Not For You!

Not For You


The Oracle’s message: There are times when it appears that no matter how deeply you desire something, no matter how hard you work at something, the result you seek always seems to elude you. It’s as if you don’t really get to be in the game, and you feel you’re just watching from the sidelines. The appearance of this card indicates that you are not going to attain what you want right now—that, indeed, your dreams for that exact thing will not be fulfilled. This is a time to radically accept that not everything is available to you when you want it. Take heart, for there are benevolent forces who desire the best for you and have a much clearer idea of what is for your highest good. Rejection is God’s Protection. Something much better that will make you truly happy is on its way! Trust this.

Relationship message: Some relationships carry an innate seed of failure in them that is obvious from the beginning, but the red flags escape your observation or you refuse to acknowledge them. When a relationship is not meant to be, it is not possible to make it be. Rejection is a sign that you’re being protected by the Divine. If you are the one who must reject another, remember that you do so for both your sakes. For every pot there is a lid. This one may not be the best fit.

Prosperity message: You can strategize and project and systemize and invest all your time and energy, but sometimes your best-laid plans seem to go awry in spite of it all. Keep in mind that no effort is wasted. Fail fast and learn from defeat. Then keep going. You will eventually succeed, although perhaps not at this game, not at this time. Know when to fold your cards.

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