Why Naughty is a sign of enlightenment! (or how to create a new reality by wearing spinach on your head)

VLOG—Universal Energies with special guest Robert Ohotto on Mercury Retrograde. ***blocked countries try this link to our VIMEO site . […]

On the Highway to Happy, Joyous and Free, You Have to Know Your Lane. (Or why you absolutely can’t ride two motorcycles with one ass)

Dear fabulous ones, What a great week – I hope you’re feeling all the sparkly positive vibes that are swirling […]

How to Be a Love Rebel in the Consciousness Revolution—Hint: share your pie!

Hey there How have you been doing this week? Feeling the energy squeeze? You know like a special cocktail mix […]

Considering the Consciousness Revolution is About to Begin… but not quite yet.

Dearest Fabulous You.. Has the past week or so felt somewhat like you’re a racehorse at the gate of your […]

Puppies, Presence and God-Shots

Puppies, Presence, and God-Shots Dearest special one in my tribe- Ask me if I am happy the most intense Mercury […]


2 Ways Out of the Ghostlands of the Past and Future

  A Ghostland is not a place of strong, true emotions; it’s a place of obsession where you artificially revive […]


Do You Like Where You Are Right Now?

  Do you believe there could be more to life than what you’ve come to expect? Absolutely! By asking yourself […]

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