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Colette Baron-Reid (she/her) is a bestselling author, internationally acclaimed Oracle expert, spiritual intuitive, personal transformation thought leader, business strategist, artist, and educator. In other words, she’s unemployed. Just kidding, she’s the founder of The Oracle School Experience®, OraclePalooza® and the DreamQuest Platinum Mastermind. Oh, and did I mention she’s also a member of the Transformational Leadership Council? It’s like the Avengers, but for self-help gurus.

She’s also the host of “INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE”, a weekly podcast series where she talks to people much smarter than herself. With her infectious laugh and warm personality, Colette’s conversations are inviting, hilarious and always thought-provoking. Or at least she thinks so.

Author of 15 best-selling Oracle card decks, with over a million sold worldwide and 7 books published in 27 languages, Colette’s greatest joy is teaching people they can have a direct and personal dialog with the Universe to help them create their most fulfilling lives. Or, you know, just have something to do during quarantine.

This former EMI recording artist has been living clean and sober for the last 37 years. Her friends call her a nerdy mystical pirate, which is probably the coolest thing anyone has ever called her. She’s also really into quantum physics, creating and innovating ancient divination systems for the modern mystic, and helping business leaders thrive by discovering how to work with the spirit of their business. Just your average Tuesday.

When she’s not cuddling with her three Pomeranians, writing music, meditating, painting, or doing Zumba online, she’s juggling between YA fantasy fiction, Spanish lessons, and the latest research on Unified Field Theory. Because why not?


I have many titles: oracle, transformation coach, medium, intuitive counselor, spiritual adviser, TV host, bestselling author, recording artist, entrepreneur, motorcycle enthusiast, wife, and (perhaps most importantly) dog mama to three Pomeranians, my beloved furry companions.

I have worked as a professional intuitive for over 30 years, providing guidance for over 50,000 people who have sought me out from 29 different countries. I’ve been blessed with invitations to host my own radio and TV programs and to appear on shows like Dr. Phil, Oprah & Friends, The Today Show, and many others.

Am I perfect? A total genius? Some kind of superhuman celebrity? Ha! No. I’m just like you: beautiful, flawed, full of complex yearnings and desires. I’ve worked hard to create the life and career that I currently enjoy, but I can’t take full credit for my success—it was definitely a co-partnership with Spirit! And of course, the road was not always smooth and serene. Let me share a little glimpse into my rocky past…

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My journey from rock bottom… to right here & now.

So how did I get “here”? Well, like most human beings, my life has been strewn with many gifts and opportunities—along with many challenges.

I’ve had my heart broken. I’ve felt piercing regret, isolation and shame. I’ve wondered if I would ever find “The One” or if I would feel lonely forever. I’ve wondered if I should go on living.

I have felt the strangulating grip of addiction—to food, to drugs, diet pills, alcohol, you name it.

At my very lowest point—demoralized, bankrupt in every way, staring at my reflection in the mirror in my drug dealer’s bathroom—I cried out to Spirit for guidance. (It wasn’t a particularly subtle moment. I literally called out, “Help me!”).

Spirit answered my call.

Immediately, I felt encased in a halo of light. I could see the light encircling my body in the mirror. It was a breakthrough moment for me—my intuition, which had been so blocked and clouded by my various addictions, returned to me. I knew that everything was about to change.
And it did.

I never set foot in the dealer’s house again.

I placed my life in the care of my High Power. I got sober (30 years and counting). I began to embrace my intuitive gifts. Word spread about my abilities and people began calling, seeking guidance, courage, hope, and clarity. My career as an Oracle was born.

And here we are… today.

Whatever brought you to my website today, I’m glad you made it here.

Maybe you will relax and explore this site for the next hour or so. Maybe you will visit every week for the next year or more. Maybe this will be your one and only visit (that’s fine, too!).

Wherever your journey takes you from here, here are a few final words that I want to tuck into your heart before you go… a little something for the road:

You are here for a reason. You are loved.

When you need to be heard, Spirit is listening.

In good times, in desperate times, when things feel foggy, frightening, confusing, strange, and uncharted, Spirit always wants to have a conversation with you.

When you ask for guidance, Spirit will provide it.

The guidance that may not come instantly. It may not arrive in the form that you expect. It may not be the message you wanted to hear! But if you ask, Spirit will answer. And since you are a Spiritual being, connected to all things, visible and invisible, temporal and eternal, you can think of it this way: the answer from Spirit is coming from inside of you. (I know, whoa, right? How’s that for a mind-blower?)

I hope that this website—and all of the writings, recordings, courses, and other offerings here—inspire you to keep asking questions and listening for Spirit’s reply.

With love & deep respect,

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Prior to Colette’s  ascension into the world of self-empowerment and spiritual leadership, Colette had a career in music. You can sometimes catch her singing live at select events.

Magdalene’s Garden | 2000 – EMI
I AM / GRACE | 2005 – EMI

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