The Word Lord!

The Word Lord


The Word Lord rules communication of all kinds and lets you know that positive interactions can be expected when he arrives as your Ally. He only speaks with positive words and praises all he sees. He reminds you of the laws of Abundance and Praise. When you bless the world, it blesses you back. When you say affirming, supportive words, they carry an energy that returns to you in physical form.

Remember that each one has power and will resonate into the Universe, seeking its reflection in manifest form
Your body responds to praise, as does every thing in the world around you. Praise it for its inherent health and beauty. Applaud yourself for everything you do, as even the tiniest accomplishments are important. Praise your bills: give thanks for the services you enjoy, and watch the ability to pay them increase as you align with Spirit’s increasing power
This is also a time to remember the powerful practice of affirmations. Write them down and speak them aloud as a spiritual exercise. Say it is so and it will be. It’s a very auspicious sign when the Word Lord chooses to be your Ally.

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