      I Have:

      * The best family, sisters & brothers that make me constantly laugh!!

      * My husband who always has my back & works very hard for his family.

      * A loving son that is maturing into a person with respect & compassion for others.

      * Petey, my Cockerspaniel who teaches me to live in the moment!! Love him so much 😘

      * The deep connection to spirit that gives me the “attitude of gratitude”

      This was a great excercise!!
      Thanks Colette

  • Katie K

    Ooh nice! Love this exercise Colette! And posting my own list here? Dang, I can feel my own embarrassment hanging out going “you can’t post that there!! what if someone sees it!! ” So I’m gonna do it right here, right now.

    I HAVE:

    *A healthy relationship with a man I adore who loves me back equally
    *More money than I can use, so I can give back
    *A house by the water where I can walk at the beach (with my dog)
    *Healthy gorgeous teeth and gums
    *A business that is thriving and alive and full of awakening women
    *A successful TV show where I get to be fully, unadulterated ME
    *A Healthy body that feels good and alive that is free from extra, unnecessary weight
    *A happy, healthy relationship with my family that is proud of me
    *A healed relationship with friendships and teachers that were left unresolved- completion
    *A NY Times Best Seller that bridges that GAP between spirit & real life
    * A whole new outlook and total JOY

    Ok– that does feel good!! And may I just say, that I also felt like the little weirdo that was trapped in a box I created myself. Thanks for helping me let myself out! SWEET FREEDOM is ours!

  • Anonymous

    Woah! I love this, Colette!

    I already have:
    -Complete happiness, safety, security and fulfillment
    -GRATITUDE and AWE for the abundance, goodness and wellness in my life
    -Continued co-creation with my higher power, Spirit, TheOtherSide
    -Frequent Aha moments, intuitive inspirations, vision and manifesting power
    -Continued learning, experiences and personal development
    -Good health
    -Loving family
    -Financial security
    -Ability to travel
    -Burden-free independence
    -Good companions, teachers and peers
    -A long, healthy, happy life to enjoy all that I have and all that will come.

    See you in Austin!


  • Kat

    I have:
    • An even stronger connection to Spirit and Divine Guidance.
    • Plenty of money and support to take care of all of me and my son’s needs and desires.
    • A gorgeous, comfortable home here on the gulf coast, completely paid for, and a dog and a cat, and supports in place for my son.
    • A loving relationship with a man who is my bestie who loves and accepts my son.
    • A new way of life that includes a lot of laughter, dancing, singing, and playing and having as much fun as possible; to spread a lot of joy as well.
    • More awareness of how to be of service to others and to take great care of myself.
    • Let go of struggling, got that t-shirt; and allow myself to now thrive.
    • Attracted a new person/doctor/healer into my son’s life who knows how to help him achieve well-being in this lifetime.
    • Plenty of time for myself to heal, as well including lots of time and money for massages, a chiropractor, yoga, etc.
    • Attracted a group of like-minded friends that I feel authentic and comfortable with like I did in the 1980s.
    • To finish my new blog and allow my writing to actually help as many people as possible by sharing my experience, to make my suffering count for something and my knowledge of how to use the law of attraction in the face of great contrast to change and shape my own life.

    That was scary to expose my intimate desires. I love you Collette! You have been an important person in my life, though we have never met face to face. X O

    • Colette Baron-Reid


      • Sharyn

        3 minute Game

        * I have a stronger connection to spirit
        * I am financially abundant and gave cleared all debts
        * I have happy healthy children
        * I have the new business I want to start up
        * I have the new home I dream of
        * I have health
        * my animals are happy and healthy

        Bless and thank you

  • Veronica Whiteside

    Do i bring my mystical shaman cards to switzerland or other ones of your Colette

  • Veronica Whiteside

    Do i bring my mystical shaman cards to switzerland or other ones of your Colette

  • Karen

    I have everything I need and want in my life.
    I have all the help from my Angel.
    I have the will power to lose weight.
    I have a large abundance so I do not
    have to struggle financially.
    I have a wonderful son who I am greatful for.
    I have a successful real estate business.
    I have love in my life.
    I have my parents watching over me and helping me.

  • Melody

    I write slowly. Here it is
    I have:
    a 2 bdrm condo paid for with a washer, dryer, dishwasher and clear view of the lake
    profitable business in music
    youtube channel that makes me money
    a singing, performing career
    wider circle of friends
    committed partner I adore and who adores me
    greater health, fitness @ 120 lbs.
    wardrobe that makes me feel like a million bucks

  • Brad S Arnold

    I am open and receptive to all the good and abundance in the universe, I have an amazing black cat, I have a sweet parakeet named angel, I have more than 30 decks, Colettes’ are the most accurate, most of my decks come from Hayhouse, I have a supportive family #love

  • Laurie King

    thank you !!! just finished my 3 minutes and I already feel amazing and excited.

  • Linda

    I have an awesome relationship with Spirit; Spirit and I are one
    I have health throughout my body and support it daily
    I have the best business co-created with Spirit to spread Her love across the planet
    I have an unending source of supply to travel and learn
    I have the most amazing friendships with people that love me for me
    I share my wealth and love with all
    I have a full heart

  • Karen

    Wonderful Timing!
    I have an awesome relationship with my Higher Power, Spirit and continue to nurture and grow within it.
    I am learning to have a positive relationship with myself and my body which will increase in strength as I continue to grow in my relationship with my higher power!
    I am blessed with a wonderful, loving, passionate and healthy relationship with my husband which surpasses everything I could have imagined possible!
    I trust that GOD will guide my career that will allow me to share my passion for health and nutrition and provide the financial means to support my family and to live anywhere and continue to work and help others!
    I have 3 wonderful children who will provide me with the opportunity to become a grandmother and share the history of our family ancestry and carry on our family traditions!
    I have the desire to travel and fulfill my soul’s desire to experience many adventures in my life!
    I have a full heart and wish to share with others!

