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A Daily Practice for Igniting Your Insight, Intuition, and Magic

Explore your connection to the Universe, get greater clarity, and experience profound personal growth with this guided 40-day guided Oracle card journal

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Find Out What’s Being Revealed to You

Journaling about your Oracle card readings with guided prompts will help you develop a profound interactive relationship with your Higher Power. Through this daily practice, you’ll discover more about yourself, develop your powers of intuition, and explore the myriad ways the Universe engages you, guides you, and illuminates your way forward.

This beautifully illustrated, guided journal includes:

  • Comprehensive introduction about how the Universe works and your relationship to it
  • Expert guidance about Oracle cards, how they work and why they are a trusted way to communicate with your Higher Power
  • A link to get your own free Oracle card readings from the best-selling Wisdom of the Oracle card deck
  • Daily prompts, inspirational quotes, intention-setting, and activation exercises to set you up for success

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Fall In Love With Your
Daily Oracle Card Journaling Practice

Trust Your Oracle Card Readings and Your Intuition

Discover the layered meanings on the cards, and get specific insight about your life and intuition.

Adopt a Journaling Framework and Understand Yourself Better

Adopt a sacred habit, noting your impressions, and self-reflections. Get curious about what else the card could mean for you.

Know In Your Soul That You’re Never Alone

Find evidence in your daily practice that you’re never alone; the Universe is always available to you as a powerful co-creator.

Don’t have an Oracle card deck? You’ll get a link to pick a FREE Oracle card
from a best-selling deck with your purchase.

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Ancient Tree
Grounding Meditation

Get grounded before you begin journaling by listening to a 11-minute guided meditation. This meditation is perfect for relaxing and getting in the right energy to receive the messages you need to know.


40 Affirmations
for Daily Journaling

To bring even more depth and direction to your journaling process, you’ll receive 40 affirmations for love, connection, joy, manifestation, and more, to reflect on as you complete your daily practice.


Oracle Card
Journal Calendar

Consistency is the key to extraordinary results when it comes to any new practice or habit. The bonus calendar will ensure you stay on track and see the synchronicities and magic unfolding in your daily life.

What People Are Saying About the Journal

“This journal is amazing! Colette lays out a framework to help you create your daily practice of tuning into yourself and your relationship with Spirit. If you have been struggling with starting a daily practice of self care, this journal is an awesome resource to help you get started. It is beautiful also.” ~ Mindy C.


“I bought this journal to keep me accountable in my journaling practice and it does just that. And I do enjoy reading the information that it has about Oracle cards.” ~Bri T.


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Hi, I’m Colette Baron-Reid.

For over 36 years I’ve had a consistent journaling practice, and I love sharing the power of this sacred spiritual habit with others. I created this guided journal to share my approach to journaling as an empowering and illuminating tool for self-discovery and personal transformation.

It can be tempting to treat your journal as a dumping ground for all your challenges. But, when you learn how to self-reflect with the highest intentions, it will become a beloved and compassionate way to connect with the Universe and draw inspiration from your inner wisdom.

As an internationally-acclaimed Oracle card expert, personal transformation thought leader, and the author of 14 Oracle card decks and counting, I can tell you that there’s not a more direct or trusted way to get the Divine guidance you’re seeking than through Oracle cards.

When you combine your Oracle card readings with your written thoughts in your journal, you’ll get greater clarity and mystical awareness of your past, present and the infinite possibilities for the future.

When you open your connection to the Universe, anything becomes possible.

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