A Moment of Silence (instead of numbing out on the net)

VLOG   BLOG Dearest You, I write this while in a more somber and contemplative mood than I’ve been in […]

Playing the Waiting Game (or what to do when you realize the game is fixed)

VLOG       BLOG Dearest Incredible Being of Wonderment You, THE UNIVERSAL THEATER PRESENTS Playing the Waiting Game (or […]


Envisioning Your Future: Clarity, Not Fantasy

  Have you ever gotten lost in wishful thinking, in the fog of a fantasy future where images tantalize you […]


2 Ways Out of the Ghostlands of the Past and Future

  A Ghostland is not a place of strong, true emotions; it’s a place of obsession where you artificially revive […]


Repeating the Same Emotional Cycles? Some Mindfulness Required

In yesterday’s blog, “Do You Like Where You Are Right Now?” I talked about the benefits of describing your state […]

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