The Earth Faery!

The Earth Faery


The Earth Faery says to pay attention to your health and all things pertaining to your physical body. Perhaps you need exercise or to pay special attention to your diet. Are you getting enough sleep?

The Earth Faery reminds you to indulge your senses. It’s good to revel in the sensations of your body. The sensual world is an important part of the path to Avalon and must be honored.

When the Earth Faery appears, she reminds you to get into your body and out of your head. Don’t spend so much time analyzing things over and over. Get your hands into some dirt—gardening, perhaps? Walk barefoot in the grass, and remember that your physical self is the house of your spirit, as the Mother Earth houses you. Get grounded; remember that you’re part of the living earth. Stay connected.

Another message from the Earth Faery is to make sure the foundations of all you do are solid. Be aware that projects, relationships, business ideas, and families all need to be built on sturdy, steady foundations. The Earth Faery always helps you when you ask.

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