Real and Raw

A Little Magic and Synchronicity from the Uncharted

Dearest you, Ever have something happen that makes you go WOW after a series of what appear to be coincidences […]

Are You Worthy?

Dearest you, I’ve just put down Nancy Levin’s new book Worthy and it has hit home in so many ways. […]

The Shadow in You Really Needs a Hug

Dearest fellow traveler, We’re all moving from what we once knew as familiar and relatively certain to new vistas that […]

Holy Shift! Thoughts on Compassionate Prosperity

Dearest you, I’m fresh off my inaugural weekend intensive Uncharted (based on my upcoming book) and I am so incredibly […]

Grounding Our Potential and A Vision for us all

Dearest You, Not sure if you identify with this but lately it feels like if I open my computer a […]

The Consequences of “Tone it Down” (so Sing who you are Loud and Proud)

Dearest you, This week my friend – motivation mamma and spiritual teacher Danielle Laporte dropped a Truth Bomb on her […]

Q. The Secret Recipe for Co-Creating Reality? A. The right balance of mindfulness, hustle and flow.

Dearest you, Before I talk about this weeks topic I just want you to know how thrilled I am that […]

Do you want what she’s having?” Click on your OWN destiny and SHINE!

Dearest you, Happy Spring to all of us in the north, and happy Fall to my friends Down Under! A […]

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