Chaos And Conflict!

Chaos And Conflict


The Oracle’s message: Opposing forces come together to create a turbulent atmosphere. But consider the value of chaos that serves you well, as you become unmoored by it. Scattered to the winds, you leave behind the parts of yourself you no longer need and disperse seeds to reinvent yourself anew. Although the conflict appears to exist externally, its essence is also internal, projected outward and causing disarray. You may find yourself at cross-purposes with someone else, facing a storm you feel you can’t control. Yet every storm passes, and chaos leads to a reordering of things. Conflict provides a way to see more than one side of a situation. Look upon this as just a moment in time when you may need to take shelter and step away from the fray. Don’t be too eager to fight. This is a time to understand rather than to be understood.

Relationship message: Stubbornness is keeping you in a state of opposition. The incessant need to be right will only serve to prolong the conflict that deep down you want to be resolved. This is an opportune moment to learn about your values, your sense of self, what’s really important to you. Some things are nonnegotiable. If that’s true, it’s not necessary to fight. Can you find a way through the stormy emotions to higher ground? Soon the air will clear, and you will be in a much better place than before, for the storm will have passed, blazing a path for new growth in its wake. Things can become electric and enlightened—always better than before—if you use this time constructively.

Prosperity message: Circumstances appear to be chaotic, but everything that is happening now is in truth shaking things up so you can find the real path to your prosperity. Yes, it’s a stormy time, and it feels as if there are opposing forces wherever you turn. Be reassured that there is Divine purpose in this chaos. Everything that doesn’t work is being taken from you so the truest parts of yourself remain. The events occurring now are essential for your ultimate prosperity. This chaos is Divinely inspired even though it doesn’t appear that way now. In time you will know this to be true.

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