  • Heather

    I have:
    A divine connection to Source and the Angels
    A job I love with people I love
    Income to keep me comfortable
    A beautiful home
    A supportive, loving relationship with hubby
    A close bond with my children and grandchildren
    An easy relationship with my dad
    Respectful and loving friends
    Joy, gratitude and abundance aplenty
    A way to give back
    Time and money to travel
    A boat?
    A healthy relationship with food
    A fit, toned, healthy body
    A love for exercise

  • Kristina

    I have….
    A clear and concise plan for the charter school in Hawaii
    An excellent support system to help me through my challenges and struggles
    God to help guide me and know what is best for my future and my life
    Trust that the direction I am being pulled is my destiny
    Trust in God that my life is adventurous and fun
    A relational with my husband that God will take care of knowing what is best for all of us
    Beautiful successful children

  • Anonymous

    I have enough money to pay all of our bills; I have maxed out my savings account; I have maxed out my retirement account; I have a new car; I have money to travel; I have lost 25 pounds; I have a clutter free house; I have trips booked; I have money t help our daughter; I have several good and dependable friends; I have income from my businesses; I have a husband who has a part-time job and contributes to the family; I have a nice backyard; I have a family that is healthy.

    I write quickly and the 3 minutes went so fast!

  • Jan McQuistan

    I have a wonderful, comfortable, trusting relationship with my higher self and my co-creator in the universe as friends where I know I am always heard and supported.

    I have an abundance of spirit guides supporting and protecting me 24/7.

    I have a successful, rewarding new career teaching mindfulness to all generations through trusting the universe.

    I have a loving, always avsilable family.

    I have a healthy body, mind and spirit. I have no financial worries.

    I have a secure loving home.

    I have eternal life of love in the cosmos.

    (I ran out of time! ☺)

  • Anonymous

    I love the idea and your blog. I love the line about there is no box for Colette. I have always felt the same way. I don’t fit into the norm. I am totally cool with it, but had hang-ups about how I was going to succeed as a misfit. It was difficult for me to have friends due to my weirdness. I am going to do this privately when I am alone in my “space” But I have one question. Who the heck is FRED? lol

  • Jennie

    -I know my place and my purpose in life
    -I get to do what I love and make living out of it, so it serves everybody and everything
    -I have a amazing relationship with my beloved, it gets better day by day
    -I am pregnant with my first baby
    -I have super people around me, inventing amazing things to make this life even better and abudant
    -I am healty and I have energy to do my tasks with joy
    -I know how to draw the line between work and play
    -I live in my dream house surrounded by the most beautiful nature that makes me feel connected to universe every single day
    -I love my co-creating life with universe, I finally know how this works and I am always connected

  • David

    Love you, Colette. So delighted for your success and so glad you are happy!! Miss you in Canada, though one of these days I’m gonna visit you on your new turf! 🙂

    I took it ‘literally’ and hand-wrote mine so it’s short, but addresses the most vital things I’m currently dealing with. 👍

    And my three minute game results are:

    I have several recordings out that have received critical acclaim and that are enjoyed by thousands and thousands because people can relate to them when they hear that I’m singing from my heart and my soul. My emotional connection to the material is unique and is translated to my audience in all my live performances. I have strong, wonderfully amazing support from my husband (SO already true) and I return his loyalty and support him. I have a complete connection to everyone, even those who create challenges for me. I am equal to them in my own power.

    (Found myself wanting a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. game – hey, why not make it one I play daily?!)


  • Manuela

    Thanks for the invitation!
    I have such an awesome life I jump out of bed excited for a new day
    I have amazing people around me,
    I have my beloved, we grow our love and deepen our relationship so profoundly, fun, awesome, beautiful, creative, peaceful,
    I have a happy healthy son, who is making friends and communicates to a higher level with us all the time
    I have an amazing collection of wool artwork that i am easily selling at a perfect price
    i have beautiful people in my life who are paying me to support them in their growth and development
    i have a beautiful, comfortable home in sweden
    i have a mindblowing life in sweden
    i have the wisdom oracle deck from Colette
    i have a great van
    i have a four wheel drive
    i have a very fertile garden and we produce nourishing foods in am amazing abundance
    i have a table by the road side where we sell plenty of our home-grown veggies
    i have so much peacefulness, abundance, creativity and harmony that i overflow in grattitude…
    i have way more then 3 minutes to express my i haves
    i have such gratitude for you colette to share this awesome excercise
    i have magic and magnificence mastered

  • Magdalena

    I have:
    -Full trust in the Universe
    -A strong connection with my intuition. I trust my intuition and can easily follow her guidance.
    -Excitement for life my journey and love
    -A wonderful singing voice that I use to spread love
    -A wonder career in which I use my channeling gifts and art to bring love and joy to the planet.
    -Financial freedom and security
    -An ever expanding life of love, joy, travel, and freedom
    -A life of joy better than I ever could imagined
    -All this or something even better for my highest good and the well being of all

  • Sandi

    I have financial abundance, I have a Reiki practice that is thriving and helps so many people, I have many students that I help create a life of their dreams, I have a loving kind boyfriend and we love and cherish one another deeply, I have peace in my life, I have wonderful children that are realizing their hopes and dreams, I have healthy and loving grandchildren from each of my children that I cherish, I have a new story, created by me that I believe, act upon and live daily, I have all I need to fulfill my dreams
    Thanks, Colette!!

  • Lisa

    I have a generous amount of time to spend with family and friends both near and far
    I have an amazing friendship with my loving & caring husband
    I have have a lovely modest home within walking distance of a clean body of water and an abundance of nature
    I have loving home full of healthy fur babies
    I have a body that strong and health and allows me to work hard and experience fun adventures
    I have a job that leaves me feeling that I have helped others and provides me financial independence
    I have I have the means to financially assist my family
    I have the means to help other in less fortunate situation better themselves
    I have the gift of discernment

  • Chaya Leocadia Stone Berlstein

    I am so thankful that I now Really know myself well! I am no longer confused about what is mine and what’s not, ( emotions, pains ect.) I have reopened All my gifts and I am accepted. I am living in my own home and I am very happy. I make an abundant living teaching. My art is also selling. My car is fixed. Time!😍

  • Denise

    1. For the first time, feel worthy of blessings and good things that come to me.
    2. Have healthy & happy little doggies.
    3. A wonderful, stress free job I love & co-workers who love, respect & value me.
    4. Excellent healthcare & dental benefits.
    5. A very well paid career that allow me financial freedom to pay my bills on time, have plenty of money for all the extras and to donate freely to help others.
    6. Excellent health & no longer crave sugars.
    7. At least 1 vehicle that is in excellent condition.
    8. A beautiful home with lots of privacy, feeling of peak, love & welcome.
    9. A beautiful private outdoor yards where my dogs can enjoy, love & run free, where I can enjoy, entertain & BBQ, read, swim & lay in the sun, listen to music & be safe.
    10. A very fulfilling life full of love, a husband who loves, adores & respects me, friends & family around me who love me, very happy & fulfilled with my life.

