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The Best Time to Create Your Vision Board is Now!

The 2023 Challenge has ended but you can access all of the video lessons, exercises, and Bonus PDF guides inside the incredible Oracle Circle Community!

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“The Vision Board Challenge happened at the perfect time for me. My “Why’s” are now clear and I have the tool to focus my intentions. I particularly love the “Principles” step. Such a powerful way to stay grounded and keep asking the deep questions to find that web of connectivity.”

– Kelly R.

Discover Your Path to Joy, Fulfillment, and Abundance Now

Do you want to create an intentional life with a vision board?

You deserve to lead a life guided by your sacred vision, one in alignment with Spirit and your highest intentions.

The 2023 Vision Board Challenge may have ended, but it’s never too late to commit to living out your highest intentions. 

Join the Oracle Circle and create a vision board and life rooted in your soul’s blueprint, and get ready for all the amazing possibilities that come into your life! 

Join the Oracle Circle Membership and let Colette guide you through a step-by-step process to build a life of your dreams.

Join The Oracle Circle Now!

Map Out Your Highest Calling with Colette and a Supportive Spiritual Community

When you join the Oracle Circle Membership, you’ll gain on-demand access to all of the 2023 Vision Board Challenge video recordings, Vision Board exercises, meditations, and bonus PDFs from this year’s Vision Board Challenge!


Monthly Vision Board check-ins with the Mavens in the private Oracle Circle community to get ongoing inspiration and support for your vision board
Monthly New Moon readings to help stay aligned with intention setting and manifesting
Opportunity to ask Colette for guidance about anything in twice-monthly Spirit Jams! Spirit Jams are live calls filled with magic, Spirit and community!
Get your questions answered in the monthly Q&A with Colette in the private Oracle Circle Facebook community


Hi, I’m Colette Baron-Reid

Best-selling author, creator of Oracle Card decks and a passionate vision board creator!

It’s true. I’ve been creating annual vision boards for over 36 years! 

Vision boards are a powerful spiritual tool to tap into the subconscious mind, if you know how to approach the process. 

I created this challenge and membership to help you envision and welcome an amazing new transformation in your life. 

In the Oracle Circle, we’ll open a portal to the Divine to create more joy, abundance, and peace in your life by setting amazing intentions and laying out a vision for your future that’s way more magical and expansive than what you are presently experiencing.

I’ll see you inside the Oracle Circle!

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