Higher Power!

Higher Power


The Oracle’s message: This card reminds you that you are more than a person trying to get ahead and make things happen for yourself and others. You have an immortal soul and are gifted with a human life through which a Higher Power can express itself. At this time, you need to be conscious of your connection to Spirit and foster it through prayer and meditation. Ask: What is the highest good for all? How can I serve? Then get out of your own way and trust that there is a plan for your life more wondrous than you can ever know. You are always protected and Divinely directed.

Relationship message: It’s time to address how much effort you give to your relationship with your Higher Power, called God, Goddess, Spirit, or any other name that is sacred and holy. Recognize that your partnership with Spirit is your number one priority. The appearance of this card also indicates that there is a deep spiritual bond between you and another person who is essential to your growth and evolution. Tend to your spiritual connections and remain aware of your true nature.

Prosperity message: Sometimes your work just flows through you—ideas come rushing in, and inspiration bubbles up from a wellspring you didn’t even know you could access. When you enter agreements, begin projects, and negotiate deals with Spirit as your partner, you will always succeed. Let your Higher Power lead. The synchronicities and intuitive nudges you feel will help you see which way you are being pointed, giving you confidence to move forward in the right direction. Don’t forget to give credit where it is due. You wouldn’t be a success without Spirit’s guidance. Humility will serve you well when this symbol appears.

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