  • Laurentiu

    I have wisdom
    i have power
    I have health I have a very good job
    I have a wonderful family
    I have christian Ortodox spirituality
    I have chance to evoluate spiritual
    I have chance to live in nice country


  • Kath

    Thank you Colette. Can’t wait until we meet – in Divine Timing!

    I have:
    An amazing job that brings me happiness, joy, an abundant income, great commute, is mission driven and helps others, a great team
    The ability to drive wherever I want, whenever I want, with ease, joy and confidence.
    The world’s best job
    An amazing, healthy, sexy body
    The ability to run a marathon
    Great knees
    Fun! With my husband, friends and kids
    Grandchildren (eventually lol)
    An amazing lake house – wanna come see it?!
    An amazing relationship with the Divine, God, the angels, Holy Spirit, Jesus
    A SENSE of my power and my and my abilities

  • Cynthia

    I am the center of peace
    I am free to say no
    I am here at the right time
    I am free to be me
    I have financial security
    I give myself permission to be all I can be
    I accept perfect health
    I am perfect just as I am
    I walk in step with my higher powers
    I released myself of all emotional burdens
    I offer myself to the helping of others
    I rejoice in the love of those surrounding me
    I am a healer

  • Heidi Alexander

    Wow 3 minutes was not enough time
    Maybe I’m being to careful
    I barely scratched the surface
    But here’s what I did get

    I Love my work and am excited to bring forth that which is within me and share it in the world..
    My work as a teacher, healer , guide, coach and author bring healing to millions worldwide

    I live in the perfect home for me
    It is clear serene and nourishes my soul
    My family and friends feel at home in my space… it is the perfect size for me and my family can reality visit me here in ease and joy

    I now make more money then I will ever need and am so excited to share it in the world to effect positive change

  • Sage

    That was fun!

    Healthy happy mom
    I’m healthy again
    Lose 15-30 pounds
    Get the best literary agent meant for me
    Current series is a huge success
    All my books are successful in their own way that benefits the story best
    I find true, happy, lasting love
    I’m successful and can take care of myself
    Family time and vacations
    Healthy cats and dogs
    Safety of family
    Flawless skin
    I can actually sleep!
    Memory returns to full capacity
    Do good in the world
    Have adventures!

  • Anonymous

    I love and accept myself.My body is healthty and I am happy and confident.I am living in abundance.I have the most beutiful relationship with the most wonderful man,and we love and respect each other,we laugh much together,we trust in each other.My children are blessed and always safe.I have strong abilities,and my buisness is doing very well.

  • Ali

    Thanks for this opportunity to exercise faith and hope!
    I have:
    A beautiful home with ocean views and easy walk to the beach where we are living as our house is sold.
    We have new cars as our house is sold.And mine has sat nav!
    A house for our son/daughter as our house is sold.
    A fat-free, awesomely toned, fit, healthy body full of energy.
    An authentic, awesome, inspired life.
    A gentle, beautiful, playful, loved up relationship with my darling husband.
    Gorgeous relationships with my kids.
    Surplus money for a family holiday where the boys can watch footy and the girls can watch stage shows and shop.
    Awesome projects which support women and their sense of purpose.
    An art room for creative writing, painting and whatever I feel like.
    Enough income that I don’t have to work hard and life has ease and play and fun and joy.
    All that I need, and can be generous with others.
    This or something better.
    And so it is.

  • Inger Marie Mossefinn

    I love and accept my self .I am healthy and happy and confident.I live in abundance.I have the most beutiful, fun, loving relationship to the most wonderful man,we have much fun together and we travel all over the world.My children are blessed and always safe and protected.My buisness is doing very well,and I have very strong abilities.I am blessed.<3

  • Brigitte

    Those three minutes went by so fast! I have a healthy relationship with food, a healthy body and mind, disease free and full of energy.
    A deep respect for food and drink and how I fuel my body.
    A healthy mind always sharp and curious.
    Abundant energy to live my life to the fullest.
    An ability to understand my autistic son that makes it easy for us to communicate.
    Lots of patience to deal with the less pleasant stuff of life, i.e. plumbing!
    4 wonderful children who are beautiful and happy and who have healthy relationship with their loved one.
    Grandchildren whom I adore forever and ever amen!
    A great friendship with B that keeps growing and is loving and respectful and exciting.
    Enough money to pay the bills, travel and keep me worry free and enjoy this beautiful ride.

  • Maria

    I love this exercise.
    I have:

    A better relationship with Spirit – since I sign up with you Colette.
    I have more than enough
    I have a healthy body and I am filled with energy every single day
    A great husband that is loving, supportive, funny and very creative
    A great home with lots of land and gradually working on transforming into a B&B
    I have great friends that love my energy and who I am
    I have lots of courage to focus on my dreams even though they are BIG
    I have a big heart

  • Pauline Love

    I have the balls to step over the wall of self-imposed fear and avail myself of being an Accunect practitioner.
    I have more time to visit my family and connect with my friends.
    I have an ever expanding circle of support for my healing business journey.
    I have a healthy body and mind.
    I have a happy and supportive relationship.
    I have happy healthy pets/companions.
    I have an expanding source of income.
    I have a comfortable home and the means to holiday more.

