You And The Universe

A Mindful NON-New-Agey Spiritual approach to Oracle Cards

-mindfully contemplate your question
-click on the deck to pick your cards
-high5 the Universe

(*not sure how to ask the right question for your highest good? Download the pdf on this page)

Click cards to see readings

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Where is this going?

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Colette Baron-Reid

The Oracle Queen

Colette Baron-Reid is affectionately known as the Oracle Queen because of her deep knowledge of divination tools and techniques; Tarot, Oracle Cards, I-Ching, Norse Runes and many more…

As a result, her 30+ years of expertise makes her a preeminent master teacher in this field. Her Oracle Card decks are amongst the most revered modern decks because of their profound accuracy and ability to transpose the older systems into our modern way of thinking. They are of this time and that’s why we can all relate to them.

Try them out for free, here on this site, and download the PDF to get a better understanding on how to Ask The Right Questions. You’ll be amazed how insightful they are.


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