Fork In The Road!

Fork In The Road


The Oracle’s message: Every choice has a consequence. You’ve arrived at a fork in the road and are being asked to come to a decision. Will you further your dreams by choosing left? Or by choosing right? Will you take the road less traveled or the one well worn by others who have come before you? This is your choice, and yours alone, to make. Circumstances and other people will not make it for you. Be present, and do not avoid this junction, for it is an important crossroads. Take heart, as no matter which path you choose, you will have a rich and meaningful experience.

Relationship message: You’ve reached a moment of truth in the evolution of your relationship. Which will you choose: to open up to the possibility of love, or to remain isolated; to go deeper and commit to mutual passion, or to walk away? This is a time to take responsibility for your truest desire and follow it. Be honest with yourself about what you’re willing to do, invest, and give. Then choose. You cannot make a wrong choice. If you move forward with a relationship, know that it will be based in truth and authenticity. You will have made a conscious decision rather than simply hanging on because you don’t want to be alone—or ending things because you’re afraid of the intensity of genuine connection. All roads lead to the lessons you must learn in your relationships. Regardless of the decision you make, it will place you on the path to a truer experience of the heart.

Prosperity message: You’ve come as far as you can on this part of your journey, and now you’re faced with a choice. Inherent in this choice is the need for change, for evolution, and for a bettering of your circumstances. Narrow it down to just a single question: Who do I need to become, and what do I need to believe, in order to live a life of prosperity? Answer honestly and from the heart. Then the decision about which way to go will be effortless. Know that abundance is all around you. Choose to see it, and it will be easier to settle on a direction, for the way will be made clear by your intuition, which knows how to steer you toward your well-being.

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