  • Tiziana Amagda Morgana

    I have a lot of wishes, but cannot dream or think in future terms, because every time something works well, only after a bit it gets ruined. So I am writing only the things I really have now:
    – The best Mum in the world, who loves me more than herself and pays all my bills (I am unemployed from 5 years, and my dream job as Soul Coach doesn’t want to start). She doesn’t believe in my talents, but it doesn’t matter. I love her the same.
    – A roof on the head. I don’t like my home, but it’s mine, and I can sleep and eat and have a shower and watch tv when I like and following my agenda, because I live alone
    – A loving and supporting Spirit Guide, who is also my Twin Flame
    – A little playful Angel who makes me laugh, and loves fried potatoes
    – Some ET wonderful friends (yes, ET)
    – A couple of Dragons
    – Some Facebook foreign helpers, Colette included
    – My voice… I love singing, and after a long period, I finally managed to use it as I like, and hope someday an audience will listen to me too.

  • Barb

    I have an open and loving relationship with the Universe.
    I have financial independence that allows my family to travel, my husband to retire and allows us to spend more time together.
    I have good health as does my family.
    I have much laughter, joy adventure, love peace in my life
    I have a heart full of love that I am able to share with others
    I have the ability to learn and grow in my spiritual practice

  • Anonymous

    I have….
    healthy birds
    healthy body
    financial freedom
    a loving partner
    a job I love
    a productive photography career
    plenty of travel opportunities
    a nurturing home
    a beautiful body
    peace of mind
    a home with a view
    a garden
    fresh veggies growing
    fruit trees
    a yard and deck/porch
    friends that I love
    comfy clothing
    hours that fit my lifestyle
    sacred space to meditate
    a place to hike
    a clean safe planet
    a government working for its citizenry
    the ability to help others
    knowledge to skyrocket my career
    a strong connection with spirit
    (not necessarily in that order)

  • Vikki

    I have!!
    * I have a joyful, loving, safe, passionate,fun, healthy relationship with a enlighted man.
    * I have abundance of money to live a very comfortable life and share with those I love.
    * I have my perfect home in the perfect place for me.
    * I have released all past, and forgive others and myself.
    * I have a open heart and beautiful connection with Spirit.
    * I have time and freedom to travel.
    * I have health and love my body.
    * I have a amazing supportive tribe.
    * I have all this and even more than I can even imagine.
    * I have the universe always on my side!

  • Bertie

    I have:

    A wonderful relationship with a good man who loves me as much as I love him (he loves me more secretly)
    And we are married living a life together as a family, best friends and lovers💜

    Healthy and happy children

    Six pack abs lol an outer shell in which I accept love and am proud of and feel comfortable and confident in

    A heart that is healed

    The ability to help and heal others

    More than enough money to retire and live abundantly and stress free

    Mind that is clear and open without fears , distractions or negative thoughts 💜❤️

  • Adina

    This is not easy for me to say out loud, or to post it here, but I will!!
    I have loving and abundent relationships in my life;
    I have a loving, intimate relationship with my husband who is also my best friend;
    I have the power to love and be loved and that includes loving myself for what I am;
    I have good health and youthful joy in life;
    I have a boss who adores me and loves what I do;
    I have control over my life and my circumstances.
    I have what it takes to be happy and at peace!


  • Rayanne

    I have: a beautiful connection with the divine; loving compassion for all creatures; 2 horses and 6 cats that are healthy and free; an amazing amount of love for nature; peace within my heart; wisdom; an unsurmountable amount of courage to get me through each day; a knowing deep within that I’m OK and protected; God within.
    Blessings, Collette

  • Carla

    Here we go…………
    I HAVE:
    vibrate health and beauty and a rocking hot body at 56!
    love all around me
    a direct connection with spirit, guides and angels
    financial security for whatever I want to do
    spot on intuition to make wise choices
    powerful creativity to manifest my next chapter in life
    success wherever I turn
    healthy loving friends and boyfriend who we have mutual respect and admiration for one another
    spiritual growth and learning
    confidence to speak in front of an audience and teach what I’ve learned
    healthy pets
    a full wonderful life
    all I need to move onto the next thing

    WOW! I’m sweating! That was fun. THANKS COLETTE! Your awesome!
    Always look forward to your weekly videos………….

  • EAP

    Awesome exercise! Totally resonating with my gratitude journal~~Thank you very much Colette!

    Here is mine–
    I am a creative thinker and leader of my life
    I constantly send my wishes to the universe which are instantly received
    I trust completely that the Universe knows the best and delivers the best to me in divine timing
    It’s fun to see how things unfold and happen naturally to me
    I work in my dream job and feel motivated every day
    I have all the resources I need to support my lovely family and finally to share with people in need
    We live in our dream home (in “location” with “features” seeded)
    We love our planet and the Universe and are deeloply loved

  • Kris

    I have:
    A beautiful daughter
    2 wonderful granddaughters
    a great son in law
    a home I Love
    great friends
    plenty of food and clothing
    a special light inside of me
    a car that works
    limitless possibilities
    a supportive boss

  • Colette

    Dear Colette, Thank you for offering this 3 minute miracle game: we have the same name: no coincidence is it-:)?

    Love you blogs, Oracle cards, loving guidance, sense of humor and wisdom.
    Keep it up and lots of luck and love to you and your family and pets! 😍

    Here is my list:

    – I have a strong healthy body, inner balance, follow my intuïtion, and am blessed in abundance in countless ways.
    – I teach as angelic coach people all over the world how to Connect with their inner wisdom, receive Angelic guidance and am a conduite for the love and messages from the Angelic realms. Every step necessary is taken care of by source: time, place, planning, location and people present,
    – am a succesful speaker, author and facilitator of seminars to empower young en older people how to feel worthy, go for their dreams, they are loved and supported by source in their daily lives in countless ways.

    – I am so gratefull to travel the world, I can pay all my bills, have plenty of money, confidence and Ihave plenty of free time to enjoy nature, swim in the sea do yoga and relax. I follow my joy, bliss and am happy just being me. I only attract likewise people.

    – I accept myself completely, I have great love for myself, my husband, my family and friends the people I meet, we all enjoy a great health.
    – exercise regularly, have lost 15 pounds without a diet, I enjoy making healthy choices with food, love fruits,vegetables, fish, and organic food that nurtures my healthy body.

    I have a wonderful creative, passionate respectful, playful, warm relationship with my husband and children our lives are filled with joy, laughter, sports, the outdoors, the sea, mountains travels, and connectedness with Mother Nature
    – I have true pold friends and new friends who are loyal, creative, wise, warm and give and receive love. We enjoy good company good food, music and singing.

