How to Forgive Yourself

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING  Are you your own worst enemy? Do your regrets and pains run through your mind […]

Feeling Stuck? How to Get Unstuck and Move Forward

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING  When are you? As you experience yourself in this moment, are you really present in […]

My Facebook LIVE with numerologist Glynis McCants: The Numbers Lady

All About Relationships with Glynis McCants Join me along with Glynis McCants “The Numbers Lady” as we host a special […]

Oracle Card Readings – Not to Predict but to Help You Shift

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING  This week I was inspired to choose an Oracle Card to point me in a […]

The Power of Love

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING  Over the last several years, I’ve written and talked on the radio about the power […]

Find Your Voice

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING  This week I noticed a theme that I picked up on during conversations with various […]

Simple Habits to Manifest Change

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING  I am always pretty much in sync with everyone else by the end of January […]

More to Life!

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING  Do you believe there could be more to life than what you’ve come to expect? […]

How to Set Intentions for the New Year Into Motion: Count Your Teeniest Wins!

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING  At the beginning of every year, there’s an energy that’s palpable where you feel such […]

Divine your Destiny in 2020 – My Tips for You! 5 steps to have your best year yet

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING  Happy New Year. HELLO, 2020!!! A new decade has arrived with much wonderful fanfare and […]
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