Oracle Cards

What is Yours Will Not Go Past You

I remember the first time I heard this statement 30 years ago, and, (as a newly minted magical thinking new […]

Surrender = Doing Your Part & Get Out of the Universes’ Way

Sometimes no matter how much you want something, you must let go and surrender it to a Higher Power. In […]

Get Divine Messages in Everyday Life

The Cledon…tune in to the messages that you need to know One of my favorite spiritual phenomenon to talk about […]

Try Letting Go with a God Box..

Where are you spending most of your time—the past, present, or the future? If you primarily focus on your past […]

How to Tune Into Your Intuitive Powers

Intuition is a natural part of all of us. As multi-sensory beings, we all have it although our cultural conditioning […]

Let Go & Open Yourself to Divine Guidance

You’re Part of a Greater System of Energy Have you ever had the experience of wanting something to work out […]

Why Self Love is Key to Developing Your Intuition

Learn How With These Three Simple Steps Are you sometimes really hard on yourself? Do you have a tendency to […]

Predictions: Can You Change the Outcome?

The most popular blog I’ve written in the past 10 years is on the subject of predictions. Given that everyone […]

The Prospering Power of Intention secret everybody forgets when getting on the manifesting train My friend the late Dr. Wayne Dyer always said that […]

The Sacred Power of Musing

Did you know that you have a sacred relationship to the creative force within you? Even if you don’t consider […]

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