The Oracle’s message: It’s only human to want to adorn oneself in trinkets and paint a pretty picture of oneself. It’s natural to want to acquire the trappings of status— or to deny them as a statement of rebellion. But if it sparkles, is it better? Whether it’s a fast car, a big house, a title or position, the stamp of authority, or the sparkling of diamonds, these icons let you know something about a person, place, or thing. Or do they? The truth is that people seek to acquire things because of what they will do for them, and how they symbolically will elevate them and make them more attractive. This card signals that it’s time to see beyond the adornments and probe underneath the surface. Learn to recognize the masks people wear and the motives underlying them. Imagine that all the glitter is gone. Would you still desire the object or person?

Relationship message: Sometimes we try to become something we’re not to impress others. We embellish a story a bit, adding some dramatic elements to make us more appealing. The real person becomes hidden behind the sparkle and shine. Then there are times when we don’t see the true value of someone else because he or she may not have the glitz and glamour that seem so desirable. Now is the time to look past the surface, beyond the mask, to the essence of a person. Who that person is, not what he or she has or can give you, is important. See beyond the glitter and look for the inner glow. Use the eyes in your heart. Let go of artifice and let what is authentic shine.

Prosperity message: Sometimes an opportunity looks so good that it glitters like gold and you just can’t resist it, especially when it appears others are doing so well and have hit the mother lode! During the American gold rush, everyone hurried west to find their fortune—and then deserted entire towns after the mining depleted the gold veins in the earth. So, too, can you deplete yourself as you chase after the latest shiny thing that has caught your eye. There is a mercurial quality to your present circumstances. Pay no attention to those who chase after fool’s gold. Resist the temptation to be jealous of others. What they have achieved may not be the true success you seek, so don’t compare yourself to them. You see only the surface right now, only the sparkle. Be assured that you will experience your own shining moment if you stick to what you know. All that glitters may not be gold for you.

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