Come To The Edge!

Come To The Edge


The Oracle’s message: Facing the unknown is the only choice you really have right now if you want to progress. It’s okay to be afraid. Now is the time to take a risk that is not calculated—to feel the exhilaration as you ready yourself for a leap of faith. Spirit is present, so let go of fear. You are called to express your true self. Listen to your heart and soul, not your head. Come to the edge and discover that you can fly. You must step into the unfamiliar so that you may find your miracles.

Relationship message: It’s scary to be truly intimate with someone, to allow him or her to see all of you, especially the parts that you’ve kept hidden and protected. Now is the time to take that risk and let yourself be seen—truly seen. It’s important that you speak up, voice what you need, state who you are, say what you hope for. This is not the time to play it safe but to take a leap of faith. You will be glad you did. If you’re seeking a relationship, the same applies. Take one step toward the gods and they will deliver what you truly desire.

Prosperity message: If ever there was a time for you to take a leap of faith into the unknown, it is now. This is the perfect moment to take a big risk. The unknown is the only choice now, and if you come to the edge, you will discover treasure beyond your wildest dreams. Allow your courage to lead you in spite of your fears. You don’t need to know the exact form of what you’re going for. The essence is much more powerful, and Spirit has a way of delivering an even better version of prosperity than you could imagine. Take that step. The results will be amazing.

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