The King!

The King


The King appears to represent the powers of justice, authority, the law, and male sexual energy. When the King appears on your path, it’s time to put your house in order, complete any unresolved legal issues, settle arguments, and deal with issues related to fairness. The King always lets you know that something significant is yours to experience and learn from.

The King requires you to take inventory of anything left undone and do it. Pay bills, settle arguments, make amends, and act with authority, as all these actions abolish weakness and restore power. You’re also reminded that the King is regarded in highest esteem and, within his natural authority, he acts with intelligence and strategy. Think and analyze, and the King will bestow great gifts on you.

There is another meaning when the King appears on your path. If you’re inquiring about a man and your relationship to him, the King stands to represent him, which will bode well or not so well, depending on which other cards flank him.

Pay attention, for this King reminds you to take affirmative action in your life.

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