Join us on this special episode of INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE for a heartwarming journey down memory lane with our Executive Producer, Connie Diletti and Julie Fink, our Producer and Content Editor. They’ll guide you through highlights from our archive of 85 episodes, each filled with love, respect and admiration for our exceptional guests. 

This episode features curated clips from a handful of the remarkable people I’ve had a chance to interview on the podcast, including Colin Bedell, Robert Holden, Rebecca Campbell, Lee Harris, Shawn Leonard, Angel de Para, Christine Michelle, Asha Frost, Ken Honda and Glynis McCants.

Being part of this magical journey has been an honor, and we extend our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you, our dedicated and loyal listeners!

In This Episode We Share Our Most Memorable Clips from:

Colin Bedell, Astrologer & Founder, ‘Queer Cosmos’
Season 1, Episode 8: “A Cosmic Love Story” with Colin Bedell

We share a ‘never before aired’ clip of Colette and Colin discussing the topic of ‘Hope’ and the importance of sustaining hope and how to achieve it. We also play one of our favorite bloopers from this episode, rounding out this segment with lots of laughs (and snorts!)

Robert Holden, Ph.D., British Psychologist & Writer
Season 2, Episode 38: “A Higher Pursuit of Happiness… Less Searching, More Living” with Robert Holden, Ph.D.

The Happiness Project presented by Robert Holden in this episode was particularly impactful and eye-opening. Connie and Julie discuss how meaningful this interview was with Robert, including a fantastic Oracle card deck blooper to top it off. 

Rebecca Campbell, Bestselling Author, Mystic & Creative
Season 2, Episode 43: “Mystics, Starseeds & the Sacred Rose” with Rebecca Campbell

Connie and Julie revisit the episode with mystic & author, Rebecca Campbell where Rebecca beautifully explains the difference between Chronos time and Kairos time and how to weave these sacred aspects of time into our everyday lives.

Lee Harris, Intuitive Guide, Transformation Teacher, Musician
Season 3, Episode 66: “Energy Elevation, Visionary Power & Your Role in Oneness” with Lee Harris

In one of Connie’s favorite clips, Colette and Lee explore the wondrous ways in which Spirit speaks to them, how downloads drop in and the sensory experiences of channeling.

Shawn Leonard, Medium, Author & Founder, ‘Spirit Talker’
Episode 22, I Talk to Dead People Mini-Series: “White Eagle Spirit Talker” with Shawn Leonard

Julie shares extra bonus clips – that didn’t make it into the full episode – from Shawn Leonard’s “Earthbound Spirit Investigations” where he captures the voices of Spirit guides and other mysterious beings from the beyond.

Angel de Para, Feng Shui Master
Season 2, Episode 35: “Prosperity By Design & Feng Shui Mastery” with Angel de Para

Connie and Julie share their golden nugget takeaways from Angel de Para’s awesome episode about Feng Shui, environmental blueprints for success and aligning yourself with prosperity. 

Christine Michelle, Healer, Activator & Founder, ‘The AlignedSoul’
Season 2, Episode 39: “Becoming a Super Receiver & Powerhouse Creator” with Christine Michelle

Join us as we revisit this magical episode where Colette and Christine talk about quantum leaping and magnetizing your Soul’s desires!  

Asha Frost, Indigenous Medicine Healer & Author
Season 1, Episode 4: “She Who Walks with the Thunderbirds” with Asha Frost

In one of our first few interviews of the ITW podcast, Colette and Asha Frost illuminated the way to so many Self-truths and wisdom teachings along the medicine path to holistic healing… and we loved them so much that we wanted to share these gems with you once more. 

Ken Honda, Money Expert & Bestselling Self-Development Author, “Happy Money”
Season 3, Episode 74: “Happy Money” with Ken Honda

Connie and Julie both loved this episode with Colette and Ken Honda talking about money magic! We play a few of our favorite clips where Ken talks about “arigato,” the Japanese art of thanking your money and the importance of giving. 

Glynis McCants, Expert Numerologist & Author
Season 2, Episode 45: “Your Story in Numbers” with Glynis McCants

Glynis McCants exciting numerology report and prediction for 2024 and much more! 

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