    I have a wonderful relationships with my sister, and brother who are healthy, she has a steady income, plenty of money, no stress, loves life, herself and has a loyal and loving man, who cares for her and truely loves her.

    My husband is healthy, vital, grounded a dedicated father, is warm, loves sports working part time has work and life balance and earning 150k money comes in abundantly he is sharing his business expertise and knowledge andferls confident, sets boundaries. Is respected.

    I am so blessed grateful and overjoyed with all the goodness in my life I share this with others, sharing the Devine light everywhere I go. My wish is that all people of the planet are blessed with inner peace, joy and wisdom. Trusting that the you are loved, always and that universe has your back. Completely!

  • Theresa

    Wow! 3 minutes went fast!
    Real and raw, this is what came to me:
    I am healthy, whole and complete
    I am balanced and have a regular spiritual practice
    I meditate every day
    I continue to attract like minded people to help me create workshops that help others
    I continue have a constant supply of inspiration for creating beautiful works of art
    I have a healthy relationship with all of my work colleagues
    I have a wonderful and goofy and fun and supportive relationship with my partner
    I have an abundant life
    I have a wealthy life
    I have a healthy lifestyle of enjoying nature all the time
    I love myself
    I continually create new ideas on new ways to inspire others.

  • Theresa

    I have:
    *Everything thing I want, okay my list is longer than those 4 words. lol

    -I have a new car!!!
    -I have financial abundance and freedom in my life. I am debt free!
    -I have money to help my parents fix up and sell their home to move into one that accomodates them better.
    -I have a repaired & remodeled home with new appliances and a Newwww Couch( I’m imagining the original announcer from Wheel of Fortune)!!!
    -I have the most amazing family, we all love and appreciate one another this relationship extends to my dogs.
    -I have stellar relationships with my friends!
    -I am involved with a loving and caring man we both love and appreciate each other.
    -I am surrounded by loving positive energy in my life
    -I have extra income when I want or need it.
    -I have a strong fit reshaped body, I am a finely honed human machine!
    -I have new clothes that look great on me because I am sewing my ass off…I have amazing sewing abilities and I am learning new techniques all the time!
    -I am sooo freaking happy, the Universe always delivers my requests…no waiting, I easily manifest the things I want (sometimes what I don’t want, lol, but Im re-learning all the time)!!!

    I love myself with great aplomb!
    Thx Uni!!

  • Cindy

    “GARF”…what an awesome word!!

    This is so funny….lately I have been thinking “I have a fabulous new job that I love, that is meaningful, working from home, where I feel confident, competent, and efficient.”

    I was working on the awful, weed-and-rock-infested yard last night and thought that it would be wonderful to take next week off to dig out the fence posts so I could level the ground, so I asked my boss, and although he said no, it was too close to the holiday, he also said, “I have been meaning to ask you if you wanted to work from home one day a week.”

    It’s not 5 days a week, but it’s one more day a week than I had before, so I’ll take it! What I really loved about the experience, though, was the feeling that all kinds of new possibilities just opened up for me. I wonder what other wonderful things the Universe will be sending me as I make my list of “I haves.”

  • Grace

    * I am mentally capable of everything
    * I am clear headed
    * I am at peace
    * I am in love with myself
    * I take care of my body
    * Every person I encounter feels love eminating from me
    * Every dog I watch or walk is better off because I am their sitter

  • Vonda

    Thank you for sharing your talents with the world! You inspire me!

    I have:
    the most supportive family and friends ever!
    a beautiful home
    a wonderful loving husband
    a successful business with amazing clients who inspire me everyday
    abundance in all areas of m life
    the resources to travel everywhere I want to go
    health, wealth and happiness
    a heart filled with gratitude

  • Rosie

    3 minutes that will have me thinking all day now…

    * I have a loving, open relationship with my husband. He cares about me and shows it openly. He shows me affection and care. He checks in to see if I need help. He doesn’t assume that I’m still the “Gotta Have It All” woman he married. (That woman was stressed and taking on way too much!)
    * I have completed a Master’s Degree in MACRDM and I am teaching one class at night as an adjunct professor. I’m using multimodal tools in class and the students love the freedom.
    * I have a healthy brain with no tumors. GBM is gone. I go for scans every 3 months and then every 6 months. Doctors are amazed at my healing. It comes from faith, hope, God, Great Spirit and the Universe.
    * I have published a book with an important message in 2021. The message was imparted to me for the rest of the world in 2018. It heightens awareness in the Godspark within all of us. It lifts those who need healing.
    * I deliver this message on stages big and small because I need to reach as many people as possible.
    * I have the time and money to travel a bit. Without brain cancer, I feel totally free to live out my dreams. I see wonderful sights and experience true freedom unencumbered from confusion, fear and low self-esteem.

  • Karen J

    Thank you for asking us to deeply think about this!
    I have:
    – a stimulating job
    – sufficient income to take care of all my needs and wants
    – a beautiful, bright, warm and inviting place to live
    – comfortable teeth
    – enough tasty, nutritious food
    – copacetic roommates
    – live in a friendly, stimulating neighborhood
    – am excited to get up every day, and delighted to go to bed
    – my car is happy
    – have enough money coming in

  • Kat

    I kept my haves to a few words… I Have
    * Security
    * Friends to support me
    * A loving, wonderful husband
    * Coconut, my furchild
    * Talent
    * Inspiration
    * Gratitude
    * Wisdom
    * Strength
    * Courage
    * Interests
    * Abilities
    * Compassion
    * Passion
    * Fortitude
    * Resiliency
    * A Home
    * Dreams

  • Anonymous

    I have:
    beautiful cottage in birch bay
    two great bands that are thriving
    New song ideas keep coming and are complete
    songs that have mass appeal that people can relate to and hum along
    spiritual contentedness – path is clearly drawn out
    healthy adult kids
    More than enough money – independently wealthy
    retired comfortably
    happy marriage where we work together and thrive musically

  • gillian Lee

    I have:
    beautiful cottage in birch bay
    two great bands that are thriving
    New song ideas keep coming and are complete
    songs that have mass appeal that people can relate to and hum along
    spiritual contentedness – path is clearly drawn out
    healthy adult kids
    More than enough money – independently wealthy
    retired comfortably
    happy marriage where we work together and thrive musically

