The Dream Weaver's Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid

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The Dream
Weaver’s Oracle

A 44-Card Oracle Deck to Uncover
Your Dreams and Destiny


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The Dream Weaver’s Oracle Card Deck

This deck is designed to deliver messages about transformation, healing and understanding through
the divine wisdom of the mythical Dream Weavers.

Follow these three steps to get your Oracle reading

Click the card deck images below to shuffle the cards.

From a neutral state of mind, ask: “What do I need to know today for my highest good?”

Click on a card to receive the message you need to know.


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Tap Into The Guidance Of The Dream Weaver’s Oracle To
Navigate Daily Life And Dare To Pursue Your Dreams

Have you lost your way?
Do you struggle to trust that what you desire is coming?

When the Birds Sing Grat-ti-ude appears as an invitation to make space for gratitude, no matter what temporary turmoil distracts you.
A grateful heart is truly the abracadabra of manifestation, opening the doors of connection, love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, generosity, and perfect outcomes for you

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed and like you’ve lost your magic?

When you pick Weavers Share Their Magic Tea, you’re reminded that inspiration comes through us and is generated not by our egos but by our souls.
We are each a tiny universe inside the whole. This is our magic and our invitation to share it with the world.

Tired of giving your power and energy away to people and things that don’t make you happy?

If a Cat Curls Round the Moon tells you to release yourself from your enmeshments and claim the independence to be your own person with healthy boundaries.

Now you are being wholly supported as a unique being, able to love and be loved and be yourself.

It’s Time To Let Your
Dreams Be Woven True

This 44-card deck calls you to remember the ancient, forgotten myths of the Dream Weavers. When you work with this deck, you’ll know that you are a powerful Dream Weaver, manifesting your dreams and choosing your destiny with clarity and intention in partnership with the Universe.

You will always be a weaver of dreams. You just have to stay awake to see the results.

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Watch the making of
The Dream Weaver’s Oracle Card Deck

Colette found the perfect partner in renowned artist Joel Nakamura. Using his signature “neo-folk primitive” method, he seamlessly tapped into each card’s essence, painting images pulled from the hieroglyphs that Colette envisioned when she wrote the deck.

Click below to watch how the deck came together!


Colette Baron-Reid

Colette Baron-Reid is a world-renowned spiritual intuitive, oracle expert, and best-selling author published in 27 languages.

She is also the acclaimed creator of numerous best-selling oracle decks, as well as the star of the hit television show Messages from Spirit and host of the popular podcast Inside the Wooniverse.

As a professional intuitive for over 35 years, Colette has provided guidance for tens of thousands of people all over the world from all walks of life. She is the founder and creator of Oracle School, which teaches students how to use oracle tools to manifest an empowered, inspired life.

Her greatest joy is teaching people how they can have a direct and personal dialogue with the Divine (also known as God, the Conscious Universe, or their Higher Self) to help them create their best lives.


Joel Nakamura

Award-winning artist Joel Nakamura is known for his unique style: a blend of folk art and sophisticated iconography rendered in a neo-primitive technique. He is chosen for many of his commissions for his knowledge of tribal art, mythology, and for his ability to convey stories and information in an intricate and engaging manner.

Nakamura’s ability to render humanity in such primal, edgy hues has captured the attention of clients like Time Magazine, US News & World Report, and the Los Angeles Times. His paintings have enlivened the pages of many other books and publications, as well as the 2002 Winter Olympics opening and closing ceremonies programs. His work is featured as part of numerous private and corporate collections.

To create the Dream Weaver’s Oracle card deck, Colette would channel myths from the Dream Weavers, then express their messages to Joel through rhythmic statements. He tapped into the essence of each card, painting images that looked like the hieroglyphs Colette saw in her dreams.

The Dream Weaver’s Oracle offers guidance, love, and clarity to flourish
and thrive on your journey through our ever-changing world


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