Are you clear and straightforward when you communicate with others? Do you have difficulty asking for what you need? This marker reminds you of many things related to how you speak to the world and how it speaks to you. It asks you to be clear and to seek clarity in all communications between yourself and others in your life.

Perhaps you need to call someone or write a letter? Do you need to connect with someone you haven’t talked to in a while? Do you need to clarify something that remains cloudy between you and another? Drawing this marker indicates that it’s timely to do so, for communication at this moment is highlighted in all areas of your life.

This card notes that communication is not just between human beings. Your spirit guides, angels, and other helpers on your path are always trying to get your attention. Are you open to their messages? Ask and you will know, look and you will see, listen and you will hear, sense and you will feel.

Communication is not just about talking at something or someone. In Avalon, the sacred wisdom was gained by developing receptivity and learning to listen.

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