The Oracle’s message: A tree’s roots are solidly planted in the ground, yet its branches can bend in a hurricane . . . whereas a rigid structure, like a building, would come crashing down. Consider how the tree remains supple and secure when everything around it may be in shambles. This is how you need to be now: willing to learn new things, teachable, malleable, yet firmly grounded in who you are. Common sense is important, but so is an open mind. Stay curious; stay open. Stay aware. At this time, others will be more flexible with you, too.

Relationship message: In every relationship, it’s important to be open to new experiences and learning new things. Letting go of rigidity is what’s required right now. You don’t always have to be right all the time, do you? It’s okay to come to a happy compromise—you can still get your needs met. It’s a beautiful day when you meet halfway! The appearance of this card in a reading could also signal that you have met someone new who may not be your “type” but who will turn out to be so special that you can easily release your old ideas about what sort of partner is right for you. Be flexible—you’ll be happy you made that choice.

Prosperity message: Even when you have a clear vision of how you’re going to manifest something—what it will look like, who will share in it, and what will then be available to you—you still need to relax and open up to other possibilities. Spirit may have much better plans for you. It could be a job you hadn’t thought of, a new source of money, or some other opportunity that eluded your imagination. Be flexible and remind yourself: This, or something better, manifests for me now. Then be willing to bend a little. Enjoy the miraculous results.

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