43 – The Rattle!

43 – The Rattle



The rattle is the Spirit-caller, carrying the shaman’s prayer to the four directions. The body of the rattle is like the Earth spinning on its axis. With the aid of the rattle, the medicine woman instills a desired destiny in her future, closing with the prayer, “Great Spirit, may your will be done!” The rattle guides us to pray for all the Earth, not just for our personal needs. When we offer our prayers for the highest good of all, everything we need is provided for us.


The Rattle comes to invite you to work with the tools of Spirit, but be careful—they are very sharp and can hurt you and others if they are not used mindfully. Set your old tools aside, and take up the drawing instruments of Spirit. You are consciously stepping into partnership with the divine. This is the time for courageous deeds. Do not let your hesitation get in the way of your expression.

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