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If you’re an Oracle Card newbie, enthusiast, or even a professional reader looking to get the best tips for reading cards while intuitively getting the guidance from the Universe, then you already KNOW that you need to get those tips from a trusted source.

No need to convince you, you know this.

And you know there are so many decks out there, with different authors, and different ways you’ve heard on how to work with them, and not always in agreement.


So if you could choose to speak to just one person to get the best advice, who would that be?

Wouldn’t you want to know what advice a person with over 40 years experience would have to say? 

You’d know that if they first got a Tarot deck when they were 17, studied the I-Ching, Norse Runes, Oracle Cards, then went onto professionally read over 50 thousand people in their career, get signed to the biggest self-help publishing company in the word–Hay House–write multiple bestselling books on intuition, practical spirituality, and personal transformation, and create their own Tarot deck, but also 15 multiple #1 bestselling Oracle Card decks… 

…that they might just have a few great tips for you, especially if you’re a newbie, an enthusiast, or even a pro.

I know, tooting my own horn, not becoming of a lady. However, you know I might have a thing or two to say how I can really get you on the right track when it comes to reading Oracle Cards.

If you were to attend any of my live workshops, you know you’d walk away with something.

If you were to take part in my Oracle School, you know that would really take it to the next level.

But you don’t have to do all that. 

You just need to join this mini-lesson workshop and I’ll give you 3 short easy lessons that will get you thinking in the right direction, and soon start intuitively reading Oracle Cards.

Yes, that’s my promise to you. Sing up, click the button and see what the Universe has in store for you. 

It’s free, takes but a few short lessons, and you’re golden.


If the answer is… heck ya! Then fill the form out, click the button, and start right away, and I’ll see you on the other side.

Love Colette

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