All You Need to Do Is Ask (or why Spirit rocks as a manifesting partner)

. VLOG . BLOG Dearest Sparkle Being of Fabulosity, Have you ever asked for a sign from Spirit and got […]

Accountability, Courage and the Price of Your Freedom

. UNIVERSAL ENERGIES FOR THE WEEK OF SEPT. 15TH . . BLOG Dearest Sparkly One, I’m learning a lot lately […]

Son-na-ma Beetch, its-a-really him!

VLOG   BLOG Son-na-ma Beetch, its-a-really him! ( thoughts on why “surrendering to Spirit’s plan” yields astounding results, even though […]

The Little Sparkle That Could

. VLOG  . . . BLOG . Hello Sparkler, HOLY MOLY I am on the road and still in awe […]

Pollyanna, a Minion and The Serenity Prayer

VLOG . BLOG Dearest GlowBeam of Fabulosity, I’m en route to Toronto to shoot the first episode of my new […]

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