Have you ever wondered, just what is an angel? And, how does the angelic realm work? 

The subject of angels and angelic encounters continue to remain popular, throughout millennia, for a variety of reasons—most of which include their representation of unconditional love and complete acceptance. 

This week on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I’m speaking with one of my favorite people on the planet—angel expert, author, teacher, yogi, Oracle creator and recording artist, Kyle Gray! He’s the creative force behind several best-selling books, Oracle decks, and meditation tracks,  including my favorite, “Breathe My Dear”.

In this conversation we speak about Kyle’s journey in connecting with the angels, facing difficult emotions and how to keep your vibe high!

In this Episode We Talk About:

  • Kyle Gray’s spiritual awakening at the age of four and his first angel encounter 
  • Kyle’s teenage years, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and his Introduction to Crystals
  • What is an Angel Reading? Kyle’s first one a friend’s BBQ and how Destiny’s Child played a part in it
  • The key to unlocking an Angel connection
  • Kyle’s most memorable visitation from an Angel and the meaning of Magic
  • The biggest lesson learned from the Angels
  • 40-minute meditation practice, connection to the Field, mantras & the Monkey Mind
  • How to manage difficult feelings, your Ego (a.k.a Karen from Will & Grace) and raising your vibes
  • The collective influence and its effect on how to face your own darkness and how to contribute your own light
  • The Angelic Worldview: being able to see the world through the eyes of the Angels
  • Kyle’s focus for 2022 and the Numerology of 222 – Highest Hopes for Jupiter!
  • Kyle’s final thoughts, “Be the love in the room wherever you go.”
  • Raise your vibration with Kyle’s High Vibe Tool Kit

Listen to the Episode Above or Watch it on Youtube Here!

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Podcast Bonus Content

  • Fashion trends & latest music project
  • How “Breathe My Dear” song helped Kyle and his mother through illness
  • Hot tubs & housewives and much more!

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