  • Alison

    I have a beauriful peaceful family.
    I have an ama, ing Elfin wedding
    I have a loving Elf king poet Husband
    I have a licence for my Casa para uso turistico
    I have a harmonious and very successful Artistic Retreat centre healing nourishing and inspiring
    I have a bright healthy Mum
    I have 2 happy successful daughters finding their dreams and always supporting each other
    I have an open backed jeep
    I have a lady Mule
    I have stability
    I have enough money to support my girls through University
    I have a healthy happy horse called Reina
    I have a Soul Art Teacher certificate
    I have Reiki master Reflexology and Hooponopono therapist status
    I have time to do Art
    Thankyou Collette for your beautiful inspirational work

  • Caroline

    I have a beautiful relationship with my higher power and i live in peace everyday
    I have a healthy living sensual relationship with my husband and we laugh a lit. I have a beautiful relationship with my daughter and granddaughter which is healthy and loving. I have abundance and prosperity in all areas of my life. I have a beautiful home that is paid for i have a Subaru that is paid for and enjoy because it’s new and working wellz
    I have a healthy and fun small business in staging and helping people move.

  • Diana

    I have:
    All the money I need
    The ability to write a great book
    A creative mind and hands that allow me to create amazing pottery
    A wonderful family who supports me
    The ability to hear and understand what my guides and spirit are saying to me
    A great band of friends
    Wow..3 minutes goes fast!

  • Anonymous

    I have out of debts go on a long vacation help my kids more have that Godly husband great health better eyesightbe alway i was born to be

  • Corrie Thorne

    I have a life blessed with love, creativity and a happy sense of the faith in the beautiful unknown.
    I have published many success books that have lead to amazing opportunities of speaking and healing engagement.
    I have a endless creative team who I can financially afford to keep at my side while providing a healthy income for us all.
    I have a life of increasing financial gains and all debits a paid, I am clear and free of the old debit.
    I have a healthy relationship with money and an acceptance of its value in my life.
    I have a publishing and speaking contract that supports me and my work and is open to allowing me to also create my own work.
    I have a endless supply of creativity, support and success with my own oracle cards.
    I have a healthy and whole mind, body and spirit with a belief in the miracles of healing and acceptance.
    I have a loving home, a faithful, honest and loyal relationship with a partner who is supportive of my work and protector of my gifts and my heart.
    I have a beautiful, loving relationship with my beautiful daughter, my family, God, Jesus, Mother Mary, Mother Theresa, Mary Magdalene, my channel, my guides, the angels and all connections to source.
    I have a continuing growing tribe of like minded people and a open space to show and spread love and light to those who have yet to see the light within themselves.

  • Janet

    I have …
    … achieved my optimum weight loss.
    …sold my screenplay Key To Paradise for a high five figure sum.
    …a great relationship with my romantic soulmate and we are happily married.
    …a successful screenwriting and film making career with popular films in theaters.
    …a happy healthy cat.
    …enough to help others.
    …a new hip and renewed vigor.
    …a beautiful home
    …my health restored.

  • Raven

    Thank Colette for listening to spirits message and sharing.
    The freedom to share my gifts from the great spirit without fear.
    Abundance for those human needs that i might have and share with others in need.
    My own home, self sufficient, full of joy, peacefulness, abundance of love, laughter and happiness, with several acres of peace where i can have animals.
    A garden of all the healthy and nutitious foods that i can creste divine foods for friends and family so that they too can enjoy improved health.
    My healing centre with rooms of crystal to reguvinate those who are tired and needing nurturing and healing.

  • Raven

    Thank Colette for listening to spirits message and sharing.
    The freedom to share my gifts from the great spirit without fear.
    Abundance for those human needs that i might have and share with others in need.
    My own home, self sufficient, full of joy, peacefulness, abundance of love, laughter and happiness, with several acres of peace where i can have animals.
    A garden of all the healthy and nutitious foods that i can creste divine foods for friends and family so that they too can enjoy improved health.
    My healing centre with rooms of crystal to reguvinate those who are tired and needing nurturing and healing.

  • Christina

    I have a new home close to my family
    A loving marriage to the man of my dreams
    Many friends and my social life is full and fulfilling
    A successful art career
    A successful business
    The ability to see my family whenever I want
    An abundant magical life full of everything I could ever need and want

    Thank you Colette!

  • Rita

    Colette, you have come to me in dreams 2 Mondays in a row, and this just after attending Oracle Palooza. You have helped me open myself up to the gifts I have been given but ignored for so many years! You are a true blessing and I appreciate and love you!
    Here are my I haves:
    I have all the financial abundance I could ever dream of
    I have an amazing man who lets me be my freaky self and plays with me even when he doesn’t feel like it
    My family, especially my children have everything they’ve ever dreamed of and are happy in their skin
    I live in my dream home, a bamboo treehouse, in the jungle of Costa Rica, where I watch and interact with the monkeys, birds and iguanas
    I have 4 horses that assist people in learning to be present and let go of the things that don’t serve them.
    Once again, thank you for waking me up! I am no longer afraid to shine!

  • Lucy

    I HAVE:

    *a healthy, body full of unlimited energy, on a daily basis.
    *an unlimited source of income, which helps me to live with financial freedom to help my family, friends, charities and myself.
    *a desire to live my life to the fullest with my desires, dreams and expectations being met on a daily basis.
    *a beautiful home on an acreage surrounded by mature trees, which enables me to support all of the rescue animals I love and cherish.
    *I am surrounded by true, loyal friendships, a kind, caring, devoted, loving man.
    *I am healthy, happy and financially secure to maintain the lifestyle that is of my heart’s desire, now and as long as I shall live.
    *I have a deep, spiritual, unconditional loving relationship with God, Jesus, The Source, My Higher Power, and Buddha who absolutely knows what is best for me in this lifetime.
    *This or something even better is now manifesting through me via God, Jesus, The Source, My Higher Power, The Universe, and Buddha only for my highest good.

