The Child!

The Child



The Child knows the way to joy and happiness. The Child offers the return of a second innocence, a time born of wisdom and not of naiveté. This card allows you to correct your course and offers you a second chance. It brings you the possibility of redemption and entering heaven while on Earth.


The Child is here to release you from the habit of being yourself, and to help you acquire a beginner’s mind so that you can see life as if for the first time. Remain open to learning and discovery. Who is your spouse or partner today? Can you see them with fresh eyes? Who is looking back at you in the mirror this morning? Become a mystery unto yourself, and reconnect with a sense of childlike wonder.


The Child comes to show you how you can correct the course of your life without being punished. Set yourself free from your conditioning for suffering; you were born unfettered and happy, and can be so again if you make the choice right now! The Child will help you climb out of the hole you may have dug yourself into, to recover your sense of play.

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