Memberships. While we may offer Content from time to time for free, we charge a fee to access the Services that require a membership or subscription. The Services may include different offerings including Online Videos and resources in the Oracle Circle Membership or Oracle School. You can find the specific details regarding your membership subscription at any time by logging in to your membership account. You agree that your membership is for personal use only.

Because the Service is offered in multiple time zones, for consistency, a “day” for purposes of these Terms begins at 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time and ends at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time of that same calendar day.

Membership Terms. When you sign up for a membership (subscription) through Colette Baron-Reid, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined here.

Oracle School Student(s) have provided certain personal and financial information and have purchased a subscription to the Oracle School which grants them access to live course access, course content and materials and other information and materials.  Registering as an Oracle School Student includes access for one (1) person. Upon registration, you will receive one username, password, and member profile for use during the live course and in the private member section of the Service. If you would like to take Oracle School along with another person or collaborator, you will need to each purchase the course individually.


Oracle Circle Member(s) have provided certain personal and financial information and have purchased a subscription to the Oracle Circle which grants them access to the library of Oracle Circle content, various meditations, new and full moon readings, monthly theme and mystical reading videos, spirit jam call recordings, access to the private Oracle Circle Facebook community and access to bonus content. Registering as an Oracle Circle Member includes access for (1) person. Upon registration, you will receive one username, password and member profile for use. If you would like to access the Oracle Circle Membership along with another person or collaborator, you each need to individually become an Oracle Circle Member.


Additional Terms Applicable to Oracle Circle Students and Oracle School Members.  THE FACEBOOK GROUPS


  1. You will be provided with the details on how to access the “Facebook Community” upon registration. The Facebook Community is strictly for paid Oracle School Students and Oracle Circle Members in good standing. Team Colette are the moderators of the group and reserve the right to grant or remove access for any member at any time.
  2. Please note that the Facebook Community is a complimentary bonus and not part of the paid membership. We do not own Facebook and if they change their terms, that may limit or remove our ability to keep the Facebook Community open and running. Similarly, in the event that members behave inappropriate or in a manner that is contrary to Facebook’s policies, the Facebook Community may be eliminated or terminated by either us or Facebook. In the event the Facebook Community is terminated, we will have no liability or responsibility to you and you will not be entitled to any refunds.
  3. The Facebook Community will not be open indefinitely. It will remain open for the duration of the live class and for a short window of time after.
  4. The primary intention of the Facebook Community is to serve as classrooms for the courses taught. It’s not a place to find customers, or recruit people to other programs or groups.
  5. Anything posted in or uploaded to the Facebook Community, whether comments or images, becomes the property of the group or community, and in the event the Facebook Community is terminated or your access to the Facebook Community is terminated or suspended, your posts may disappear and cannot be retrieved.


  1. By joining as an Oracle Circle Member or Oracle School Student, you agree to abide by these Terms and the requirements as outlined in this section. If you join the Facebook Community, you also agree to abide by any policies or terms set by Facebook. Failure to comply with any of these Terms may result in the suspension or termination of your membership or your removal from any or all of the Membership Sites (as defined below), without notice to you and without refund of any fees paid. We reserve the right, in our sole and absolute discretion, to deny you access to the Membership Sites, or any portion of the Membership Sites, without notice, and to remove any content that does not adhere to these Community Guidelines.
  2. The “Membership Sites” consists collectively of the Oracle School website, the Oracle Circle website and Facebook Community. The Membership Sites are places for you to discuss and share only about the teachings, books, and Oracle Cards created by Colette Baron-Reid. That means we don’t discuss the oracle cards, books, classes, or teachings of other authors/teachers.
  3. The Membership Sites are pitch-free, spam-free and solicitation-free zones. You are encouraged to share your experience and participate. However, you are not permitted to offer, sell, promote or advertise your or other third party services, programs or products and you may not invite Oracle Circle Members or Oracle School Students to join other social networks, groups, or programs. Sharing affiliate links or conducting any type of solicitation within the Membership Sites is strictly prohibited.
  4. Any offensive posts, as determined by CBR in its sole and absolute discretion, will be removed. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, CBR reserves the right, at any time, to remove any and all posts, images or videos it, in its sole discretion, determines are or could be considered:


  1. incendiary, confrontational, bullying;
  2. racist, bigoted or hate speech;
  3. religion, politics, or any “hot-button” issues that may lead to division and are off-topic;
  4. threatening, abusive, harassing, libelous, defamatory, discriminatory, obscene, offensive, inflammatory, scandalous, pornographic or profane material ;
  5. confidential or personal information, including social security or alternate national identity numbers, sensitive personal information, non-public phone numbers or non-public email addresses;
  6. fraudulent, deceptive, false, misleading, unlawful or infringing;
  7. memes, stickers or gifs;
  8. personal photos or videos;
  9. selling, promoting or making available any third party products, services or websites;
  10. spamming group members with emails or direct messages;
  11. infringing on anyone’s rights of privacy, publicity, or intellectual property;
  12. to have an adverse effect on CBR’s business, reputation or ability to provide the Services;
  13. to interfere with, impair or disrupt the ability of others to use their membership; or
  14. any material that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate the law.
  15. You must be professional and courteous at all times. This means no curse words, inappropriate comments or language. Please do not make any oral or written statements which are reasonably likely to disparage anyone, including CBR the Membership Sites or otherwise degrade our reputation.
  16. Be kind. When you comment or respond to a fellow members’ comment, please use it as an opportunity to practice compassion and respond with empathy. If you don’t agree, it’s ok to not respond at all.

Billing. By providing a credit card or other payment method accepted by (“Payment Method”) for your membership, you are expressly agreeing that we are authorized to charge you a periodic membership fee on a recurring basis corresponding to the term of your subscription, any other fees for additional services you may purchase, and any applicable taxes in connection with your use of your membership to the Payment Method. If you want to use a different Payment Method than the one you signed up to use during registration, or if there is a change in your credit card validity or expiration date, you may edit your Payment Method information by logging in to and clicking on Payment Plans in the left sidebar for Online Course Payment Plan updates or Memberships & Subscriptions for all other memberships and subscriptions. Then, click on “Change Credit Card or Address” in order to update your payment method. If your Payment Method expires and you do not edit your Payment Method information or cancel your account, you authorize us to continue billing, and you will remain responsible for any uncollected amounts.  Please note: we do not offer a Moneyback Guarantee on most memberships and all purchases are non-refundable.

As used in these Terms, “billing” shall indicate either a charge or debit, as applicable, against your Payment Method. The membership fee will be billed at the beginning of your membership period and on each periodic renewal date thereafter unless and until you cancel your membership or the account or service is otherwise suspended or discontinued pursuant to these Terms. Your membership end date varies based on the time of purchase. Membership terms can be monthly, quarterly (every 3 months) or annually depending on the membership purchased. To see the commencement date for your next renewal period, log in to your account and click on the Membership & Subscriptions link on the left sidebar. If you are a monthly member, you will be billed every month on the date of purchase (for example, if you purchased on November 4, you will be billed on December 4, then January 4, etc.)

We automatically bill your Payment Method based on the commencement date of your membership. The interval of time between each payment due date shall correspond to the term of your membership and be referred to herein as a “Billing Period.”  You acknowledge that the timing of when you are billed and the amount billed each Billing Period may vary, including for example due to promotional offers, gift card redemptions, credits applied, changes in your membership, changes in your Payment Method, and changes in applicable taxes, and you authorize us to charge your Payment Method for the corresponding amounts.

If we offer you a promotion (e.g., a promotional price) for your membership, the specific terms of the promotion will be disclosed during your sign-up or in other materials provided to you describing the particular promotion. In the case of promotional pricing, after your promotion ends, we will begin billing your Payment Method for your subscription at the regular price after your promotion ends unless you cancel prior to the end of your promotion or unless otherwise disclosed in communications made available to you.

