The Oracle’s message: Each time we are hurt and allow the hurt to pass through us without understanding and integration, we accumulate an unwanted burden. This keeps us chained to the very things we need to heal: the pain, the memories, the echoes of resentments, and the arguments that we rehearse over and over. Now is the time for mending rifts, healing wounds, and letting go of the old hurts in order to reclaim your power. Now is the time to forgive, to release, to make peace, and to make amends to others. Set yourself free.

Relationship message: You’ve come to a place where forgiveness is necessary if you’re to move forward. Separate or together, you and the other person are still experiencing the effects of a hurt that is impacting everything you do—even if you’re not aware of it. The energy needs to clear. What must you do to bridge this gap? Closing your heart is not the answer. You have the power to heal this wound. Ask yourself, What would Love do? Only good will come of forgiveness and an honest redress.

Prosperity message: Everyone makes mistakes, especially when you want something very badly. You may come to realize that in chasing after a pretty, shiny thing, you lost sight of long-term, sustainable prosperity. Sometimes you make choices that look good at first but ultimately lead to loss or failure. It’s time to forgive yourself and others. Don’t blame anyone else. You get to start again, wiser and more mature. The journey to true abundance can be bumpy. Make amends to anyone you may have hurt along the way—especially yourself. Forgive those who may have taken advantage of you. Let go, and learn from this. You are now that much closer to achieving the kind of prosperity that really fulfills you. Nothing is ever lost or wasted when you view it from this perspective.

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