Oracle Circle Membership Questions

How do I log into my learning platform (Kajabi dashboard)?

Go here to login to your Kajabi Dashboard.

Use the email address you signed up for as your Username and your password.

How do I update my billing information?

To update your billing details, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Store Account
  2. Once logged in to your Dashboard, click on My Subscription
  3. Click the “Change Payment” button.
  4. Select “Use a new payment method” and enter the new payment details.
  5. After inputting the new credit card information, click the “Change Payment Method” button.

Your payment method will now be updated successfully.

What is the Spirit Jam Schedule?

You can find it on the “Events” section of our Store page -or-

The main page of our Learning Dashboard (Kajabi) once you’ve logged in.

If you are an Oracle Circle member, click here to access the Spirit Jam Schedule and Replays

How do I cancel my Oracle Circle Membership

Please follow each of the steps below to successfully cancel your Oracle Circle Membership:

  1. Log in to your Store Account
  2. Once logged in to your Dashboard, click on My Subscription
  3. Click on the “Cancel” button.

Please note: After canceling, you will have access to your membership up until your next billing cycle date.

We hope you are able to return in the future!

Oracle Card Questions

Where can I purchase Colette’s Oracle Cards?

You can purchase Oracle Card decks at our Store page.

My guidebook is missing. Can you help me?

In case you have a set of Colette’s Oracle cards without a physical guidebook or a scanned barcode, it is likely that you own a counterfeit deck.

Genuine copies of Colette’s Oracle card decks always come with a physical guidebook. If you suspect that you received a counterfeit deck, we advise you to return it and purchase it from a trustworthy vendor.

You can obtain a deck with a guidebook from one of the reputable sellers listed on our Store page

Can I use the Oracle Card decks for my Social accounts?

You are welcome to post Colette’s card decks online, but we ask that you give credit to Colette by using her full name and a link to her website when doing so.

Questions for Colette

How can I request a personal reading with Colette?

Colette has been retired from personal/private readings for a few years now. 

You might be interested in joining the Oracle Circle Membership. Members can participate in Spirit Jams twice each month where Colette picks people at random for readings and mediumship.

What is Colette’s Podcast?

Thank you for your interest in Colette’s INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE Podcast! You can listen to episodes at any time on your preferred platform such as Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Don’t see the answer to your question?

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