This marker reminds you to show kindness and compassion to all whom you meet on your path—be it a beggar on a street corner, a co-worker, a family member, an animal, or a plant whose leaves need pruning.

This marker asks you to shift perception from yourself as a solitary person on the earth to one who’s part of a living system. Love is what made you, so keep it flowing. Remember to receive love as well. Ask yourself, “Am I blocking love?”

This marker reminds you that you’re as connected to all of life as it is to you, and that you’re responsible to be the steward of the love of the God/Goddess. Love is without conditions—it is respectful, mindful, sees all life as sacred, and acts in accordance. Love reminds you that this very planet is a living being.

Love is the very essence of the Divine in you, and it sees the Divine in others. This is the time to see through the eyes of Love and always ask before you act, “What would Love do?” The answer will always bring you extraordinary power.

This marker is a very fortunate and transformative omen.

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