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The Next Step on Your Magical Journey Awaits …

“Oracle School has changed my perspective on life. I observe more rather than reacting as quickly as I used to. This has been such an amazing journey and Oracle School has brought such peace and joy to my life.”
“Before Oracle School, I was very lost but I knew something more was out there for me… I just didn’t know what. Oracle School taught me that we are not alone here on earth. We are co-creating with Spirit. Colette has taught us how to make this relationship work.”
Elise S.

Even In Chaos And Conflict, You Can Co-Create Your Reality

When the world is reeling around you, it’s natural to start questioning what you’ve always believed, and wonder if there’s a greater purpose for your life.

Whether you’re a spiritual newbie or a seasoned seeker, we all carry stories, pain and baggage that don’t serve our highest good. When your beliefs aren’t aligned with your intentions, it can eat away your sense of authentic self, leading to suffering and missed opportunities.

No matter what you’ve experienced until now, the conscious Universe is waiting to support you. You have more choices than you’ve ever dreamed of andwhile life happens on life’s terms, you can take intentional actions to shape how it unfolds.

In Oracle School, you’ll get a fusion of compassionate, expert intuitive guidance and mystical tools to help you access your intuition, create unwavering confidence and clarity and compassionately deal with the baggage.

By the end, you’ll no longer second-guess yourself or doubt your intuition.

You’ll no longer dwell in fear, sadness, guilt and judgement. Instead you’ll live with soul-deep joy, purpose and love.


I’m Colette Baron-Reid


I’m a bestselling author, internationally acclaimed Oracle expert, personal transformation thought leader, spiritual intuitive, metaphysical educator, and podcast host.

That’s a mouthful, I know! Suffice to say; I’ve been doing this a long time –- 35 years of total immersion in this magical, mystical world.

Throughout my career, I’ve guided hundreds of thousands of people in over 53 countries to confidently connect more deeply with themselves and Spirit to transform into the happy and healthy people they want to be.

Oracle School is my legacy. Everything I offer you here is tried and true. Oracle Cards changed my life, and miracles can and do happen!

Imagine your life in 5 years…


You have big dreams for your life and a greater purpose to discover, but doing the same thing
over and over, hoping for a different result, won’t get you where you need to go.

You don’t have to wait for the outer world to give you permission to transform into the
highest version of you.

What you can expect when you enroll in Oracle School…

  • Adopt a life-long spiritual practice to tune into the Universal energies for guidance — whenever and wherever you need it
  • Experience amazing revelations and let go of the fears and thoughts that have been holding you back
  • Learn how to use the Oracle Cards as both a predictive and prescriptive tool to get answers to the questions most on your heart and mind
  • Believe your own deep innate value as a unique spark of the Divine and move through the world confidently, feeling worthy of all of life’s gifts
  • Face life’s decisions and obstacles with ease and confidence, secure in knowing that your choices serve not only your good but the highest good for all
  • Activate your intuitive intelligence (it’s already within you!), and navigate the world from a centered place of wisdom
  • Uncover and accept your true passion and feel crystal clear about the next steps on your unique life journey
  • Finally, let go of the pain, guilt and shame and feel more at peace and in harmony within yourself and your life

If all this speaks to your heart, join the Oracle School waitlist.



The Building Blocks Of Your Personal Transformation


Personal Mastery
Integration Experience
Shared Wisdom

The Personal Mastery Experience:

The Journey Begins…

You deeply yearn to know more, live more, and become more. In Personal Mastery, you’ll travel deep within yourself to articulate and claim what your soul already knows is possible.

Using Oracle Cards as your guide, you’ll learn the truth: that you’re a powerful co-creator with the Universe. Your truth is found within yourself no matter what’s going on in the outside world.

Integration Experience:

The Immersion Begins…

During this six-week immersive experience, you’ll work closely with seasoned Oracle School Mentors to integrate all you’ve learned in Personal Mastery into your life.

You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions, get insight and guidance on your unique spiritual plan and seize the learning opportunities the aha moments and epiphanies afford you.

The Shared Wisdom Experience:

Traveling into the World…

No lesson is complete until we’re able to share it with others. In The Shared Wisdom Experience, you’ll see how to claim your wisdom through knowledge and your lived experience and use it to benefit others around you.

Using the Oracle Cards (and creating Oracles together), you’ll discover how you, in all your uniqueness, can help heal wounds of the universal human condition. Through introspective activities and group work in a safe container of love and support, your contributions will become part of a beautiful whole.

Plus, You’ll Have the Support of the Oracle School Community & Mentors

Your Oracle School experience wouldn’t be complete without being able to share the journey with other heart-led travelers. You’ll gather in a private Facebook group to share your discoveries, practice with each other, and create life-long connections. Along the way, you’ll be guided by Colette Baron-Reid-trained mentors, always on-hand to provide gentle direction, cheer you on, and accelerate your learning.

You get all of this
but above all else…

The Oracle School Experience will give you the confidence and resilience to finally see that you can work with the gentle forces of the Universe to manifest the best life possible.

You’ll lead a purpose-driven life filled with awe, gratitude, and deep fulfillment — no matter what is happening around you.


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