Letting Go!

Letting Go


Releasing attachments, expectations, and desires yet unfulfilled—these are some of the aspects of this card. When you receive this marker on your path, you’re required to relinquish control and allow the Mystery to act as she will to weave life together as it is meant to be, according to the laws of the cosmos.

You cannot force something to come, or to remain, if its true place is elsewhere. Remember that what is yours can never be taken away. Allowing is the key to this marker, for what is yours will come to you.

The same applies to the past: This is the time to let go of old hurts, resentments, and unresolved anger, for they’re no longer welcome burdens on the path ahead. Old and outmoded ideas about life, how you see others, who you are, based on who you were—these must also be left behind. Then you can move forward, unencumbered, stepping into the magic of the new present that leads into the best possible future.

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