Wild Woman!

Wild Woman



When the Wild Woman dances into your reading, she reminds you of the essence of authenticity and freedom. Divested of all social constraints and cultural conformity, the Wild Woman holds up a mirror to your essential self—the true essence of who you are and who you’re meant to become. She is a reminder of the bright light within each of us that gets dimmed by the restrictions imposed upon us by the expectations of society. She reminds us that in order to be fully present to life, we must uncover that light and let it shine brightly, regardless of the perceived consequences.


When the Wild Woman comes to dance in your reading, you’re invited to shine brightly and to know that your true self is being called out to engage the world. This is a symbol that your long-held dream is beginning to take root and wants to be expressed. Your authentic self doesn’t fit in a box; it needs the freedom to shine. It’s time to have courage and step into the light. The Wild Woman says: “Shine brightly, dance with abandon, be yourself, and let the Great Spirit decide what happens.” You’ll be happy you did.


Excess for its own sake is a sign of imbalance. This is a warning that you may be trapped in obsessive thinking or behavior, looking for release in places that will never provide it. Let go, lest you become like the Hungry Ghosts of Chinese Buddhist lore that can never be fulfilled. True release comes from trusting the fluidity of life—understanding that just as a river needs its banks to flow through, so too do you need boundaries around your thinking and behavior. Now is the time to simplify, be mindful, and connect to that light within.

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