The Queen!

The Queen


Fertility, beauty, female sexual energy, earthly pleasures, and friendships among women—the Queen summons you to bestow her gifts upon you so that you can revel in the beauty of life.

The Queen appears to remind you of the importance of self-esteem, self-worth, and holding your head high. Now is the time to set boundaries with others with gentle authority, yet try not to be isolated from them in the process. The Queen knows how to delegate authority when she needs to. Summon your inner Queen and ask for what you need.

The Queen also asks whether you’re having fun. Maybe you need to read a good book with a cup of cocoa, go to a spa, or make plans with your pals. Look after yourself and remember to nurture your friendships. The Queen knows that she needs allies in the world to sustain her and, in return, she shares her wealth with you.

If you’re inquiring about a specific female and your relationship to her, the Queen stands to represent her, which will bode well or not so well, depending on which other cards flank her.

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