Hay House, Inc. reserves the right to change the terms of your membership, including price, from time to time, effective as of the beginning of your next Billing Period following the date of the change. If Hay House, Inc. changes the membership fee or other charges for your members, we will give you advance notice of these changes by notifying the email address provided during purchase.

Ongoing Membership and Cancellation. Your membership will continue in effect on a recurring basis corresponding to the term of your membership unless and until you cancel your membership or the account or membership service is otherwise suspended or discontinued pursuant to these Terms. You must cancel your membership before your next renewal date in order to avoid the next billing. We will bill the periodic membership fee plus any applicable taxes to the Payment Method you provide to us during registration (or to a different Payment Method if you change your account information). If you cancel your membership, cancellation will be effective at the end of the current Billing Period – this means that you will have continued access to your membership benefits for the remainder of that period, but you will not receive a refund. If you purchased your subscription through a Colette Baron-Reid website, you can cancel your membership in your Account area of this website, or by calling Colette Baron-Reid Customer Care (800) 654-5126 Ext 1 (United States & Canada) or (760) 431-7695 Ext 1 (International).

Free Trials. Colette Baron-Reid may offer free trials to a particular subscription, subject to a specific time frame explained during your sign-up. Hay House, Inc. reserves the right to determine eligibility for free trials; specifically, customers who have previously redeemed a free trial may not redeem another free trial in the future (certain exceptions to this rule may be made on a case-by-case basis depending on the promotion). Certain limitations may also exist with respect to combining free trials with any other offers.

It is very important to understand that you will be automatically charged for the subscription after your free trial has ended. If you wish to avoid charges to your Payment Method, you must cancel your subscription prior to midnight local time on the day before the end of your free trial period. You may cancel your subscription at any time as described in the “Ongoing Membership and Cancellation” section of these Terms.

Unpaid Amounts. It is important that each member honor the payment obligations to which the member agreed. Accordingly, we reserve the right to retry billing your Payment Method after failed attempts (e.g., if your Payment Method is rejected). We also reserve the right to pursue any amounts you fail to pay in connection with your membership. You will remain liable for all such amounts and all costs incurred in connection with the collection of these amounts, including, without limitation, bank overdraft fees, collection agency fees, reasonable attorneys’ fees, and arbitration or court costs.

Accounts and Registration. You are responsible for all use of your account, including use of your account by other members of your household. By allowing others to access your account, you agree to be responsible for ensuring that they comply with these Terms and you agree to be responsible for their activity using the Services.

All registration information you submit must be accurate and updated. Please keep your password confidential. You will not have to reveal it to any Hay House, Inc. representative. Because you are responsible for all use of your account, including unauthorized use by any third party, please be very careful to guard the security of your password. Please notify us by email using the customer support form available at if you suspect any unauthorized use of your account. Please also make sure to notify us if your registration information changes, in case we need to contact you.

Please see the section “Ongoing Membership and Cancellation” above for instructions on how to cancel your membership.

We reserve the right to immediately terminate or restrict your account or your use of the Services or access to Content at any time, without notice or liability, if Hay House, Inc. determines in its sole discretion that you have breached these Terms, violated any law, rule, or regulation, engaged in other inappropriate conduct, or for any other business reason. We also reserve the right to terminate your account or your use of the Services or access to Content if such use places an undue burden on our networks or servers.

Audio Membership Disclaimer. The Empower You Unlimited Audio app contains audio programs that feature meditation/visualization exercises that render it inappropriate for use while driving or operating heavy machinery. Hay House products are intended to be powerful, inspirational, and life-changing tools for personal growth and healing. They are not intended as a substitute for medical care. Please use this audio program under the supervision of your care provider. Neither the author nor Hay House, Inc., assumes any responsibility for your improper use of this product.

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