Truth in word and deed is what is required of you by drawing this marker. As well as resonating with your own personal truth, it’s important now to also demand the same from others. In every person there’s a vibrational energy that’s accessible by slowing down and searching within to inquire, “Is this real? Am I hearing truth from another, or is it a lie? Am I speaking honestly myself, or am I lying to manipulate circumstances to get what I want?”

Remember, even a white lie will cause your light to fade and lose power. A lie takes you down into the lower vibrations of the ego world, ruled by separation and limitation—and it’s seduction of the lower world and serves no one but the forces of darkness.

This marker reminds you to remain in the light, even if it seems like a more difficult path. Truth will build a bridge across a chasm. Truth will lend a magic wand of strength and integrity. Truth is freedom.

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