Pachamama represents the unconditional love that the Earth has for all her children, including the stones, the plants, the animals, and humans. She is the Goddess of Earth, also known as Gaia, who pervades all creation in our planet. Thanks to Pachamama, our timeless soul can experience life in a biological body. The joy and pain we taste during our brief time on Earth are invitations to discover the boundless love of Pachamama.


You are a child of the Earth. Now is the time to eat right, love right, and be joyous, regardless of the circumstances you may find yourself in. Be grateful for your life, your body, and all that nourishes you. Pachamama invites you to relish each breath, embrace your joy and your pain equally, and discover love through both. Let Pachamama know how much you appreciate all her blessings with an act of service such as planting a tree, helping save an endangered species, or protecting the ocean.


You still believe that you have been cast out of the Garden of Eden, that you are Motherless and homeless. You suppose that you need to work very hard to survive or thrive. It is time to stop suffering—let go of that old myth—and realize you were given the Garden to rejoice in and to become its steward. Your melancholy is really a longing to return to the heart of Pachamama. Listen deeply to the Mother who is always there for you. Walk in beauty, and honor all life!

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