The Standstill!

The Standstill



When Standstill appears, it is a symbol of pausing, the act of observation, and breathing space. It represents the benefits of temporary non action as well as what happens when one is stuck.


When things seem to stall or stagnate, or when you feel stuck, this symbol appears as a reminder that constant action isn’t going to get you where you want to go. Perhaps it’s time to gather more information or just wait until the universe makes the next move. No matter what, this moment is a beautiful gift orchestrated in your favor. Enjoy it. Let the universe bring all the parts together for the highest good. Go and play, recharge, and take the focus off whatever has stalled. Life will get busy again for you sooner than you think.


Time to get out of “analysis paralysis.” Standstill invites you to turn within, breathe, and recognize this is the condition of the moment; it allows you the opportunity to bear witness to whatever is going on before movement resumes. This is also an opportunity to abort a project, to exit before damage! And it may also be time to relieve you of an unnecessary burden that you took on without considering the cost. Which one it is depends on your stopping, taking a deep breath, quieting your mind, and removing all your distractions. Then you can make your next move in a grounded, relaxed, detached way. When something doesn’t go the way you think it should, remember the following: what is yours cannot be taken away.

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