All things have a beginning, a middle, and an end. This is the nature of life—the seed, the flower, and the fruit—and of all human relationships. Completion suggests the fullness of the moment and the need to transform an old form into a new one.


You have finished a cycle, and there is no more growth or benefit from hanging on to the old. In regard to relationships, it is time to honor what has been and find a new form for the future. In your ventures, it is time to reap your harvest. Completion is a time for celebration. It is the end of summer when the fruit is ripe.


Clinging to the old form will bring only decay. When fruit is left too long on the vine, it rots. You know that it is time to move on, yet are reluctant. Do not be afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings. Remember that you are responsible for your actions, not the actions of others. Mourn what is lost so you can move on. Do not be sad; be like the sun at midday who shines brightly, neither longing for sunrise nor dreading the dusk.

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