The Holy Mountain!

The Holy Mountain



Native peoples around the Earth recognize mountains as places of great power where one encounters Spirit or where the gods or goddesses reside. In ancient Greece, Mount Olympus was the home of the 12 main Gods and Goddesses. In Tibet, pilgrims circumambulate Mount Kailash to bring prosperity. In Perú, pilgrims climb the ice-capped Mount Ausangate to receive the starlight and bring fire to the Earth.


The Holy Mountain invites you to go on a sacred pilgrimage to acquire vision and perspective. First you must accept the present situation as an opportunity to discover higher understanding. Find a sacred altar where others who came before you have prayed and found wisdom, and make your offering there. Make a commitment to walk with courage, love, and compassion until you see with clarity the perfection of all.


When the Holy Mountain shows up, it is time to be active. Do not let your doubts deter you and keep you bound. This is a time to leap over challenges and to remember that from the top of the mountain there are no obstacles, only beauty and an unobstructed view of the entire Earth. And there’s no need to go shopping for the right hiking boots or camping equipment to climb the holy mountain; you already have all the gear you need. Overcome any lethargy, indolence, and laziness, as these are the real obstacles.

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