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Jill Buffington
Director of Client Relations and Media


Your search for more – what’s next – it’s led you here. Working with Colette is nothing short of a life-changing endeavor. That is – if you’re ready for a change in your life. If you’re prepared to go deeper than you’ve ever gone, to go higher than you’ve thought possible – you’ve come to the right place.

More importantly, however, you’re probably not just looking to be heard. You’re an influencer, you have a mission, and you know what you know. You’re wondering what it’s like to be seen – and that means the whole picture of your life, not just the bits and pieces you’ve been using to make decisions. This is what feeds your true self, true potential, so that you can tap into your entire self to power your biggest and most authentic dreams, goals, and desires. Your business, relationships, and footprints are all part of the story.

Colette Baron-Reid isn’t just an “intuitive” or “coach.” She’s a powerful navigator – The Oracle to your inner self, true self, and best self, and all that means in the world you live in every day. That translates from her private clients, from executives and industry thought leaders, to her group events for entities ranging from corporations to conventions.

If you’re ready to move past everything that’s been holding you back, become fully motivated and empowered, and experience the strength in being truly seen – your journey begins here.

Begin your exploration by clicking through the tabs.


All clients begin with an Intuitive Consultation with Colette. This is your gateway to gaining the perspective – that bird’s eye view – of what the universe has waiting. It’s the step you can take right now to make real change and take a meaningful step towards living the life you were meant to live.

How Can I Book an Intuitive Consultation with Colette?

A limited number of consultations are available each month. To decide if an Intuitive
Consultation is right for you, ask yourself:

Am I willing to take a deep, conscious, intimate, and detailed dive into my life’s story?
Am I eager to gain understanding on where I’ve been and how it’s affecting my present?
Am I excited to learn about the potential that lies ahead?

If the answer is “yes,” then we’d love to hear from you.

What If I’m Interested in Coaching or Private Business Advising with Colette?

We’re delighted. The initial Intuitive Consulting session is where all roads begin. From here, you and Colette will decide which path will best fulfill your potential.

I’m Ready to Book

Wonderful. Please use the form below to send your inquiry to Jill, Colette’s Director of Client Happiness, and she’ll reach out to book your confidential consultation at both your and Colette’s earliest possible convenience.

Choose the length of Consultation you’d like to book:

30-minute sessions: $400.00 USD
60-minute sessions: $800.00 USD


You’re on fire. You’re so close you can taste it. You can feel what it’s like to be there, that place you want to be. There’s something, though, something that’s keeping you from becoming that next better version of you and you can’t see it.

It’s keeping your life, business, and relationships in the atmosphere when they should be in the stratosphere.

If you’ve ever felt like this, Colette can help.

Colette Baron-Reid isn’t just a coach — she’s a transformation catalyst. She’s the founder and CEO of the Master Intuitive Coach Institute and The Invision Lab, training and certifying coaches worldwide in her trademarked process called IN-Vizion®.

IN-Vizion® is a radical new coach-client dialog that has already changed lives around the world.

Colette will guide you to see your world with a totally new perspective to empower you to own your mission and bring it home. She’ll put what you can see, taste, and feel not just within reach.

She’ll help you transform what you crave into reality.

What could be better than knowing you have a partner in this journey to your next better self? A partner invested in helping you make the impact you want to have on this world, with your audience.
Is Coaching With Colette the Best Path for Me?

A powerful questions. Ask yourself:

Are you ready to honor your authentic purpose and put it into concrete action so the world becomes a better place?
Have you ever wondered what you could achieve by breaking old patterns and gaining a newfound clarity and perspective?
Do you dream about more – and are you willing to invest in making that more your NOW?

If so, Colette might be just the coach you’ve needed.

If you’re ready, Colette would love to hear from you. All coaching clients begin with an Intuitive Consultation. Those selected can continue on to coaching and those with more business-related goals can pursue Colette’s Private Business Advisory program.
The Investment

Change happens best when you allow yourself the space to let change manifest. That’s why Colette only offers coaching to those willing to commit a minimum of three months or six sessions. For you to recognize patterns that are keeping you from having all you want to building new patterns designed to bring you all you crave – time is your friend and Colette is your ally. Coaching begins at $4,800 USD per six sessions for those willing to undertake this transformative journey.

Use the form below to book your Intuitive Consult and begin your journey towards working with Colette in a deeper advisory relationship. Your dreams are there –

How long will you keep them waiting?


Colette works with an exclusive list of leaders and influencers; executives, entrepreneurs, celebrity artists, and visionaries. What do they all have in common? They’re each in search of a new perspective that will allow them to excel further, climb higher, accomplish more, find meaning and deeper insights. Most importantly, they’re accomplished individuals looking to create not just “successful lives”, but meaningful legacies. For over twenty years, Colette’s used her skills as an intuition expert, entrepreneur, educator, and influencer to help these individuals see their world with sharp clarity and deep insight. This empowers them to make the business decisions that will fulfill their missions in the most efficient ways possible, and in turn have a positive and lasting effect on all they influence.

Imagine your goals, your company goals, your professional goals – all lined up in a row.

Now – imagine having the power and insight necessary to turn every one of those goals into meaningful accomplishments.

Imagine connecting to that sense of being aligned with a force that gives you that certain edge and clarity to propel you to new levels of power and surety in the marketplace, so your impact and influence leaves an indelible footprint in the world.

Her elite clients have affectionately referred to Colette as “The Oracle.”

She’s the one who can help interpret your map, see in the dark, and guide you around corners when the way forward seems foggy.  And, she reminds you that your Matrix is your whole life not just your business.

She acts as a reminder of the importance of balance, self-care, and well being that countless high achievers lose sight of in their rise to the top.

Colette’s clients have another thing in common. They are all driven by a sense of purpose, service, and driven by a mission to make a difference in the world. All of them change makers, innovators and forward thinkers.

If this describes you in any way then business advisory with Colette might be the perfect fit for you.

Exploring Private Business Advising with Colette – What’s Next?

If your curiosity is piqued,.we invite you to contact us for an initial consultation with Colette. The first step is either a 30-minute or one hour Deep Dive. Then by mutual agreement you may proceed into an ongoing advisory relationship.

Her private advisory relationships are highly discreet, creating the ideal environment for you to share yourself, your goals, your dreams so that each has the potential to become their utmost.

Simply use the form below and we’ll be in touch to schedule your consultation. Be prepared to see your world in an entirely new light.

Colette doesn’t just show you your potential. She guides you to actualize that potential.


Please read our waiting list policy for new clients.

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