  • Alejandra

    I have;
    – All the money I need to cover the overdue obligations I have to normalize by tomorrow morning.
    – Financial stability and freedom that allow me to live debt-free.
    – More than enough money to renovate and repair the apartment where I live, returning it to my sister in an even better condition than when me and my family came.
    – My own apartment, with my own room, and a room for each of my kids.
    – The liberty and freedom to no longer live with granny at my sister’s place.
    – All the financial and spiritual resources ro resume my spiritual path and live from and for reiki and other alternative healing modalitites, healing myself and others.
    – All the loving care and support for my granny, so she can live in her own place, well taken care of.
    – A kind heart, full of love and forgiveness, free from the walls that kept it from showing its true nature.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    So it is and it is done!!
    Ps/ I didn’t want to stop at the 3 min. mark…

  • Jo

    I have:
    A loving relationship with my partner
    Enough of everything to fulfil all my physical spiritual and emotional needs
    Work which I love in a field which support my pasisons
    A car which is reliable
    no debt
    A house which is a home, where everyone feels welcome and loved
    Health in abundance
    A body in which I am comfortable
    friends who will do anything for me
    Time to do the things which i love
    A musical talent which will bring joy to others
    Knowledge and wisdom to help me through whatever life throws at me

  • beverly frederick

    That I have the support of the universe.
    My love and light shines and keeps on Shining.
    That I am the creator of my creations.
    I am creating for my highest good and others.
    That I use my Gid like powers that are given to me by my inner God.
    I use my adult powers to help me keep me safe sound and secure each and every moment.
    That I am that.
    My inner God shine through me giving me love and light.
    That the Universe Works through me to connect me to my Divine dharmic Purpose.
    That I have a wonderful platform of people and it keeps growing everyday.
    That love shines through me. in me. and all around me.
    That I flow with my inner Divine love and surrender to all that is.
    Thank you I am grateful and have compassion and practice every day!
    Love reflecting back to you. Serving the God within you, love and light, Namaste Coach Beverly 💞

  • Morgan Billings

    I have,
    1)the most loving man in my life that show how he feels and is awesome to my kids and kicks but in the court room 🙂
    2) my business is rocking to were I am booked out in a month
    3) my kids who are healty and strong
    4) money coming in to be able to do fun things qith my kids and continue my passion for reacuing animals

    My typing is slow so this is all I got in 3 mins 🙂

  • Marie Francis

    I have a relationship that is open, honest and loving.
    I am living my truth.
    I am at a healthy weight.
    I am strong.
    I am successful in my job and content with my workload.
    I am at peace.
    I have had a heart-to-heart with my love and we are moving forward in the right direction.
    I have made the necessary changes my life without hurting anyone.
    I have everything I need.
    I have a beautiful family w/three lovely step-children and a beautiful step grandchild.
    I am best friends with Rob and he understands why I needed to make the changes I made.
    I am loved by my creator and honor him.

  • Treena

    I have the great family I have the healthiest most resilient dog I have an abundance of money flowing in I have an abundance of new job opportunities I have a new job offer and career in mediation I have a new boyfriend I have a new car I have the energy and stamina of a 25 year old I have the health of a 18 year old I have healthy living parents I have a winning lotto ticket I have great new friends I have had the safest trip across country I have the ability to market myself will ease and confidence I have the ability to network business easily I have an abundance of contacts I have great core strength I have live and light

  • fanny comas

    I have 10 million DOP in the bank (around 200 th usdls)
    I have a house with a big yard
    A new RAV4
    A hobo tree
    A husband who values me and wants to make me happy
    A loving family
    A healthy mouth
    abundance of good things
    a happy and healthy family
    a great relationship with the source

  • Julie

    Thank you Collette for your beauty and generosity of love and knowledge.
    I have
    Increasing clear communication with Spirit
    amazing and continual ideas for new oracle and tarot decks that inspire people to live their best lives
    A successful and prosperous spiritually based business
    A healthy, happy husband
    Healthy and happy horses
    Healthy and happy children and family

    That’s me for three minutes!

  • Treena

    I have an openness for an abundance if friends and networking for my side business I have an abundance of wealth awaiting the start of my side mediation business work will come to me with ease and abundance I will meet my new live in sept I have a relationship ship,awaiting me in sept I have a be hi offer in sept I have an abundance of love and support from my family and friends health will always flow to my family and pets I have a story to share and opportunities will open wilts ease I will bring abundance of wrath to me and my children my home is a safe and war, environment my house I buy in November has lots of trees and parking by the water

  • Debra Grant

    I have complete faith in myself and my abilities. I have a beautiful home in the forest, surrounded by mountains, a river, and wild animals that I plant gardens of food for. I have 33 million dollars. I have enough money to help anyone and anywhere I want. I have a successful and relaxed Oracle Card Reading and Reiki business.

    That’s all I got in 3 minutes but I really like this exercise! Thank you!!!!

  • Isabel

    I have
    A full moon in Capricorn guiding my way
    A new person coming into my life loving loving us kind and tender
    Have all the finances to give to my grown up kids and grandkids to help their lives be easier.
    Joy and love and peace
    Travel plans to fulfill
    Family that love me unconditionally
    A house on the water for family and friends to use
    Teachers that guide my every step
    Confidence in myself

  • Rebecca

    I have:
    – A wellspring of unconditional love in my marriage and complete faith, respect, and admiration for my partner. Today and every day I am grateful for our love and how it blossoms and unfolds beyond my wildest dreams.
    – Health, strength, and flexibility of body, mind, and spirit, infusing every ounce of my being with energy, vitality, and serenity.
    – Abundance flowing through me, which manifests through grace and gratitude, as I am able to live my best life and share my unique gifts with the world when I am generously rewarded and financially supported by Spirit.
    – Abundance manifests through me in serendipitous and unexpected ways when I follow my passion, release expectation, and align my thoughts, intentions and actions with Spirit.
    – Complete faith in my desires, courage, and commitment to achieving my dreams because I am grounded in guided by my higher Self, guides, and mentors.
    – Full release of negative beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve me, as I am guided back to my true Self and to Source, moment by moment.
    – Excitement and energy in anticipation of each new day ahead and what it will bring to raise my consciousness and move me closer to my higher Self.
    – This or something better now manifests for me and through me via Source.

