We have all had our fair share of facing off with our fears. Now, more than ever, we’re being invited to break free from the fears that are holding us back, and to move into a freeer, happier state of being. 

Whether you choose to surrender to a Higher Power, relieve yourself of overwhelm, lean back from fear and lean into love; there is a path we can take, to choose a vision for our life, for ourselves, and ultimately for those we care about and love all around us. 

Please join me and my two woo-tastic producers, Connie Diletti and Julie Fink as we talk about our experiences with overcoming fears and leveling up into greater Creatorship with the Divine.

Key Topics: Higher Power, choice, overwhelm, fear, the media, intuition, safety, self-protection, creativity, follow your calling, trust, surrender, leaning back, leaning in, release & allow, love, discernment, healing technology

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