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Tap into the healing energy of the earth’s crystals and receive their harmonizing guidance with this unique 58 card Oracle deck.

The Universe wants to work magic into your up to her messages delivered through the Crystal Spirits


Find out in three easy steps


Click the card deck image below to shuffle the cards.


From a neutral state of mind, set the intention that your message from the Universe will be revealed.


Double-click on the cards that calls to you to discover your Crystal Spirit Oracle message.

Receive a free meditation, downloadable guide on how to work with crystals, and a special Crystal Spirits affirmation DIY decoder ring.


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From the Crystal Spirits

As loving expressions of the Conscious Universe, the Crystal Spirits want only the best for you! They encourage healing, wisdom, and the power of finding possibilities you didn’t realize were there.

Each unique Crystal Spirit in the deck comes bearing its own message of hope and guidance offering you the power to align with your destiny and highest good.

You may be wondering about things you sense happening in an important relationship. You ask the question “What do I need to know about what is occurring with my partnership?”

Amazonite: Truth, Revelation, the Evolution and Natural Flow of Events

Amazonite Spirit is here to help you trust in the process and flow of revelation. Some things will be disclosed that may shake you up, but if so, it’s all for your highest good, so pay close attention and go with it. The Conscious Universe prefers you to learn your lessons without suffering, so if you allow situations to fluidly evolve instead of trying to control them, you will see that much, much wisdom is being made available to you right now. Mind, body, and the Conscious Universe are interconnected, so be attentive to connections you previously overlooked or thought weren’t such a big deal. They have more insights for you than you might have expected.

Perhaps you are considering a new opportunity within your company and are curious about the results of joining a new team. You ask the question: “What do I need to know about my transition to a new department?”

Spirit Quartz - Connecting to community, universal love, harmony, and cooperation

When Spirit Quartz spirit appears, the message is to reach out and connect to your community and discover the true power of your gifts through sharing them with others. Your willingness to put the highest good ahead of the wants of your small self is called for now. Reciprocity does not mean keeping a ledger but instead feeling the power of offering kind words and acknowledgments. You have the power to change the lives of others and awaken them to the abundance and love available from the Conscious Universe, who works through us all.

Maybe you are going through a rough patch and feeling out of sorts. You ask the question: “What do I need to know about my current situation?”

Watermelon Tourmaline - Seeing perfection in the moment, basking in the bliss of just “being,” natural joy and a peaceful heart

Watermelon Tourmaline Spirit comes bearing the message that the divine order supports you in experiencing your bliss. Notice the perfection in this moment, that unbreakable connection to Universal Consciousness within you. The Conscious Universe is here to guide you, so you may feel and experience bliss as it radiates outward. Your outer conditions will soon respond with a reflection of your natural joy and your peaceful heart. Forget the small stuff today and simply be present, feeling your bliss, experiencing that you are where you need to be, filled with joy, enthusiasm, and optimism right now. Yes, problems exist and always will, but Watermelon Tourmaline Spirit is here to remind you that they do not have to define your experience in this life and you are an extremely powerful healer and co-creator. So let joy and peace arise within you.


Bonus gift #1

A Crystal Journey Meditation

A meditation that will activate your connection to the spirit of all crystals, so that you can deepen your connection with the Crystal Spirits in the deck and attune with their messages for your highest good.

Bonus gift #2

Crystal Spirits Oracle Decoder

A special DIY decoder ring with affirmation messages aligned with the crystals in the deck. A fun and easy reference to the affirmation messages that the Crystal Spirits have for you.

Bonus Gift #3: e-booklet

A Mini Guide from Energy Muse

“How to Work with Crystals”

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Everything You Need to Know About Working with Crystals

This Oracle deck is populated by the spirits of 58 crystals, each selected for their ability to help you channel divine guidance from the Universe. Each image of the 58 crystal spirits that are represented in this deck reveal their unique personalities and crystalline properties.

In the guidebook, each Crystal Spirit’s message is detailed with:

Connecting with the crystals in this oracle deck is like communicating with beautiful loving beings of light, frequency, and energy.

Each card in the deck represents a different crystal spirit with distinct personalities, who have ideas, wisdom, guidance, and special gifts to share with us.

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the Crystal Spirits

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