The Spider!

The Spider


The Spider reminds you that you have within you the gift to create meaningful, purposeful work. Within you is an artist waiting to be expressed. Think about this: Do you write in a journal each day? Do you draw or paint, or cook or play music? Do you realize that everything you do on a daily basis is an act of co-creation with the Divine?

The Spider signals that it’s time to be aware of your responsibility for the creations in your life. Maybe you need to rethink an issue and apply your inner artist to find a solution. If you’re unhappy with anything, ask yourself, “How can I create a better more productive and loving experience for myself and others?”

Whether you see yourself as an artist or note, you’re always co-creating with the Divine. You are the architect of your own happiness and fulfillment. What life are you building?

Don’t just sit there—this is your time to create!

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