Be Grateful, Surrender, and Share Hope This Holiday

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING  This is the week I loved when I was little, then over time as life […]

Count Your Blessings – You Are One of Them!

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING  One of my favorite teachers is Mathew Fox, whose book Original Blessing made probably the biggest […]

Clear the Clutter – Clear Your Mind. Free Yourself From Negative Vibes.

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING  Do you know that you’re surrounded by stuff that talks to you all the time? […]

My Inspirations List: My list of what’s inspired me in 2019.

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING  Everyone asks me what books I’ve read and loved, what’s inspired me, who I love […]

A Gratitude List: The Power of Gratitude as a Daily Practice

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING   Let’s do an attitude of gratitude challenge for the last part of the year!  I’ll […]

Use Your Imagination to Create Reality & Open the Door to Synchronicities in Your Life

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING  Working with so many people over the years, I’ve really gotten to see how, with […]

It’s Still Mercury Retrograde: Time to Reevaluate, Realign, & Release for Deep Healing

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING  It’s that time again…actually, we are already halfway through this cycle of Mercury Retrograde! Right […]

The Prospering Potential of Tuning Into Your Higher Power

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING    How To Pray for Real and Stop Bargaining Before I knew a better way […]

You are a Diamond. Own Your Personal Growth.

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING  When I first began this journey of transformation that began 33 years ago and brought […]

Creating Heart-Level Connections & Community

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING  “What are some of the ways you honor yourself?”  This isn’t me asking you that […]
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