Oracle Cards

Bumbling Boundaries – (Or How to do Imperfect Self Care)

Dearest luminous you, Do you believe in unlimited potential? Can you imagine in your world there is enough? I do, […]

Back to School! (But Not so Fast)

Dearest Sparkle Being, What a glorious week and official end of the summer (here in NA- I know it’s different […]

Wisdom of the Oracle for You

Dearest sparkle being of luminous love! Yes I’m back to my old self, giving you silly names so I can […]

A Tale of Three Ravens

Has Nature ever chosen to be the conduit for a message from Spirit for you? Do you have a special […]

What is For You…. Won’t Go Past You!

Dearest sparkly being of Light! I’m going to invite you into a conversation with me today and hope you’ll share […]

How to Be a Proud Sparkly Poppy (hint- don’t cut yourself down)

Dearest luminous you, I was reading my favorite Sunday inbox delivery from Brain Pickings – a wonderful weekly compilation of […]

When The Small Self Wants What the Soul Needs Too – (thoughts on manifesting, meaning and miracles)

Dearest luminous You, I wonder if you know what your soul needs? Is it different than what your small self […]

Powerlessness, Bargaining, Surrender, and Serenity

Dear sparkling you, This week I found myself hanging upside down on a metaphoric roller-coaster that felt perilously like I […]

The Healing Power of Grief

Dearest beautiful you, I’m feeling vulnerable right now. In the cycles of time each anniversary of an important event I, […]

Hustle and Flow -The Fine Art of Being and Doing

Dear spark of brilliant luminosity—that would be you I’m sitting here slightly tired from the previous evening’s sneeze-a-thon thinking about […]

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