This marker warns of a shaky foundation placed on a fault line. At best, this reminds you that shake-ups are necessary when you need a wake-up call. It’s a warning for you to be diligent and alert when making decisions. This can also portend a toppling of plans, ideas, or a total destruction of something hard won, worked for, or desired.

Be reminded that the way of the God/Goddess is one of mystery and chaos, and chaos is the ultimate cleanser. Disruption brings delays and upsets that have a hidden gift of opportunity within them.

This is the time to rethink, rebuild, and refortify that which was previously unstable, or it allows you to begin anew. Without this gift, you wouldn’t be adequately supported later on, when you’ll need it most.

The greater message reminds you that, in life, all people, places, concepts, and things are but fleeting on the path to wholeness. Only Spirit is stable and eternal. Such is the Wisdom of Avalon

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