  • Sharyn

    I have:
    Financial Abundance in my life
    A happy marriage
    Happy healthy children
    My new business that I want to set up
    Health and happiness
    So be it, so it is

  • Ramón

    You are te best, i follow some of your online oracles, and i bought your wisdom oracle, very inspiring to me all your beautiful work. Though your crystal oracle is very precious to me.

  • Wendy

    I have a house free of EMF crap.
    I have a car that i can drive without fear of the slavebelt dinger or cops pulling me over.
    I have a generous list of published books than bring enough royalties for me to live off of.
    I have enough money in my accounts that I don’t worry about how I’m going to pay bills.
    I have a library for all my interests.
    I can travel freely.
    I can easily run for several miles if I choose.

    –I feel like my mouth should be washed out with soap for writing such impossibilities. I’d need a time machine to fulfill them, because the things I want more than everything else can only be found in the past; they’ve been outlawed to the present and future.

  • Louise Jullion

    3 minutes went really fast but I got these down:
    I have
    All the money I need and more to fulfil my commitments and my dream trip to Japan.
    The best of friends who support me and have my back
    A beautiful relationship with my sisters
    A warm, loving and trusting relationship with my son, his wife and my grandson
    A harmonious and trusting relationship with my neighbours
    A healthy relationship with my body
    And with 30 more seconds I’d have added:
    I have released all that does not serve me!
    All this or better through the divine for the greater good

  • Roger Aucoin

    5/9/2023 – I’ll be a bit contrarian, if I may be. This was not done in 3 minutes, and I hope this is OK to share.

    I AM a Living Alleluia, a quantum of You, O God!
    I AM becoming more aware of You every moment of every day, in ways expected and unexpected!
    I AM living in vibrational harmony with You more and more each day, in ways expected and unexpected!
    I AM becoming more present in Your Presence more and more each and every day, in ways expected and unexpected!
    I AM becoming a clearer conduit of Your Healing to myself and others, in ways expected and unexpected!

    I AM open and welcoming to the continual unfolding and positive evolution of all areas of my life, in ways expected and unexpected!

    I AM optimistic about what is to come and thankful for where I am, where I have been, and where I am going!
    I AM aware of where I am going and choose my future consciously!

    I AM grateful to be a happier, healthier, wealthier and wiser person every day, in ways expected and unexpected!

    I AM grateful to be a happier person through the choices I make and by focusing on what I want to be, do, and have!

    I AM grateful to be experiencing healthy relationships with family, friends, and co-workers, in ways expected and unexpected!

    I AM grateful to be a healthier person through the choices I make and by focusing on what I want to be, do, and have!
    I AM grateful to be spiritually healthier, in ways expected and unexpected!
    I AM grateful to be physically healthier, in ways expected and unexpected!
    I AM grateful to be regenerating my physical body’s cells into healthy cells every moment of every day!
    I AM grateful to be leaner and stronger via proper exercise, stretching, nutrition, sleeping, resting, and playing.
    I AM grateful to be mentally healthier, in ways expected and unexpected!
    I AM grateful to be expanding, expressing my intelligence more & more each day, in ways expected & unexpected!
    I AM grateful to be emotionally healthier, in ways expected and unexpected!
    I AM grateful to be historically healthier, in ways expected and unexpected!

    I AM grateful to be a wealthier person through the choices I make and by focusing on what I want to be, do, and have!
    I AM grateful to be experiencing more and more financial abundance every day, in ways expected and unexpected!
    I AM grateful to be receiving the means to handle all my debts properly and in full!
    I AM grateful to be receiving the means to save and invest in various financial instruments!
    I AM grateful to be receiving the means to assist others!
    I AM grateful to be receiving a surplus of money!
    I AM grateful to be receiving the means to improve our home and grounds!

    I AM grateful to be a wiser person through the choices I make and by focusing on what I want to be, do, and have!
    I AM increasing my professional skills, in ways expected and unexpected!
    I AM increasing my creative skills, in ways expected and unexpected!

    I AM allowing others to be who they wish to be!

    I AM grateful for being able to travel.

    I AM grateful for being able to retire in August 2028 or sooner.
    I AM aware of how I want to spend my time during my retirement!

  • Kate

    WOW! Thank you for this exercise!! I cried the whole time! 😀

    -I have the most amazing, juicy, loving, supportive intimate relationship of my dreams with my breathtaking partner.
    -I have a liberated sense of pleasure and I’m in love with my body and my yoni.
    -I receive ALL the good that comes to me with gratitude and appreciation.
    -I am seen, heard, respected, and loved in all of my relationships.
    -I have a juicy enterprise that turns me one, makes me laugh, and is SO MUCH FUN to make money with!! And I love what I do.
    -I have a deep, co-creative, intimate partnership with the Universe, and with my enterprise, and deeply trust their guidance and my intuition.
    -I am deeply loved and held by the Universe, and surrender to its beautiful vision for my life.
    -I have the most nourishing, supportive, rocket-booster group of friends in the world and I LOVE our connections and calls!

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    And so it is!!


  • Joan

    I have:
    a loving committed partner with an amazingly loving man.
    a beautiful clean tidy house.
    a fascinating garden so low maintenance.
    I am:
    beautiful and fun loving.
    attractive to all nice people.
    I love:
    to be with my family.
    being with my gorgeous partner.
    to do all sorts of fun things.
    going out and enjoying life.

  • Anonymous

    I have an amazing body with muscles & nerves that direct my movements & thoughts.
    I have an amazing husband and partner Bob who is there as a friend, explorer, chauffeur and guide.
    I have a sweet kitty who shows me inquiry, relaxation & awareness.
    I have a supportive network of friends who let me be and grow.

  • Peta Alkins

    Did you write these before you actually had them, Colette? Fantastic. I did the exercise. ✨. Believe all will manifest 😃. Thank you for sharing. And thank you for your amazing Oracle Circle. I’m a member since 2020 and love it 🤗

  • Mari

    What a fun exercise, I love it! Great mind shifter too 🙂
    I have:
    A thriving therapy practice
    A loving husband and a beautiful home
    A healthy and happy kitty
    Passive income streams that more than sustain my needs and luxury lifestyle
    Deep, loving friendships near and far
    Love and compassion to give and receive
    Skills that are helpful to others
    The support of the Divine

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